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Mastery trainer

Mastery Trainer Description[ | ]

The Mastery Trainer is one of the vendors located at Inns in Darkest Dungeon II. This is where the player can spend any Mastery point icon Mastery Points they have earned during the run on upgrading or Mastering their Heroes abilities.

Mastering Abilities[ | ]

Every Hero's Abilities can be upgraded one time at the Mastery Trainer for the cost of 1 Mastery point icon Mastery Point. This excludes the Bounty Hunter who has all of his abilities mastered initially.

The player must use all their earned Mastery Points at the Inn prior to embarking else they will be lost. The player will be given a prompt if they try to leave the Inn without spending the points.

Mastered abilities will be indicated with the Dd2 mastery icon Mastery Icon on them

Changing Hero Path[ | ]

You may also change your Heroes paths here if you have unlocked any at the Altar of Hope. While cheap to change at the 1st Inn, every Inn afterwards will cost much more Relics.

Any Dd2 mastery icon Mastered abilities will be refunded (EVEN when the Reset button isn't available for mastered abilities from past Inns), and you will be able to spend them again.