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The following patch marks the 1.0 release of Darkest Dungeon II and was released on May 8 2023.

Build Update: #1.00.49820[ | ]

Darkest Dungeon II[ | ]

Face Your Failures.[ | ]

Red Hook is thrilled to deliver the 1.0 release to PC on May 8th. We’ve packed this update with a host of new features, new content, plus a swath of balancing, refinement and quality of life improvements.

You can revisit everything we’ve done so far by checking out our Early Access ROAD TO RELEASE graphic

Before we get to all the juicy details, first we want to thank all of the Early Access players, whose voices helped shape the game during its journey to 1.0.

We also are indebted to the groups of private beta-testers who suffered through many secret experiments. Your tireless efforts have been instrumental at many times, but most critically this final push.

Top-Line Features[ | ]

  • New Playable Character: The Flagellant
  • ACT 4: Final Boss, ordainment, story content
  • ACT 5: Final Boss, ordainment, story content, ending cutscene

…and more![ | ]

  • Greatly improved new player experience, including a comprehensive Tutorial update, new Prologue and a rebalanced Denial Confession
  • Cosmetic Unlocks: Hero Palettes and Weapon Kits
  • Infernal/Radiant Torches
  • New Deliverable Item: Hero Remains
  • Corpse Art
  • Flame gameplay effects now vary by Confession
  • Custom Keybinding and Remapping
  • Mouse Only Controls
  • New language support: Korean/Japanese/Ukrainian/Simplified Chinese
  • An inordinate amount of new barks!

New Player Experience[ | ]

The tutorial experience has been thoroughly reworked and improved.

Now, the very first expedition is a “Prologue” that consists only of an introductory Valley. Following that, the player chooses their first Confession (Denial) and play proceeds as normal.

All tutorial events and information has been revised. Tutorial events now trigger more contextually and are spaced out over more time.

Videos have been added to many tutorial events to better depict information.

Denial Confession[ | ]

Denial has been restructured to be more friendly to new players and provide a smoother learning experience.

  • Denial consists only of 2 full regions, instead of 3
  • Denial features only the Sprawl and The Tangle
  • Denial does not require a Trophy to enter the Mountain
  • The Shackles have been rebalanced to be a bit easier
  • No Champions or Antiquarian will appear in Denial

A number of other balance changes have been made to create a better sense of progression and difficulty escalation between the different Confessions.

Cosmetic Unlocks[ | ]

  • Each hero has 3 alternate color palettes and 3 weapon kits available on the new Mountain subscreen at the Altar of Hope.
  • Once unlocked, these palettes and kits are configurable at the crossroads in any combination you wish.

Infernal/Radiant Flames[ | ]

The Radiant and Infernal Flames allow you to customize the difficulty of the game.

  • The Radiant Flame is available at all Valley Inns and gives various gameplay boosts that can help you overcome any Confession. Furthermore, each time you fail a Confession, the Radiant Flame gets stronger and stronger. Mounting the Radiant Flame reduces the candles scored slightly, but it can be well worth it.
  • By contrast, Infernal Flames make the game harder. There are five in total, each with a specific theme. Infernal Flames are unlocked at the Altar of Hope. Mounting them will give you a candle scoring bonus at expedition end.

Hero Remains[ | ]

Honor the fallen by bringing their remains to the next Inn and you will be rewarded with candles of Hope!

Candle Earning and Altar of Hope Balance Changes[ | ]

  • All “abandon run” candle penalties have been removed. Push your journey forward, risk free. Reaching the next Inn is always valuable for more candles.
  • Earn candles by carrying your fallen heroes’ remains to the next inn (see Hero Remains, above.)
  • First time victory bonuses for each Confession increased dramatically
  • Increased region completion candle awards modestly
  • Valley completion candle award increased slightly
  • Overall Altar of Hope price audit, resulting in reducing prices of many unlocks
  • Hero unlock prices raised from 4 to 8
  • Hero Altar tracks: changed first deathblow resist upgrade to always be the first upgrade (after the class unlock)
  • No longer need to spend candles to leave the Altar

Misc Balance Changes[ | ]

  • Relationship blessed and cursed skills now are selected with weighted chance influenced by usage, meaning that the most-used skills are more likely to be chosen.
  • Enemy Advantage tuning pass (several have changed)
  • Meltdown: hero stress now drops to 1
  • Overstress (meltdown or resolute) confer a 3 round stress resist buff afterwards
  • Resolute: now heals 67% (was 50%) and gives a 3 round debuff resist buff
  • Meltdown: affinity penalty to -3 (still down from -4 that was in Early Access)
  • Adjusted overall affinity change rates to try to reduce current positive relationship heavy bias. Will continue to monitor data after launch.
  • Champion monsters will no longer appear until Confession 3+
  • Blocked diseases from happening in the Valley
  • Added more repair fight variety on Gaunt side
  • Reduced Sluice appearance chance to 50%, at any given inn
  • Rare combat items will no longer show up in Common Combat Item draw table road debris now pulls from common combat item table instead of ALL combat item table. Helps provide balance sandbox so can't hoover your way to all the good stuff
  • Sluice generation tuning: removed cultist chance; expanded Academic Study chance to 1-2 Sluice battle config tuning: no more easies, just like other factions

Assist, Resist, Cultist, and Oasis Encounters[ | ]

  • Added various quirk-driven choices
  • Quirk-driven choices in encounters now show the name of the quirk that caused it
  • New logic for choice selection, which will ensure that at least one hero will want to interact with Encounter. For example, you will no longer arrive at an Assist Encounter desperate for Flame, and have all heroes want to leave or kill the helpless. Similarly, at least one hero will always want to interact with the Academic’s Study, and so on.

Academic’s Studies[ | ]

  • Thorough revamping of all Academic’s Studies to ensure that they are all beneficial generally, although not without some risk of downside to accompany the upside.
  • Audited and redistributed which of the Studies appear in which regions, to give region identity.
  • The exact Academic’s Study type (e.g. Hovering Polyhedra) can now be scouted and will appear on the minimap, allowing you to plan a route specifically to go to that Study.
  • Some new items that are exclusive to specific Academic’s Studies, including a new food item, new combat items, and new trinkets.

Hero Stories[ | ]

  • All hero stories, except Vestal, have had their design and flow touched up. Additional barks and unique tokens have been added for improved telegraphing and clarity.
  • Hero Shrines will no longer generate if ALL heroes in the current party have completed their backstories.
  • Heroes who have completed their backstories and have an “EXIT” option at hero shrines and no longer earn a Mastery Point.

Hero Goals[ | ]

  • Added new hero goals for each hero skill
  • Hero goals that require skill use now only generate when that skill has been unlocked

Barks[ | ]

  • An absolute TON of new lines for all characters!
  • Many edits for barks when using Inn items

New Items[ | ]

  • Added new curio items
  • Added new combat item Shred of Decency to help combat Cultist Worship

Shops[ | ]

  • Whiskey Flask now always available at Inns
  • Hoarder: Now features additional selection for Vague and Distant trinkets
  • Rearranged shop selection order for Field Hospitals, Inns, Hoarder

Guardian Fights[ | ]

  • Now reward Relics and Baubles

Combat Items[ | ]

  • The Blood: Stress from Horror now has 100% chance to apply
  • Bone Saw: Purchase price changed from 35 Baubles to 12 Relics
  • Chalk Dust: Now available in the default item pool, ignores dodge, and applies a debuff preventing Stealth for 2 rounds
  • Stagecoach Items
  • Now purchased with Baubles along with price adjustments
  • Storage Trunk: Increased inventory slot bonus from +2 to +3
  • Chirurgeon's Mixing Kit: Increased chance for healing items

Pets[ | ]

  • Pygmy Pliskin: Increased healing received bonus and random hero heals after locations from +5% to +10%
  • Larval Carrion Eater: Increased heal from 15% to 30%. Now provides a Crit token when landing the killing blow on a corpse
  • Hatchling Crocodilian: Increased DMG bonus when moving from +2% to +3%

Deliverable Items[ | ]

  • Added chance for Locked Strongbox to drop from Swine enemies

Inn Items[ | ]

  • Book of Bawdy Tales: Increased stress heals from +4 to +6. Increased price from 12 to 16
  • Poetry: Now targets 2 instead of 1. Added +1 Affinity. Reduced stress heals from +5 to +4. Increased price from 12 to 16
  • Holy Beads: Now has a chance to provide, “Round Start: Dodge (5%) (Until Next Inn)”
  • Mop and Bucket: Now adds, “Round Start: Strength (5%) (Until Next Inn)” and “Round Start: Dodge (5%) (Until Next Inn)”
  • Pipeweed: Added -1 SPD (Until Next Inn)
  • Playing Cards: Increased chance for +1 Affinity from 67% to 75% and reduced chance for -1 Affinity from 33% to 25%
  • Songbook of Amorous Ballads: Updated, “+2 Affinity (75%) or -2 Affinity (25%)” to “+3 Affinity (80%) or -1 Affinity (20%)”
  • Songbook of Touching Dirges: Increased chance for +2 Affinity from 75% to 80% and reduced chance for -1 Affinity from 25% to 20%
  • Stew: Increased stacking from 1 to 4. Now provides +1 SPD (Until Next Inn)
  • Whiskey Barrel: Decreased chance for +3 Affinity from 75% to 67% and increased chance for -2 Affinity from 25% to 33%
  • Whiskey Bottle: Decreased chance for +3 Affinity from 75% to 67% and increased chance for -2 Affinity from 25% to 33%
  • Whiskey Flask: No longer targets a single hero and now targets 2 heroes adding +1 Affinity
  • Wax Inoculant: No longer has a chance to apply any diseases
  • Tar-Filled Colambre: Now provides +3 Burn Dealt and +3 Burn Received while in Stealth instead of +100% Burn RES Piercing

Trinkets[ | ]

  • Empty Stein: Strength token from Barbaric Yawp is now guaranteed
  • Rotten Tomato: Rank 1 debuff changed from -25% Deathblow Res to -20% Disease Res. Rank 2 damage bonus increased from +25% to +30%. Combo token from Breakthrough skills is now guaranteed and Breakthrough skills now apply 1 random negative token
  • Seamens; Boots: Increased chance for Dodge and Block from 50% to 66%
  • Storage Room Key: Block and Regen are now guaranteed
  • Strong Shackles: Chance to apply Immobilize x2 increased from +25% to +33%
  • Carved Toy: Chance for Crit token on turn end changed to turn start
  • Pile of Ash: Changed ‘Backdraft: +50% CRIT’ to ‘Self: Backdraft: Stealth’
  • Uncommon Seashell: Changed ‘Gain when hit: If attacker has bleed: 2 DMG’ to 'Gain when hit: Bleed 1 (15%)'
  • Inevitable End: Changed ‘Break Skill: +66% Deathblow Res' to ‘Target: Break Skill: Cannot Gain Block (2 Rounds)’. Changed 'Gain When Hit: If SPD <= 2: Remove 2 Negative Tokens’ to 'Gain When Hit: If SPD <= 2: Remove 1x Weak token and 1x Vulnerable token’
  • Inert Indicia: Added ‘Gain On Daze Res: 1 Positive Token’
  • Selfish Motivation: Increased damage bonus per negative token from +30% to +50%. Negative token gained on turn start now guaranteed
  • Snap Judgment: Changed ‘Round Start: Speed Token, +10 SPD, and -75% Healing Received from Skills’ to ‘Turn Start: +1 SPD (1 Battle), Turn Start: If SPD >=8: Add 1 Positive Token, Turn Start If SPD >=12: Remove Combo and Extra Action (10%), Turn End: If Last in Turn Order: Add 1 Negative Token’
  • Spoken Sharply: Gain on hit heal increased from 3 to 4. Reduced max health penalty from -50% to -33%
  • Temptation: Now is a 50/50 chance for an Extra Action or 1 DMG
  • Dark Impulse (Stress Res): Chance for 1 DMG reduced from 100% to 25%
  • Heart-Shaped Padlock: Removed health condition and decreased Resolute bonus from +25% to +10%. Added ‘On Resolute: Add 2 Positive Tokens’
  • Region Modifiers and Goals
  • Bat Country will no longer appear in region 1
  • A Moment's Peace will no longer spawn on the same region with Drought


  • Stealth will no longer protect the last Hero/monster on a team from attacks if they are the only remaining valid target
  • Meltdown Affinity penalty has been reduced to -3 from -4


  • Deathless quirk renamed to Defiant
  • Sepsis disease renamed to Hemic Rot


Grave Robber[ | ]

  • Lunge+ DMG range changed from 4-11 to 6-11
  • Thrown Dagger+ DMG range changed from 3-7 to 4-7
  • Glint in the Dark DMG increased from 3-5 to 4-6
  • Glint in the Dark+ DMG increased from 3-7 to 6-8
  • Deadeye: Lunge DMG increased from 3-6 to 4-6
  • Deadeye: Lunge+ DMG increased 3-9 to 4-9
  • Deadeye: Thrown Dagger+ DMG increased from 4-8 to 5-8
  • Deadeye: Glint in the Dark DMG increased from 4-6 to 5-7
  • Deadeye: Glint in the Dark+ DMG increased from 4-8 to 7-10
  • Nightsworn: Lunge DMG increased from 4-11 to 5-11
  • Nightsworn: Lunge+ DMG increased from 6-13 to 7-13
  • Venomdrop: Lunge+ DMG increased from 4-11 to 6-11
  • Venomdrop: Glint in the Dark DMG increased from 2-4 to 3-5
  • Venomdrop: Glint in the Dark+ DMG increased from 3-5 to 5-7

Hellion[ | ]

  • Bloodlust buff duration increased from 3 to 5 turns
  • Bloodlust+ buff duration increased from 3 to 5 turns
  • Bloodlust+ now grants +20% Bleed RES for 5 turns
  • Breakthrough has been reworked as a high mobility, single target defense breaker
  • Howling End no longer ignores Block
  • Howling End+ no longer ignores Block or Guard
  • Howling End now moves back 1 rank
  • Howling End+ now moves back 1 rank
  • If It Bleeds DMG increased from 2-4 to 3-6
  • If It Bleeds+ DMG increased from 3-5 to 3-6
  • If It Bleeds+ CRIT increased from 5% to 10%
  • If It Bleeds+ Bleed increased from 3 to 4

Highwayman[ | ]

  • Tracking Shot now removes Stealth
  • Tracking Shot+ increased duration of Dodge prevention to 2 rounds from 2 turns

Plague Doctor[ | ]

  • Cause of Death is no longer subject to CRIT/DMG adjustments/penalties from trinkets, quirks, etc.
  • Cause of Death+ is no longer subject to CRIT/DMG adjustments/penalties from trinkets, quirks, etc.

Runaway[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue with Firefly, Firefly+, Ransack, and Ransack+ applying Burn when missing a target with Combo
  • Backdraft token interactions have been standardized to match similar skills like Cause of Death
  • Backdraft+ token interactions have been standardized to match similar skills like Cause of Death
  • Backdraft is no longer subject to CRIT/DMG adjustments/penalties from trinkets, quirks, etc.
  • Backdraft+ is no longer subject to CRIT/DMG adjustments/penalties from trinkets, quirks, etc.
  • Backdraft+: DMG increased from 75% of Burn on target to 100% of Burn on target

Vestal[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue that allowed some skills to incorrectly target corpses
  • Illumination+ increased duration of Dodge prevention from 2 turns to 2 rounds


  • Ambushes at 0 Torch in Confessions 1 and 2 no longer contain the Deacon or Cardinal
  • Ambushes at 0 Torch in Confession 5 are now Exemplar fights
  • Slightly increased the chance of Cardinal appearing at second Oblivion's Rampart
  • Slightly decreased chance of Altar spawning in rank 1 at second Oblivion's Rampart

Evangelist[ | ]

  • HP increased from 23 to 28
  • No longer spawns with Dodge
  • Spawns with Block in Confessions 1 and 2
  • Spawns with Block+ in Confession 3 or higher
  • Nocturne Commune grants Block instead of Dodge in Confessions 1 and 2
  • Nocturne Commune grants Block+ instead of Dodge in Confession 3 or higher
  • Rush Judgement no longer grants Dodge

Cherub[ | ]

  • Spawns with Dodge instead of Dodge+ in Confessions 1 and 2
  • Face Your Confession grants Dodge instead of Dodge+ in Confessions 1 and 2

Altar[ | ]

  • Flesh Weaving is now a single target buff instead of full party AoE
  • Flesh Weaving grants 6 Regen on Confessions 1 and 2
  • Flesh Weaving grants 10 Regen on Confession 3 or higher
  • Flesh Weaving grants the Altar 1 Block on Confessions 1 and 2
  • Flesh Weaving grants the Altar 1 Block+ on Confession 3 or higher
  • Altar has 2 new Altar of X skills
  • Bone Weaving removes Vulnerable tokens on Confession 4
  • Bone Weaving removes Weak tokens on Confession 5

Herald[ | ]

  • Inversion is now limited to use in Confession 3 or higher
  • Inversion is now a higher priority skill than other attacks when available

Deacon[ | ]

  • The Flesh Warps is now limited to use in Confession 3 or higher

Cardinal[ | ]

  • Passive +10% Debuff RES granted by his presence to other Cultists now only occurs in Confession 3 or higher
  • Entropic Star can no longer be used from the middle ranks
  • Entropic Star now targets 2 random Heroes instead of full party
  • Entropic Star Stress chance from 75% increased to 100%
  • Entropic Star DMG increased from 3-5 to 4-7

Exemplar[ | ]

  • No longer receives Ordainment in Confession 2
  • Rapturous Beauty's DMG decreased from 4-8 to 2-4


  • No more than 1 Hero can receive Combo at any given time while Her Ladyship is present

Whipper[ | ]

  • Whip Trip now applies Combo if Her Ladyship is present

Her Ladyship[ | ]

  • Combustion has increased priority of use when it's available
  • Combustion no longer gains DMG/CRIT from tokens or buffs
  • Combustion now has a cooldown of 1

Librarian[ | ]

  • Book stacks will no longer die when the Librarian is defeated


  • Fog penalties have been reworked as follows:
  • New: 33% chance of 1 Stress and 1 of Blind (40%), Vulnerable (40%), or nothing (20%)
  • Old: Separate rolls each for Blind (75%), Vulnerable (50%), and 1 Stress (33%)
  • Chance of stress heal when the fog lifts increased from 15% to 25%
  • Claiming Leviathan’s trophy will prevent fog from occurring again for the remainder of that Shroud region

Bosun[ | ]

  • Less likely to use Sodden Rigging on round 1 or immediately after hatching via Spawning Grounds

Cabin Boy[ | ]

  • Adjusted arrangement of possible effects on Unstable Incubation
  • Reduced the number of effects drawn by Unstable Incubation to 1 from 2

Fish Monger[ | ]

  • Whetstone is now only available in rank 4 rather than ranks 3 and 4
  • Debone now applies either Weak (50%) or Vulnerable (50%), not both

Wharf Rat[ | ]

  • Speed increased from 2 to 6

Leviathan[ | ]

  • Fixed several instances in which tokens, both positive and negative, could be consumed without effect by his skills
  • Breath of the Sea now inflicts either Blind (33%) or Vulnerable (67%) instead of individual rolls for both Blind (50%) and Vulnerable (33%)
  • Batter's stress damage reduced from 1-2 to 1
  • Tidal Surge stress damage chance reduced from 66%to 50%
  • Eyes of the Storm no longer ignores Guard or Stealth
  • Undertow no longer ignores Guard or Stealth


  • Mashes heavily revised and adjusted

Arbalist[ | ]

  • Piercing Bolt Volley no longer consumes Taunt unnecessarily
  • Serrated Bolt Volley no longer consumes Taunt unnecessarily

Bishop[ | ]

  • Now spawns with 1-2 Benediction tokens
  • Speed increased from 2 to 3
  • Debuff RES increased from 20% to 30%
  • Serve Once More is now a high priority skill choice when available
  • Serve Once More can now resurrect Drummers
  • Serve Once More can no longer be used in rank 1
  • Strike now moves the Bishop back 1 rank
  • Penance is no longer self-damaging
  • Penance can no longer be used in rank 1
  • Penance now generates 1-3 Benediction tokens instead of 2
  • Purge The Unworthy now has a cooldown of 1 turn
  • Purge the Unworthy will now block Dodge gain for 2 rounds
  • Smite average DMG slightly increased
  • Smite now has a cooldown of 1 turn

Drummer[ | ]

  • Marching Orders Speed boost increased from 1 to 2
  • Marching Orders now has a cooldown of 1
  • Focus Fire now has a low chance of dealing 2 Stress DMG instead of 1
  • Focus Fire is more likely to target Heroes at lower health
  • Focus Fire no longer targets rank 4
  • Order: Defensive Formation has been reworked
  • Order: Volley removes Blind from the Arbalist
  • Order: Slay the Wounded removes Weak from the Knight
  • If the Drummer is Stunned when a round begins, he will not attempt to issue Orders

Foot Soldier[ | ]

  • Atrophic Cut DMG increased from 4-7 to 6-9
  • Atrophic Cut now has a 30% chance to prevent Block gain for 2 rounds

Knight[ | ]

  • Spawns with 1-2 Block
  • Debuff RES increased from 20% to 30%
  • Deathblow RES increased from 33% to 60%
  • Biting Blade: DMG increased from 6-10 to 8-12
  • Biting Blade: CRIT increased from 5% to 10%
  • Flashing Blade's maximum DMG reduced by 1
  • Flashing Blade's Bleed increased from 2 to 4
  • Flashing Blade no longer consumes Taunt unnecessarily

Bullseye Barrett[ | ]

  • SPD increased from 2 to 3
  • Stun RES increased from 10% to 30%
  • Debuff RES increased from 20% to 30%
  • Fixed an issue where Chosen Target would consume Order or CRIT tokens
  • Chosen Target will no longer target Heroes that Barrett cannot effectively reach from his position
  • Barrett has a much higher likelihood to attack his Chosen Target

Dreaming General[ | ]

  • HP reduced from 205 to 185
  • The Waking Dead DMG increased from 10-16 to 10-20
  • The Waking Dead now inflicts 4 Bleed
  • Nightmare DMG increased from 10-16 to 10-20
  • Updated Tangled Growth II token description to reflect specific impact on SPD
  • Updated Strangle DOT name's color on tool tip to match pop text
  • Fixed a bug causing the party-wide Creeping Growth on round 1 to unintentionally trigger effects such as Chaplain Conviction generation
  • Fixed an issue with Pyro Bomb and Medic Salve unintentionally overriding Whispering Darkness
  • The Soil Stirs no longer ignores Taunt
  • The Taproot can no longer be affected by non-resistible debuffs such as Tracking Shot's Dodge prevention


Antiquarian[ | ]

  • Flash Powder skill now correctly consumes Combo

Crackshot[ | ]

  • HP increased from 13 to 15
  • Speed increased from 1 to 4
  • Blister Shot minimum DMG slightly increased
  • Shell Shock now inflicts Weak instead of Daze

Firemouth[ | ]

  • Speed increased to 5 from 2
  • Stun RES increased from 10% to 20%
  • Debuff RES increased from 10% to 20%
  • Breath of Fire Burn increased
  • Flash Fire can now be used from ranks 3 and 4 instead of only 3

Hatchetman[ | ]

  • HP increased from 15 to 18
  • Speed decreased from 3 to 2
  • Low Blow Bleed increased
  • Wild Swing forward movement increased to 2 ranks from 1

Mongrel[ | ]

  • Speed increased from 5 to 6


Lost Soul[ | ]

  • HP increased from 11 to 13
  • Filthy Morsel: base dmg down 1, move fwd 1->2
  • Chomp: dmg up slightly, stress down from 75% to 50%

Urchin[ | ]

  • HP decreased from 12 to 11
  • Skulking Step: base dmg down 1
  • Haunting Melody: base dmg up 1

Widow[ | ]

  • HP increased from 11 to 13
  • Desperate Grab: tgt 1234->234, base dmg down 1
  • Gruesome Reflection: Horror chc increased; standalone stress removed; now has WEAK chc
  • Don't Look!: removed stress dmg

Woodsman[ | ]

  • HP increased from 34 to 42
  • Fell the Tree: crit 5%->10%
  • Carve the Toy: crit 5%->10%
  • Protect the Child: added move fwd 1

SWINE[ | ]

  • Numerous mash adjustments and revisions
  • Carrion Eaters can now be encountered in the Sluice

Skulker[ | ]

  • End This One CRIT increased to 5% from 0%
  • Pigsticker DMG increased from 3-9 to 6-9
  • Ragged Hook DMG increased from 2-4 to 3-5
  • Skitter Stealth increased from 1 to 2
  • While Stealthed, Skulkers gain +15% CRIT and +2 Blight Dealt

Brute[ | ]

  • Bleed RES increased from 10% to 20%
  • Mallet DMG increased to 6-10 from 4-8
  • Squeal is now single target
  • Squeal DMG increased to 4-7 from 3-6
  • Squeal stress damage increased to 2 from 1

Wilbur[ | ]

  • Bleed RES increased from 20% to 30%
  • Blight RES increased from 40% to 50%
  • Burn RES increased from 20% to 30%
  • Obliterate Body: DMG increased from 8-12 to 10-14
  • Obliterate Masses: DMG increased from 6-9 to 8-11
  • Shattering Squeal is now single target
  • Shattering Squeal can now target rank 3
  • Shattering Squeal DMG increased from 6-7 to 6-8
  • Shattering Squeal stress damage increased from 1 to 2


Shambler[ | ]

  • The Shambler has become much more powerful
  • Fights with the Shambler trigger a guaranteed shuffle on combat start
  • Fights with the Shambler will reduce your Torch to 1
  • Surviving a fight with the Shambler will restores your Torch to 100
  • The Shambler now receives significant bonuses to DMG and Speed if you bring the Shambler's Spawn pet to the fight (+4 SPD and +100% DMG)
  • HP increased from 70 to 85
  • Spawns with 2 Dodge
  • Bleed RES increased from 40% to 50%
  • Blight RES increased from 40% to 50%
  • Obdurous Advancement increased Bleed from 2 to 3
  • Obdurous Advancement CRIT increased from 5% to 10%
  • Obdurous Advancement grants 1 Block+
  • Obdurous Advancement no longer applies Combo
  • Undulating Withdrawal increased Blight from 2 to 3
  • Undulating Withdrawal grants 1 Dodge
  • Undulating Withdrawal no longer applies Combo
  • No longer begins every battle with Stentorious Lament
  • Stentorious Lament now applies Combo to a random Hero if no other Hero already has it

Shambler Tentacle[ | ]

  • Speed increased from 1 to 4
  • Bleed RES increased from 20% to 30%
  • Blight RES increased from 20% to 40%
  • Burn RES increased from 20% to 30%
  • Move RES reduced from 20% to 10%
  • Clapperclaw Speed buff decreased from +3 to +2
  • Wriggling Feast no longer applies Weak to a target with Combo
  • Wriggling Feast can no longer be used from ranks 3 or 4
  • Wriggling Feast now grants the same buffs as Clapperclaw on a successful hit
  • Wriggling Feast now heals the Shambler for a static, non-scaling amount on a successful hit against a target with Combo


Shackles of Denial[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug causing the Denial of X skills to unintentionally trigger effects such as Chaplain Conviction generation
  • Paralyzing Fear no longer causes Stun if 2 or less Heroes are remaining

Obsession Boss Changes[ | ]

  • Added buff to Focused Fault, ‘Apply to Attacker When CRIT: Combo when Attacker has no Focus token’
  • Suppress will only be used when the hero party has 2 or more combo tokens rather random chance after Limerence
  • Suppress will only target heroes with Combo tokens and no Focus tokens
  • Reduced the number of debuff tokens applied by Suppress
  • Reduced Limerence base damage from a range of 20-40 to 16 and added buff : +25% damage per Focus token on target
  • Limerence now applies 1x Vulnerable token
  • Healing received debuff from Limerence can now be resisted
  • Improved Academic View descriptions for Suppress and Limerence
  • Seek and other skills that apply Seen tokens now only target their mirrored rank and now ignore Taunt and Stealth, but are affected by Blind
  • Cloistered Eye won’t grow to max size in Round 1 or 2
  • Cloistered Eye: Speed reduced from 12 to 8
  • Bifurcated Eye: Speed reduced from 8 to 6
  • Cluster of Eyes: Speed reduced from 6 to 4

Tooltip Improvements[ | ]

  • General string fixes and improvements
  • Skill tooltips have been updated where connected lines of triggers, conditions, effects and buffs share a single line
  • Quirk tooltips have been updated where connected lines of triggers, conditions, effects and buffs share a single line. Quote text now formatted consistently with other tooltips
  • Added 'vs' before faction names when using conditions while facing them in combat ex) 'vs Creatures: -90% healing received'

FIXES[ | ]

  • Location and Route Scouting effect split into individual effects; Location Scouting and Route Scouting
  • Quirks or items with Foetor, Shroud, or Sluice effects will no longer appear in Denial
  • Various animation and visual fixes
  • Fixed jittery click/drag rotation of Heroes and Stagecoach on the Character Sheet, Hero Select screen, and Stagecoach screen.
  • Hero shrines: now shows EXIT preview icon for heroes who have completed their stories.
  • Germophobe string id fix
  • Fixes to some curio preview glyphs and effects
  • Fix to stall torch loss effect; was accidentally 1, s/b -10
  • Minimap and route choice tooltip pass for accuracy and to use icons where possible. Still need to do Curios
  • Vestal altar node name corrections
  • Hateful act out - swapped barker NEEDS TESTING act out prep for new flag barks
  • Added missing torch reward preview to Assist donate choices
  • Oasis stress heal choice won't be chosen by heroes who have 0 stress
  • Fixed an issue where Chapter 1 Boss death animation would still trigger on party defeat
  • Fixed an issue where the inventory would flash black when discarding something while over-encumbered
  • Fixed an issue where reflected damage via the Redoubt skill would not credit the player with the kill if the damage was lethal, ie. Redoubt scores killing blow against a Chapter boss will now correctly grant a victory instead of an L
  • Added the ability to look at the Token Glossary via it’s keybinding at the Crossroads
  • Removed Start Round Actions from action pip count in the character tray
  • Fixed an issue where items with possession limits would appear in Regions when the current region goal reward was the same item. Now items selected as a region goal, that have a possession limit, will no longer appear in the loot for that region
  • A hero’s run goal will now have an applied weight for path preference while moving through a region, ie a hero with the goal to visit an Oasis, will have that node preference when possible at intersections
  • Added item stacking info to the item tooltips
  • Alt key has been set to be the default hotkey for the more information button in driving and story screens to match it’s similar function in combat
  • After ending a run at an Inn we now place you at the results instead of the Altar of Hope
  • Fixed an issue with Localization hotswapping on the Embark scene
  • Fixed an issue where other chapters were not being correctly grayed-out after first time Chapter victory to force players to start the next chapter for their next run
  • Added game option for turning off minimap scouting autoscroll on region start
  • Fix to leviathan death chain capture release soft lock
  • When opening the tutorial archive from a toast notification the archive will auto-scroll to the currently opened tutorial
  • We now correctly pause the game in combat when opening a tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where hero goal candle icon sometimes overlaps text in crossroads

Note: Steam Cloud Save is not yet implemented for the 1.0 release. We plan to add it in the very near future. Apologies for the inconvenience.

We also wanted to give a big shout out to our translators at From the Void and Bada. They have received a ton of writing from us in the past few weeks and have put a monumental effort into translating it all. We will be continuing to refine our LOC and if you are a player with LOC specific feedback, be sure to send us an email using the in-game feedback button.