Medicinal herbs

Medicinal Herbs are used to cure diseases and maladies. It can be purchased in the Provisions menu just before Embark for 200 gold.

Uses Edit

  • Alchemy Table: Disinfect the station, allowing for successful research. (Gain loot)
  • Beast Carcasses: used to get rid of any diseases. (Gain loot,Food)
  • Dinner Cart: Cleanse the meat, making some of it edible. (Gain loot)
  • Iron Maiden: Cleanse the Iron Maiden allowing a thorough search. (Gain loot)
  • Makeshift Dining Table: Kills any diseases harbored in the food. (Gain loot,Food)
  • Moonshine Barrel: Medicinal herbs purify the brew, and is it ever potent! (Gain effect, Strong damage buff +30% Damage)