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Move is a status effect causing the affected unit to switch places with another one in its formation.


Differently from other status effects, Move does not have a duration: it is applied instantly when the attack that inflicts it is landed. When a Move attack lands, the Move resistance of the target is subtracted from the Move chance of the attack, and the resulting percentage is rolled: if the Move is successful, the target will be pushed or pulled to a different position in the formation.

Given the strong dependence of abilities that require the user to be in certain positions, Move can be extremely effective at preventing both heroes and enemies from landing strong attacks, or sometimes from acting at all, by forcing them into non-ideal positions where they cannot use their strong abilities.

There are four types of Move that can be applied, depending on the ability:

  • Forward (pull), moving the target(s) towards the centre of the battlefield of the appropriate number of positions.
  • Back (knockback), moving the target(s) away from the centre of the battlefield of the appropriate number of positions.
  • Shuffle, moving the target(s) randomly of any number of positions.
  • Stumble, moving the target randomly of any number of position every turn.

Stumble is a unique effect applied by the Countess, functioning as a moving effect that happens each turn. Move resistance will not help prevent Stumble from being applied, but can help resist its shuffling effects at the start of each turn.

Applying and avoiding Move[]

Abilities that apply Move on the targeted enemy will mention either "Pull", "Knockback", or "Shuffle". Abilities that move the user will instead mention "Forward" or "Back". Behind the keyword, it will (with the exception of Shuffle) state a number indicating the amount of positions that the target will traverse (E.g. "Pull 2" or "Knockback 1", or "Forward 2").

Move attacks can be prevented with an opportunely high Move Resistance, obtainable by increasing a hero's Resolve level and by equipping appropriate trinkets.

As a soft counter to the enemy's Move attacks, it is also possible to respond by using abilities that move the user while attacking, thereby eliminating the need to forfeit a turn of attacks in order to regain position. Abilities that move its own user (i.e. "Forward" or "Back") will always succeed in moving himself/herself, unaffected by Move Resist.

List of Moving abilities[]

Heroes' abilities that can move enemies include:

Slam Bola Come Hither Uppercut Flashbang Point Blank Shot
Come Hither.png
Point Blank Shot.png
Abomination Arbalest Bounty Hunter Highwayman
Knockback 2 Knockback 1 Pull 2 Knockback 2 Shuffle Knockback 1
Purge Rampart Daemon's Pull Disorienting Blast Puncture
Daemon's Pull.png
Disorienting Blast.png
Leper Man-at-Arms Occultist Plague Doctor Shieldbreaker
Knockback 3 Knockback 1 Pull 2 Shuffle Pull 2

List of self-Moving abilities[]

Abilities that reposition the hero include:

Slam Get Down! Holy Lance Lunge Shadow Fade Breakthrough
Get Down.png
Holy Lance.png
Shadow Fade.png
Abomination Antiquarian Crusader Grave Robber Hellion
Forward 1 Back 2 Forward 1 Forward 2 Back 2 Forward 1
Point Blank Shot Duelist's Advance Dirk Stab Finale Solo Rampart
Point Blank Shot.png
Duelist's Advance.png
Dirk Stab.png
Highwayman Jester Man-at-Arms
Back 1 Forward 1 Forward 1 Back 3 Forward 3 Forward 1
Pierce Puncture Adder's Kiss Impale Expose Serpents Sway
Forward 1 Forward 1 Back 1 Back 1 Back 1 Forward 1

Move Resist[]

All heroes have a base resistance to movements, which affects how likely they are to be moved by enemies. Hero skills that reposition them (such as Lunge or Finale) do not take Move Resist into account. Like most other hero resistances, Move Resist increases by 10% per Resolve Level.

The list of heroes by their base Move Resist, from highest to lowest:

Move Resist
Leper Flagellant Shieldbreaker Abomination Arbalest Bounty Hunter
Leper FlagellantThe Crimson Court DLC ShieldbreakerExclusive to The Shieldbreaker DLC Abomination Arbalest Bounty Hunter
60% 50% 50% 40% 40% 40%
Crusader Hellion Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Musketeer Highwayman
Crusader Hellion Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Musketeer Highwayman
40% 40% 40% 40% 40% 30%
Vestal Antiquarian Grave Robber Jester Occultist Plague Doctor
Vestal Antiquarian Grave Robber Jester Occultist Plague Doctor
30% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%

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