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Oasis node
A sanctum of tranquility awaits.
~ -The Academics

The Oasis is a node location in Darkest Dungeon 2. Upon entering it the player will be presented with up to 4 options (one for each hero) that will have different effects.

The main use for going to the oasis is to heal the stress of our heroes, alternatively we can also get Mineral-Rich Spring Water, a very powerful combat item.

Posible rewards:[ | ]

  • Stress heal: -5 Dd2 token stress (1 hero).
  • Combat Item: Mineral-Rich Spring Water.

Quirk interactions:[ | ]

Some quirks interact specifically with this node, the effects will be listed below:

Quirk Effects; Interaction
Field Surgeon "Can patch up minor wounds on the road."
  • 5% Medic salve token x1 healing as a free action.
- Stress heal and Heal all heroes to full hp.
Rummager "No stone left unturned."
  • 1 random item (food, gold, combat items, inn items, trinkets) after banter in the road.
- Stress heal and Extra Mineral-Rich Spring Water.
Bon Vivant "Let's knock one back and enjoy what life has to offer!"
  • +5% Positive Relationship chance.
  • -5% Negative Relationship chance.
- 3 Stress heal for each party member.
Sickly -20% Disease dd2 RES - Heal self to full hp.