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Some specific Party Combinations will trigger a unique name to be displayed above the party icons. The Heroes must be in the exact order shown below, but can be of any level.

These names are entirely cosmetic and grant no gameplay benefit whatsoever.

These combinations are not necessarily all recommended as the "best" party for a specific quest, nor even as necessarily "strong" combinations; a few may prove more clever than practical* - use at your own risk.

(* For example, "Antiques Roadshow" (4 Antiquarians) has very low damage output and healing potential - surviving through even one battle may prove a challenge, depending.)

Party Name Rank 4 Rank 3 Rank 2 Rank 1 Trivia
The Usual Suspects Vestal Plague Doctor Highwayman Crusader Reference to the setup being the first many players will form, and possibly the film of the same name. Alternatively, this may refer to the classic film Casablanca wherein the police captain, Renault turns to his subordinate on several occasions and instructs him to "Round up The Usual Suspects".
Leviticus Abomination Abomination Abomination Abomination Named after the third book in the Jewish Torah and the Biblical Old Testament.
Soldiers of Fortune Antiquarian Occultist Abomination Hellion Could be a reference to the song "Soldier of Fortune" by Deep Purple.
Divina Commedia Antiquarian Jester Jester Jester Divina Commedia is the Italian name for the Divine Comedy, a famous narrative poem written by Dante.
Sightseeing Tour Antiquarian Antiquarian Antiquarian Hellion Party composition resembles a group of tourists (Antiquarians, who are weak and meek heroes), led by a tour guide.
Hired Muscle Antiquarian Arbalest Highwayman Man-at-Arms The Arbalest, Highwayman, and Man-at-Arms are being hired by the Antiquarian for muscle.
Fortune Seekers Antiquarian Grave Robber Highwayman Bounty Hunter All heroes are motivated by monetary gain.
Despair Faction Antiquarian Jester Abomination Hellion
Basuras Antiquarian Jester Hellion Abomination "Basura" means "trash" in Spanish.
The Seekers Antiquarian Occultist Abomination Bounty Hunter
Beasts of Burden Antiquarian Houndmaster Abomination Man-at-Arms All heroes are mentally burdened in some way: the Antiquarian killed her master, the Houndmaster dealt with police corruption, the Abomination has his eldritch disease, and the Man-at-Arms was the sole survivor of an attack by Brigands. The Houndmaster's hound and the Abomination's transformation would also both be considered beasts.
Glory Seekers Antiquarian Occultist Grave Robber Hellion
Seekers of the Grail Antiquarian Vestal Leper Crusader A reference to the legendary Quest for the Holy Grail by King Arthur and his knights.
Blasphemous Scavengers Antiquarian Vestal Grave Robber Leper
The Collection Antiquarian Vestal Highwayman Man-at-Arms This is a dual reference to the antiques accumulated by an Antiquarian, and The Collector and its three acquired heads: Barristan's (a Man-at-Arms), Dismas' (a Highwayman), and Junia's (a Vestal).
AAAH! Arbalest Antiquarian Abomination Hellion The name is a reference to the starting letters of the Arbalest, Antiquarian, Abomination, and Hellion.
The A Team Arbalest Antiquarian Abomination Man-at-Arms The A Team is an action-adventure television show from the mid 80s about a group of ex-soldiers for hire.
Here the name is more of a pun, as the names of the Heroes here are the Arbalest, Antiquarian, Abomination and Man-at-Arms, though the former reference does apply to the Arbalest, Man at Arms, and arguably the Abomination (since he was created to be a weapon).
Easy Money Arbalest Antiquarian Highwayman Highwayman
Jin-Roh Arbalest Arbalest Arbalest Man-at-Arms Jin-Roh (Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade in the US) is a 1999 anime movie about an alternate history where Germany conquered Japan during World War 2.
Never Miss A Beat Arbalest Grave Robber Highwayman Bounty Hunter All heroes have high accuracy.
Firing Squad Arbalest Grave Robber Houndmaster Bounty Hunter Heroes in this party all have ranged attacks that can hit most enemy targets.
Dogs of War Arbalest Houndmaster Abomination Man-at-Arms A twofold reference; Not only are all these characters powerful fighters, but it makes reference to the line "Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war" from William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Furthermore, the Houndmaster has a dog as his companion and the Abomination's beast form is somewhat canine.
Long Arm of the Law Arbalest Houndmaster Bounty Hunter Man-at-Arms All of these heroes are hunting those who violate the law.
Blood and Iron Arbalest Occultist Flagellant Crusader The Arbalest and Crusader are clad in heavy armor, while the Flagellant and Occultist have symbolism revolving around blood.
Marked for Death Arbalest Occultist Houndmaster Bounty Hunter All heroes make use of the Mark mechanic (the Bounty Hunter in particular with his ability Mark for Death, which the party's name references).
Hounds of War Arbalest Occultist Houndmaster Hellion
All or Nothing [sic] Arbalest Occultist Bounty Hunter Man-at-Arms All heroes will do high damage, as long as the target is marked.
War Party Arbalest Plague Doctor Crusader Man-at-Arms The characters resemble the primary composition of an army: the general, a footman, an archer, and a medic.
Stun and Gun Arbalest Plague Doctor Highwayman Hellion Two stunners and two ranged fighters.
Discount Medicine Arbalest Plague Doctor Houndmaster Leper All party members have weak healing skills, or can only self-heal.
Indestructible Arbalest Vestal Crusader Leper All party members are tanks.
Heavy Metal Arbalest Vestal Crusader Man-at-Arms All party members make use of metal armor.
Sisterhood Arbalest Vestal Grave Robber Hellion All party members are female.
The Huntsmen Corps Arbalest Vestal Houndmaster Bounty Hunter
The Iron Fist Arbalest Vestal Man-at-Arms Crusader Possibly a reference to the Marvel superhero Iron Fist, or the idiom "ruling with an iron fist".
Deathwatch Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Deathwatch is the name of a Mandalorian bounty hunting group, featured in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
Vagabonds Bounty Hunter Jester Grave Robber Highwayman A "vagabond" refers to those who move often without a home, such as a traveler/wanderer. In this formation each hero is capable of moving themselves to a different position or subsequently move enemies into different positions.
Trouble Bounty Hunter Leper Hellion Crusader
Crusaders on March Bounty Hunter Plague Doctor Crusader Crusader
Blinding Light Bounty Hunter Vestal Bounty Hunter Crusader All of these characters have some form of ability that blinds, increases the light level, or is religious (the main religious entity being the Light).
Axe Brigade Bounty Hunter Vestal Hellion Hellion Both Helions and Bounty Hunter wield axes as main weapon.
The Last Crusade Crusader Crusader Crusader Crusader Reference to the historical last crusades of which were done solely by holy crusaders, much like this party contains.
The Inverted Bunch Crusader Highwayman Vestal Plague Doctor This is the team Red Hook, but in reverse.
The Last Supper Flagellant Vestal Leper Crusader All party members are religious. This is a reference to the last meal Jesus shared with his apostles, according to the gospels.
The Bait and Switch Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Crusader Highwayman
The Vagrants Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Grave Robber Highwayman
Tomb Raiders * Grave Robber Grave Robber Grave Robber Grave Robber "Tomb Raider" is an action-adventure game about fictional archaeologist Lara Croft, and all party members in this formation are grave robbers.
The Wolf Pack Grave Robber Highwayman Bounty Hunter Hellion
Highway Robbery Grave Robber Highwayman Bounty Hunter Highwayman All four heroes can be classified as rogues.
Smokey and Bandit Grave Robber Highwayman Grave Robber Highwayman Reference to the 1977 movie "Smokey and the Bandit".
Judge and Execution Grave Robber Jester Bounty Hunter Leper Likely a reference to a quintessential dark ages execution, where the Leper takes the role of the King, the Bounty Hunter as the Executioner, the Jester as the Crier, and the Grave Robber as the condemned.
The Mercenaries Grave Robber Jester Highwayman Bounty Hunter All four heroes can be hired for their services.
Les Miserables Grave Robber Occultist Abomination Hellion Les Misérables is a French historical novel by Victor Hugo, first published in 1862, that is considered one of the greatest novels of the 19th century, and was later adapted into a highly successful stage musical.
The Four Horsemen Grave Robber Plague Doctor Abomination Hellion The Four Horsemen symbolize Death, Pestilence, Famine and War.
The Exorcists Grave Robber Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Leper
The Cleanup Crew Grave Robber Plague Doctor Vestal Leper All party members have AOE skills.
Sacrosant Vigilance Grave Robber Vestal Houndmaster Flagellant
Charlie's Angels Grave Robber Vestal Man-at-Arms Hellion Charlie's Angels was television show in the 70's about a team of three private investigators employed by the titular Charlie. This team was also suggested by RedHook when they announced the public vote for party combo names.
Hell's Belles Hellion Hellion Hellion Hellion Belle is the french word for beautiful (when speaking about a woman), as well as slang for an attractive woman. Being hellions, and in constrast to the ugly creatures they battle, they are hell's belles. There is a pun intended (hell's bells), as well as a likely reference to the AC/DC song "Hell's Bells"
Cutthroats Highwayman Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Hellion All heroes have high damage single target attacks and are known to be hardened killers.
The Quick and The Dead Highwayman Grave Robber Hellion Leper Three of these heroes are relatively quick, while the Leper in in a decaying state and living in an era when leprosy was essentially a death sentence. Also possibly a reference to a phrase found in the King James Bible.
The Lawless Highwayman Grave Robber Jester Bounty Hunter All heroes operate in questionable legality.
Chain Gang Highwayman Highwayman Highwayman Bounty Hunter A chain gang is a group of prisoners (the Highwaymen) chained together and often led/supervised by a guard (the Bounty Hunter) to perform menial or physically challenging work as a form of punishment. Could also be a reference to a song of the same name.
Night of the Hunt Houndmaster Bounty Hunter Highwayman Flagellant A possible reference to Bloodborne, the night of the hunt being the setting of the game. The party are all possible references to the player character, the Highwayman being a reference to a quick, unarmored Hunter, the Bounty Hunter being a heavily armored killing machine, the Houndmaster being a mobile Hunter using blunt weapons, and the Flagellant being a maddened Hunter.
Wild Bunch Houndmaster Highwayman Abomination Hellion All four characters can be considered "wild" in different ways. The Hellion is "wild" by nature as a barbarian, the Abomination becomes "wild" when he transforms, the Highwayman is "wild" in the sense that he is an outlaw and former waif, and the Houndmaster has a "wild" canine companion.
Bloodbath Houndmaster Highwayman Flagellant Hellion All party members are capable of inflicting Bleed.
Persephone and Cerberus Houndmaster Houndmaster Houndmaster Hellion Persephone is the queen of the Underworld in Greek mythology (which can be partially equated to the Christian "hell", which the word "hellion" partially stems from), and Cerberus is the three-headed hound that guards it (thus the three Houndmasters).
Board and Kennel Houndmaster Houndmaster Abomination Abomination A "boarding kennel" is a place that temporarily houses pet dogs or cats for a fee. The Houndmasters are the ones running this boarding kennel, while the hounds and Abominations are the dogs.
Boba Fetch Houndmaster Houndmaster Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Boba Fett is a bounty hunter from the Star Wars franchise. "Fetch" is a word the means to go for and then bring back someone or something and is commonly used when playing with dogs. This is also a play on the Bounty Hunter's "Come Hither" ability.
Diamond Dogs Houndmaster Houndmaster Houndmaster Houndmaster In Metal Gear Solid V, Big Boss is an ex-soldier who founded a PMC group named Diamond Dog, which itself is a reference to David Bowie's eighth studio album "Diamond Dogs". In that game, he is also accompanied by his own war dog.
The Howlers Houndmaster Jester Abomination Hellion Each hero can be said to howl in a metaphorical or literal way. The Houndmaster's dog howls, The Jester's singing may be described as howling, The Abomination howls in his beast form, and the Hellion has the move "Barbaric YAWP!" which is a howl of sorts.
Cry Havoc Houndmaster Jester Abomination Man-at-Arms A reference to "Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of war" from Act III, Scene I, Line 288 of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The Houndmaster has an ability of the same name.
Raining Blood Houndmaster Jester Bounty Hunter Hellion Possibly a reference to the closing track of Slayer's third album "Reign in Blood".
Poetic Justice Houndmaster Jester Crusader Leper Poetic justice is a literary device in which ultimately virtue is rewarded and viciousness is punished. The Houndmaster (ex-lawman) and Crusader are justice while the Jester and Leper are the poetic.
Garston's Garrison Houndmaster Vestal Crusader Man-at-Arms
The Stance Dance Jester Bounty Hunter Grave Robber Highwayman All members of the party move around in the party using various skills. Jester with Dirk Stab, Solo, and Finale, Grave Robber with Lunge and Shadow Fade, The Highwayman with Duelist's Advance and Point Blank Shot, and the Bounty Hunter who can push, pull and shuffle the enemy party.
Bountiful Ballad Jester Bounty Hunter Hellion Crusader "Ballad" possibly refers to the Jester (who sings and performs), the Hellion (who has the Barbaric YAWP! ability), and the Crusader (who has Inspiring Cry), while "Bountiful" is a play on the Bounty Hunter's name.
Bloody Party Jester Bounty Hunter Hellion Leper The Jester, Bounty Hunter and Hellion can inflict Bleed, while the Leper is permanatley bleeding because of his leprosy.
Motley Misfits Jester Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Crusader Motley Crew is a term used for a group of individuals working together who hold origins of high contrast in relation to each other (as well as the name of a band from the 1980s). These are also characters with dark humours or high faith, "misfits".
Merry Band of Misfits Jester Grave Robber Hellion Highwayman All heroes are "misfits", while being known for humour and merriment. The jester has the camping skill "mockery", the grave robber and highwayman both have "gallows humour", and the hellion has "revel".
The Guilty Jester Grave Robber Highwayman Bounty Hunter All four characters are guilty of various crimes (the Highwayman is a bandit, the Jester killed a king and his entire court, the Bounty Hunter murders people for money, and the Grave Robber obviously robs graves).
Criminal Minds Jester Grave Robber Highwayman Hellion Criminal Minds is the name of a show about FBI profilers who analyze crimes of especially twisted individuals before they can strike again.
Stout Hearts Jester Grave Robber Vestal Crusader
Gang of Thieves Jester Highwayman Bounty Hunter Leper
Misfits Jester Highwayman Hellion Leper Misfits are an American punk rock band often recognized as the progenitors of the horror punk subgenre.
Court of Beasts Jester Houndmaster Abomination Hellion All of these characters you could find in a court of some kind, or their characteristics are relating to a beast of some form.
The Ugly Kid Jester Jester Abomination Jester Jesters have the camping skill "mockery", while the abomination is known for being hideous and disgusting.
Freakshow Jester Jester Abomination Abomination Carnival members are sometimes called freakshows. The Abominations and Jesters could both be seen in a carnival.
Jokes and Folks Jester Jester Highwayman Highwayman The Jesters being the jokes, and the Highwaymen being the folks.
Fools Rush In Jester Jester Jester Jester From the saying "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" or possibly the movie or song of the same name.
Dance With The Devil Jester Occultist Abomination Hellion All characters have some connection to the devil. The Jester is a trickster, something the devil is related to, as well as a dancer, the Occultist's skills come from his interactions with eldritch horrors, the Abomination used to be unable to be in a party with religious heroes because he's largely considered unholy, and the Hellion has a camping skill called "Reject the Gods".
The Covenant Jester Occultist Bounty Hunter Crusader All characters made covenants (the Crusader made a covenant when he swore his devotion to the Light, as well as when he enlisted in the Crusade, the Occultist struck an accord with eldritch beings in exchange for the use of their power, the Bounty Hunter accepts contracts and collects on his bounties, and the Jester formerly swore fealty to a king).
Suicide Squad Jester Occultist Grave Robber Abomination A reference to the supervillain team of the same name, likely featuring the Abomination as Killer Croc, the Grave Robber as Poison Ivy, the Occultist as Count Vertigo, and the Jester as Harley Quinn.
Heathens Jester Occultist Grave Robber Hellion All characters are either atheists (Jester and Grave Robber), heretical (Hellion), or devoted to the eldritch (Occultist).
Rocky Roady Warriors Jester Occultist Highwayman Hellion
Circus Freaks Jester Occultist Plague Doctor Leper All of the characters within this party are freaks, could be seen acting in a circus, or both.
Masquerade Ball Jester Plague Doctor Highwayman Leper All party members wear masks (or, in the Highwayman's case, a neckerchief).
Tainted Devotion Jester Plague Doctor Vestal Leper All four members had devotions that in the end caused them to become "tainted". The Jester's devotion to his craft drove him to murder an entire court, the Plague Doctor's devotion to medicine drove her to dissect her professor, the Vestal's devotion to the church conflicted with her sexuality and labelled her an outcast, and the Leper's devotion to his people caused him to visit the sick and contract Leprosy.
The Mercs Jester Vestal Bounty Hunter Crusader
The Motley Jester Vestal Highwayman Hellion "Motley crew" is a term used for a group of individuals working together who hold origins of high contrast in relation to each other. It's also the name of a band from the 1980s, albeit with a slightly different spelling.
All for One Jester Vestal Plague Doctor Leper A reference to the Three Musketeers' motto, "All for one, and one for all."
Rot Squad Leper Leper Leper Leper Reference to Leprosy, the disease that Lepers suffer from which causes severe nerve damage that later manifests in rotting flesh, as well as a possible reference to the Riot Squad, a group of gamma-affected characters in Marvel Comics.
Men at Work Man-at-Arms Man-at-Arms Man-at-Arms Man-at-Arms Men At Work was a popular band formed in 1978.
The Walking Heads Man-at-Arms Vestal Highwayman Crusader Reference to the band Talking Heads, with each character representing one of the four members of the band. Also likely a reference to the heads in the possession of the collector, who has the heads of a Man-At-Arms, a Vestal, and a Highwayman (Barristan, Junia, and Dismas.)
The Travelers Occultist Antiquarian Abomination Hellion All four heroes are constantly traveling. The Occultist travels between planes of existence to communicate with eldritch beings and access their power, the Antiquarian is after relics and valuables, the Abomination is constantly on the move from the church and "travels" between his two forms, and the Hellion was formerly part of what was likely a nomadic tribe.
Crypt Robbers Occultist Antiquarian Grave Robber Highwayman All of members are prone to robbing crypts.
Custodian Crew Occultist Antiquarian Highwayman Leper
Open Season * Occultist Antiquarian Houndmaster Bounty Hunter
Open Season * Occultist Arbalest Houndmaster Bounty Hunter
The Wild Hunt Occultist Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Hellion The Wild Hunt is a European folk myth involving a ghostly or supernatural group of huntsmen passing in wild pursuit.
The Blockade Occultist Bounty Hunter Crusader Highwayman
Crit Happens Occultist Bounty Hunter Hellion Hellion A play on the phrase "shit happens", since all four heroes have high crit chance.
The Killers Occultist Bounty Hunter Highwayman Hellion May be a reference to the band of the same name.
The Privateers Occultist Bounty Hunter Highwayman Grave Robber
Kingdom Undone Occultist Bounty Hunter Jester Crusader
Bad Karma Occultist Grave Robber Abomination Bounty Hunter All of these characters will end up or have caught up with bad karma.
Heaven's Devils Occultist Grave Robber Abomination Hellion All heroes are morally ambiguous, while serving a righteous cause.
Redemption Occultist Grave Robber Abomination Man-at-Arms All heroes have a dark past.
Pit and Pendulum Occultist Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Crusader The name comes from the story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe, whose works greatly inspired HP Lovecraft's.
Blood Money Occultist Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Hellion All of these characters will kill or tamper with the dead for a separate cause, be it war, money, or religion.
Dark Soul's Night Occultist Grave Robber Crusader Hellion Possibly to the FromSoftware game Dark Souls, with the Crusader's armor based on the Elite Knight set.
The Outcasts Occultist Grave Robber Hellion Leper All heroes are rejected by society.
Criminal Intent Occultist Grave Robber Highwayman Bounty Hunter All characters frequently commit crimes or actions frowned upon by society.
Nothing Sacred Occultist Grave Robber Highwayman Hellion Reference to the quote "Nothing is sacred", since all of the members of the party are unreligious.
Death Sentence Occultist Grave Robber Houndmaster Hellion All four of the heroes would be eligable for a death sentence under feudal society, the Occulist conversing with eldritch forces, the Graverobber robbing graves, the Houndmaster investigating police corruption, and the Hellion belonging to a culture of "barbarians".
Dysfunctional Family Occultist Grave Robber Jester Leper
The Fallen Occultist Highwayman Bounty Hunter Hellion
Darkness Within Occultist Highwayman Bounty Hunter Leper The Occultist has "darkness within" in an extremely literal sense, as he harbors eldritch beings inside of his mind. The Highwayman carries heavy baggage and a lot of "dark" guilt from his past, meanwhile the Bounty Hunter harbors "darkness" in the form of a lack of morals and a history of killing. Finally, the Leper has the disease Leprosy, which is slowly killing him from the inside despite his stoically calm demeanor.
Bruiser Brigade Occultist Highwayman Crusader Leper
Cleaving Time Occultist Highwayman Hellion Hellion Shuffling the Hellions with Breakthrough can tear through the enemy frontal ranks. The Highwayman can join in with Duelist's Advance or Grapeshot Blast.
Merry Men Occultist Highwayman Jester Bounty Hunter Possibly a reference to Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men.
Brothers in Arms Occultist Highwayman Leper Crusader Possibly a reference to a song by Dire Straits.
Monster Within Occultist Houndmaster Abomination Hellion All of these characters have a characteristic that may be described as a monstrous. The Hellion is ruthlessly barbaric and bloodthirsty, the Abomination has been corrupted and turned into a horrific beast, the Occultist manifests eldritch horrors using dark, forbidden powers, and the Houndmaster has a dog.
Blood for the Blood God Occultist Houndmaster Flagellant Hellion This is a reference to the Chaos God Khorne from Warhammer 40k, and the quote "Blood for the blood god! Skulls for the skull throne! And let the galaxy burn!". Each Hero can inflict bleed, though the Occultist can only do so on allies with Wyrd Reconstruction.
Cirque des Damnés Occultist Jester Abomination Hellion Cirque des Damnés means Circus of the Damned in French. It was also an album by We Are The Fallen. Both the album & band name align with the character's personas.
We of Little Faith Occultist Jester Abomination Man-at-Arms The phrase originally comes from the book of Matthew Jesus says to Peter "Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?". All of these characters are jaded and/or heretical.
Metal Before Madness Occultist Jester Bounty Hunter Crusader Right to left, the first two both are adorned with metal armor and weaponry, while the last two are considered mad.
The Mad Gamble Occultist Jester Bounty Hunter Hellion All characters are, in some way, based on gambling. The Occultist has the infamously inconsistent Wyrd Reconstruction, the Jester has dice Trinkets, the Bounty Hunter's barks often reference gambling, as well as his backstory, and the Hellion is generally reckless. The Occultist, Jester, and Hellion can also all be considered "mad", the Occultist and Jester both toeing the line of insanity (as they reference in their barks) and the Hellion just generally being angry.
Inglorious Bastards Occultist Jester Bounty Hunter Man-at-Arms Reference to the movie of the same name.
Who's Laughing Now? Occultist Jester Grave Robber Highwayman All of these heroes hold some form of grudge and have a dark sense of humor.
Cast Out Occultist Jester Grave Robber Leper All party members are outcasts.
The Oddballs Occultist Jester Highwayman Hellion All heroes are bizarre and uncommon.
Bloody Banquet Occultist Jester Highwayman Flagellant All heroes have skills that bleed.
Blood Drive Occultist Jester Houndmaster Hellion All heroes have abilities that cause enemies to bleed.
Nightshift Occultist Jester Vestal Crusader
Fire With Fire Occultist Occultist Abomination Abomination Reference to the saying "To fight fire with fire". In this case, fight eldritch horrors with people who summon, and become, eldritch horrors, such as with the Occulist's Ancestor quote of "to fight the abyss, one must know it".
Bloody Hell Occultist Occultist Flagellant Hellion All heroes have Bleeding skills. "Hell" also references the Occultist's dark inclinations and is a play on words for "Hellion".
Eldritch Slayers Occultist Occultist Hellion Crusader Two eldritch-studying occultists and two heroes proud of slaying ungodly abominations.
Make it Bleed Occultist Occultist Hellion Hellion Reference to the saying "make it rain". Hellion cause severe bleed in enemy ranks through their abilities and occultists cause bleeding in allies through healing.
R'yleh R'yleh Ole! Occultist Occultist Occultist Occultist R'lyeh is a fictional lost city that first appeared in the H. P. Lovecraft short story "The Call of Cthulhu".
Unspoken Horror Occultist Plague Doctor Abomination Bounty Hunter All members harbor horrifying secrets that can't be determined at first glance and are tacit amongst the party.
Heathen Yell Occultist Plague Doctor Abomination Hellion The party consists of an eldritch scholar, an atheist, a literal abomination who previously could not join religious members, and a warrior who worships pagan gods and has the skill "Barbaric YAWP!"
Grindhouse Occultist Plague Doctor Abomination Man-at-Arms
Forefront Occultist Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Crusader
Tip of the Spear Occultist Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Hellion All members can hit the fourth position enemy.
Status Mayhem Occultist Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Leper The first 3 members of this team are capable of inflicting a large variety of statuses, capable of inflicting Bleed, Blight, Debuffs, Stun, and Move. The Leper is included because his ability Withstand includes each status in its textbox, protecting from each one besides marked, which it self-inflicts.
The Trench Occultist Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Man-at-Arms Reference to trench warfare, with the heroes each having abilities which relate to it (plague grenade, abyssal artillery, flashbang, and command)
Geysers of Blood Occultist Plague Doctor Crusader Leper Three of these characters either inflict bleed (Occultist and Plague Doctor) and/or have notably poor bleed resist (10% for the Leper and 20% for the Plague Doctor). The Crusader, meanwhile, killed countless people during the crusade and thus spilled a lot of blood.
Of Blight And Blood Occultist Plague Doctor Grave Robber Hellion A combination of heroes that can blight and bleed enemies equally effectively.
Plague Bearers Occultist Plague Doctor Grave Robber Leper All of these heroes can either cause Blight or, in the Leper's case, are diseased themselves.
The Pagan Warrior Occultist Plague Doctor Hellion Hellion All party members are either atheists or heretics.
Uncultured Filth Occultist Plague Doctor Hellion Highwayman
The Godless Occultist Plague Doctor Hellion Leper
Mixed Bag Occultist Plague Doctor Highwayman Crusader All party members are part of different groups of society. This is also the same party composition as "The Usual Suspects," but with an Occultist.
Merciless Occultist Plague Doctor Highwayman Hellion All four party members are known to be unsympathetic and therefore often ruthless.
Rack and Ruin * Occultist Plague Doctor Highwayman Leper
Devil's Playthings Occultist Plague Doctor Jester Highwayman
Traveling Circus Occultist Plague Doctor Jester Leper Three front heroes wear masks, while occultist serves as either the circus owner or the snake charmer.
The Dark Brigade Occultist Plague Doctor Leper Hellion
Accursed Ones Occultist Plague Doctor Leper Jester All members are accursed because they have brought darkness upon themselves as a result of their actions or, in the Leper's case, contracted a disease which he refers to on several occasions as a "curse".
The Cleaning Crew Occultist Plague Doctor Vestal Leper The Occultist, Plague Doctor, and Leper all have the ability to clear corpses.
Inferno Paradise Occultist Vestal Crusader Hellion Possible reference to Dante's 14th century epic poem "Divine Comedy", which consists of three parts: Inferno, Pugatorio (which could be seen as the Estate itself), and Paradiso.

The party also consists of two "heretics" (Occultist and Hellion) who, in Christianity, would be headed to an "inferno" (Hell) and two servants of the Light (Vestal and Crusader) who would be headed to a "paradise" (Heaven).

Tank N' Spank Occultist Vestal Crusader Leper Between two healers and two high-health high-damage heroes, this party compostion can endure and dish out a lot of punishment.
Hell's Angels Occultist Vestal Hellion Crusader Possible reference to the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club, one of the most infamous motor clubs. The party also consists of the same members as Inferno Paradise, and thus shares the same Heaven/Hell division.
Insurmountable Four Occultist Vestal Hellion Leper Possibly a reference to Marvel's superhero team The Fantastic Four.
Holy Quaternity Occultist Vestal Highwayman Crusader A play on the Christian "Holy Trinity", but replacing the prefix "tri" with "quad" to reference the four party members. Possibly referring to the classic Dungeons and Dragons 4-class party: Fighter, Rogue, Cleric, Wizard.
The Unlikely Tetret Occultist Vestal Highwayman Leper All party members have highly different motivations.
Hemogoblins Plague Doctor Abomination Flagellant Leper Play on the word "hemoglobin", the main protein in red blood cells.
Unhallowed Hand Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Jester
The Veterans Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Crusader Hellion All heroes have seen lots of death in their lifetimes, making them veterans.
Scavengers Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Grave Robber Highwayman All party members steal from or otherwise benefit from the acquisition corpses.
The Damned Company Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Highwayman Leper Reference to Warhammer 40k “Damned company” chaos warband that share similarities with the party.
Shock and Awe Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Occultist Hellion This hero combination is capable of stunning the entire enemy formation.
Toxic Teammates Plague Doctor Grave Robber Abomination Antiquarian All of these heroes are capable of causing blight.
The Dancing Sisters Plague Doctor Grave Robber Grave Robber Vestal The strategy with this party is to have the Grave Robbers use Lunge and Shadow Fade continuously, "dancing" around the Vestal.
The Shunned Plague Doctor Grave Robber Hellion Leper All heroes were shunned in some way in the past: Plague Doctor was expelled from university for dissecting a professor, Grave Robber lost her high-class status due to running out of money, Hellion was exiled from her tribe for cowardice, and Leper is outcast from society due to his disease.
Bloodbourne Plague Doctor Grave Robber Highwayman Abomination Reference to the FromSoftware game Bloodborne, in which some characters and enemies resemble the characters of the team.
Death Dealers Plague Doctor Grave Robber Highwayman Highwayman
Danse Macabre Plague Doctor Grave Robber Leper Jester A reference to an medieval culture dance and art reminding that everybody is balanced in the death's eyes.
The Breakers Plague Doctor Grave Robber Vestal Crusader
Valkyries Plague Doctor Grave Robber Vestal Hellion Like the fabled riders of Odin, this team is all female.
Dangerous Lonesome Plague Doctor Highwayman Leper Crusader
Tricky Glory Plague Doctor Highwayman Vestal Crusader
The Faces of Stress Plague Doctor Jester Bounty Hunter Hellion
Shrouded Ones Plague Doctor Jester Grave Robber Leper All characters use a mask or hat to conceal themselves
Commedia dell'arte Plague Doctor Jester Jester Jester Commedia is a form of theatre characterized by masked "types" which began in Italy in the 16th century and was responsible for the advent of actresses and improvised performances based on sketches or scenarios.
Medieval Spirits Plague Doctor Jester Leper Crusader Common figures from the medieval era.
Black Death Plague Doctor Leper Occultist Grave Robber A reference to the most fatal epidemic in all of human history. The party features a plague doctor, someone infected with the disease, and a digger of mass graves, while the Occultist represents the Black Death in a far more literal sense. He brings death through the use of eldritch powers and feeds his victims to the void, thus making him a harbinger of a "black death".
The Forsaken * Plague Doctor Occultist Abomination Hellion All of these characters are loners and outcasts.
Pragmatic Plague Doctor Occultist Bounty Hunter Crusader All of these heroes take a straightforward approach to killing their opponents.
Blight's Out Plague Doctor Occultist Bounty Hunter Leper A play on the phrase "Lights out". The Plague Doctor, Occultist, and Bounty Hunter can all inflict Stun while the Plague Doctor and Occultist can inflict Blight (and the Leper endures a sort of blight of his own).
Outsiders Plague Doctor Occultist Grave Robber Leper Outcasts of their parts of society.
Bloody Stunners Plague Doctor Occultist Hellion Hellion All the heroes in this team can inflict Bleed and Stun.
Blood and Blight Plague Doctor Occultist Hellion Highwayman A strong composition for bleed and blight skills.
Trial and Conviction Plague Doctor Occultist Houndmaster Bounty Hunter In a courtroom setting, it's likely that the Bounty Hunter represents the Bailiff, the Houndmaster a police officer, the Occultist the judge, and the Plague Doctor a medical expert witness.
Walking Death Plague Doctor Occultist Jester Leper All heroes are closely related to Death. The Leper is a dying man, the Jester murdered an entire court, the Occultist uses a skull for his spells and the Plague Doctor treats dying patients.

Also a possible reference to The Walking Dead series.

The Scorned Plague Doctor Occultist Leper Hellion All heroes were worthless or despicable based on their origins/backstories.
Doctor and Patient Plague Doctor Occultist Vestal Leper The Leper's the patient; the three healers are doctors.
The Plague Robbers Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Grave Robber Grave Robber Blights out the ass and stuns full of sass.
Plague Party Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Grave Robber Leper The Leper is afflicted with leprosy. The remaining three can inflict Blight and cure disease.
The Black Plague Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Leper Leper Plague Doctors and those affected with the plague (Lepers).
Critical Condition Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Leper Generally, when three doctors are attempting to treat one case of Leprosy, things are very dire.
Plague Cart Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Plague Doctor Refers to the Black Plague, where corpses would be taken away on carts driven by Plague Doctors.
The Stalwart Plague Doctor Vestal Bounty Hunter Crusader
Eldritch Angels Plague Doctor Vestal Hellion Hellion
Red Hook Plague Doctor Vestal Highwayman Crusader Red Hook is the name of the developer team that created Darkest Dungeon. This is always one of the first party combinations that can be made. Also a reference to “The Horror at Red Hook”, a story from the Cthulhu mythos (which the dev team's name is likely inspired by).
The Hard Way Plague Doctor Vestal Man-at-Arms Crusader
Rival Collector Vestal Antiquarian Man-at-Arms Highwayman A variation of "The Collection" - again, the Antiquarian is The Collector and the other three party members are the heads.
Circle of Light Vestal Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Crusader The Crusader and Vestal are both servants of the Light, meanwhile the Bounty Hunter draws circles with his "Mark for Death" skill.
Hook Line and YAWP! Vestal Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Hellion A play on the saying "hook, line, and sinker". Bounty Hunters can hook backline enemies into range for the Hellion's YAWP!
Dented Steel Vestal Bounty Hunter Crusader Leper
The Vanguard Vestal Bounty Hunter Hellion Crusader The vanguard is the foremost/frontmost part of an advancing military force.
Hunting Party Vestal Bounty Hunter Highwayman Crusader
The Fierce Vestal Bounty Hunter Highwayman Leper
Holier Than Thou Vestal Crusader Crusader Crusader All follow a faith of some sort, making them holier than others. 'Thou' is a word frequently used in the Bible and replaces the word 'you'. Also possibly a reference to the Metallica song of the same name.
Burden of Faith Vestal Crusader Flagellant Leper All heroes are religious and thus have faith.
Glorious Gold Vestal Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Crusader
Scalion's Hunters Vestal Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Hellion
Vengeance Dire Vestal Grave Robber Crusader Hellion
Stun Smash Parade Vestal Grave Robber Hellion Leper Two strong stuns, two strong smashes.
Gatling Gun Vestal Grave Robber Highwayman Highwayman Two Highwaymen in the front slots are able to spam Point Blank Shot, moving back and forth and doing massive ranged damage, not unlike the Gatling gun's rotating barrels.
Composition Equilibre Vestal Grave Robber Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Equilibre is French for balance; this party has a healthy amount of everything.
The Forgotten Ones Vestal Grave Robber Leper Jester
Jack of All Trades Vestal Highwayman Bounty Hunter Crusader Each of these characters are all-rounders.
The Bloodletters Vestal Highwayman Bounty Hunter Hellion The three frontal heroes can inflict Bleeds to different parts of the enemy ranks; combined, they can bleed every position.
Old Faithful Vestal Highwayman Crusader Crusader Old Faithful is a geyser in US Yellowstone National Park famous for reliably erupting many times each day, just as this party can be considered a reliable and classic composition.
The Crimson Hand Vestal Highwayman Crusader Hellion
Good Bad and Ugly Vestal Highwayman Crusader Leper Reference to the movie: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Presumably refers to the Crusader/Vestal, Highwayman and Leper respectively.
Merry Go Round Vestal Highwayman Grave Robber Bounty Hunter The Highwayman and Grave Robber both have combat skills that allow them to move forward and backward in the party. The Bounty Hunter moves the opposing party forward and backward as well, with his "Uppercut" and "Come Hither" combat skills, respectively.

The Vestal could be seen as the mom or babysitter watching the kids spin around.

Gun and Roses Vestal Highwayman Grave Robber Hellion Reference to the band Guns 'n Roses, as the party consists of a single gun (Highwayman) and three roses (the female members).
The Hellhounds Vestal Highwayman Hellion Crusader
World of Tanks Vestal Hellion Crusader Leper "World of Tanks" is the name of an action MMO where players battle other players in tanks. In this case, the name refers to the Leper, Crusader, and Barbarian all being on the team.
Headhunters Vestal Houndmaster Bounty Hunter Man-at-Arms The Houndmaster and Bounty Hunter are expert hunters, while the Vestal and Man-at-Arms are heads owned by the Collector (Junia and Barristan).
Law and Order Vestal Houndmaster Crusader Man-at-Arms Reference to the series of the same name. All four heroes fight for justice in accordance with the law. The name could also refer to the Houndmaster and Man at Arms being lawmen, while the Vestal and Crusader belong to a religious order.
For All that is Good Vestal Houndmaster Flagellant Crusader All heroes are fighting for what they believe to be good.
A Feast of Blood Vestal Houndmaster Flagellant Leper
The Hunting Hounds of Hell Vestal Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Hellion
Attrition Disposition Vestal Jester Abomination Man-at-Arms Without counting the Abomination's Transform, all heroes involved have low DMG. The party has great durability, Stress recovery, and DoTs to grind out an attrition battle.
Single Ray of Humor Vestal Jester Bounty Hunter Crusader The Jester is the comic relief in this otherwise stoic team.
King's Court * Vestal Jester Crusader Leper The party members represent the members of a medieval court, including the Priest (Vestal), Jester (Jester), Knight (Crusader), and King (Leper).
Wine, Women, Song Vestal Jester Grave Robber Highwayman "Wine, women, and song" is a hendiatris (turn of phrase) that endorses hedonistic lifestyles or behaviors. The Highwayman and Grave Robber are both known to be drinkers (the wine), the Vestal and Grave Robber are both female (the women), and the Jester performs with his lute (the song).
Unlikely Lively Vestal Jester Grave Robber Leper
Delvers in the Dark Vestal Jester Hellion Crusader
Charging Madness Vestal Jester Hellion Hellion The frontal three heroes have forward-moving abilities between the Jester's Dirk Stab and Hellion's Breakthrough.
Ghost Busters Vestal Jester Hellion Leper Ghostbusters is a 1984 American Supernatural comedy film.
Vox Machina Vestal Jester Highwayman Hellion Vox Machina is the protagonist party of the Critical Role web series. The heroes in this party reference some of the characters in Critical Role: Vestal (Pike the Cleric), Jester (Scanlan the Bard), Highwayman (Percival the Gunslinger), and Hellion (Grog the Barbarian).
Blood and Guts Vestal Jester Houndmaster Hellion Possibly a reference to the series "Berserk" by Kentaro Miura. A song in the soundtrack of the anime adaptation of the manga is named "Blood and Guts". Given the Hellion fights with fury just like Guts and wields a big weapon. The party kind of resembles Guts' party in the manga.
The Lost Band Vestal Jester Leper Crusader The name references the skill icons for Dazzling Light, Battle Ballad, Intimidate, and Inspiring Cry.
Sacred and Profane Vestal Occultist Bounty Hunter Crusader The Crusader and Vestal are sacred, while the Bounty Hunter's fighting style and Occultist's dark arts are profane.
Lords of Position Vestal Occultist Bounty Hunter Leper Play on the dominance of each of these classes skills in the shown positions and strength against all other positions on enemy team.
Heaven and Hell Vestal Occultist Crusader Hellion In Christianity, half of these classes would go to Heaven (the Vestal and the Crusader), while the other two would go to Hell (the Occultist and Hellion). The name could also be referencing the song by Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio.
Saints and Sinners Vestal Occultist Grave Robber Crusader In Christianity, the Occultist and Grave Robber would be considered sinners, whilst the Crusader and Vestal would be considered saints.
Heroes and Heretics Vestal Occultist Hellion Crusader Crusader and Vestal could be considered heroes; the Occultist and Hellion would be considered heretics within the universe. This party is the same as Heaven and Hell but with the Crusader and Hellion having switched places.
Faith and Fury Vestal Occultist Hellion Hellion The Vestal and Occultist are both faithful in their respective religions/beliefs, while the Hellions are generally angry.
The Black Shield Vestal Occultist Jester Leper
The Wardens Vestal Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Crusader This team could be compared to jobs within a prison: Vestal as the chaplain, Plague Doctor as the doctor, and Bounty Hunter and Crusader as guards.
The Inquisition Vestal Plague Doctor Crusader Crusader A reference to the Spanish Inquisition.
Good Cop Bad Cop Vestal Plague Doctor Crusader Highwayman A reference to the cliché often associated with police interrogations. The composition is the same as the Usual Suspects but with the Highwayman and Crusader's positions switched, much like the "bad cop" talks to the prisoner first to make the "good cop" seem like an ally. This synergy also makes sense with Reynauld and Dismas sharing a close bond and
Witch Hunt Vestal Plague Doctor Crusader Leper The party references the witch trials which were especially prevalent during the late 15th–early 16th century, with the Leper as the king, the Crusader as a guard, the Plague Doctor as the witch, and the Vestal as a priest.
The Femme Fatales Vestal Plague Doctor Grave Robber Hellion An all women party.
The Strays Vestal Plague Doctor Grave Robber Leper
The Copper Faithful Vestal Plague Doctor Hellion Bounty Hunter Possibly a reference to brown being the main featured color, if "default" or first color palettes are used.
Stunrise Stunset Vestal Plague Doctor Hellion Crusader This is a reference to the song "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof, and the high amount of stun that the party may apply.
The Cautious Vestal Plague Doctor Hellion Jester
Witch Hunters Vestal Plague Doctor Highwayman Hellion
Soultrain Vestal Plague Doctor Highwayman Leper
King's Court * Vestal Plague Doctor Jester Crusader These characters would be found in a medieval king's court with the Vestal as a priest, Plague Doctor as a doctor, Jester as the jester, and Crusader as a knight.
The Masquerade Vestal Plague Doctor Jester Leper Almost every hero in the party is wearing a mask.
The Greater Good Vestal Plague Doctor Leper Crusader
The Holy Flame Vestal Vestal Crusader Crusader Both heroes involved use holy powers, with bonuses against Unholy enemies.
Holy Rollers Vestal Vestal Crusader Leper All three characters in this party are religious.
Holy Shooter Vestal Vestal Highwayman Crusader The Vestal and Crusader both use holy powers, while the Highwayman shoots.
Safe Shot Vestal Vestal Highwayman Highwayman The Highwayman uses a gun, while the Vestal is a healer who can keep others "safe".
Nuns With Puns Vestal Vestal Jester Vestal Vestals are nuns and the Jester provides the puns.
Leper Colony Vestal Vestal Leper Abomination Leper colonies were historically places where people with leprosy (sometimes other contagious diseases) were quarantined, such as Leper and Abomination. Vestal fills the role of the religious orders which often ran such colonies.
White Light Fever Vestal Vestal Vestal Flagellant Reference to the episode of the T.V. show "The Outer Limits" with the same name.
Undying Light Vestal Vestal Vestal Vestal A play on the skills of this class to be able to constantly add +7 torch light per team member per round through use of skills, meaning the torch should never die.
Red Riding Hood Abomination Antiquarian Bounty Hunter Grave Robber A reference to the classic fairy tale of the same name. From right to left, the heroes represent Red Riding Hood, the lumberjack, Grandma, and the Big Bad Wolf.
The Dregs Abomination Bounty Hunter Highwayman Occultist
The Beasts Abomination Houndmaster Hellion Leper All four heroes could be categorized as "bestial" in nature and/or appearance.
Spice and Wolf Antiquarian Abomination Antiquarian Abomination Named after Japanese light novel series - Antiquarians are the "Spice" (a commonly traded good); Abominations the "Wolf".
Antiques Roadshow Antiquarian Antiquarian Antiquarian Antiquarian A reference to the TV show of the same name and of course the preponderance of Antiquarians.
Bloody Retribution Antiquarian Antiquarian Hellion Hellion
Critters and Glitters Antiquarian Antiquarian Houndmaster Abomination Two beastly heroes and two money-making heroes, "critters" and "glitters" respectively.
Old Dog, New Trick Antiquarian Antiquarian Houndmaster Houndmaster
Pilfering Pillagers Antiquarian Arbalest Grave Robber Bounty Hunter A money-making party with a rogueish, mercenarial theme.
The Logisticians Antiquarian Arbalest Houndmaster Man-at-Arms All four characters have experience in military logistics or are otherwise pragmatic and logical.
The Murine Clique Antiquarian Bounty Hunter Houndmaster Jester 'Murine' means having to do with rodents, specifically rats or mice - and thus may reference this party's scrounging (money-making) and scuttling (party shuffling) nature.
The Relentless Tide Antiquarian Grave Robber Abomination Man-at-Arms A party that focuses on shuffling forward, often with disastrous and damaging results to enemies.
Penny Pinchers Antiquarian Grave Robber Highwayman Man-at-Arms Each character here has a theme around the way they make money. The Antiquarian is the game's money farmer, the Grave Robber steals from the dead, the Highwayman steal from the living, and the Man-at-Arms was a mercenary.
Dreadlings Antiquarian Grave Robber Houndmaster Man-at-Arms
The Wicked Antiquarian Highwayman Grave Robber Jester Possibly a reference to all characters having a wicked sense of humor or their shared immoral leanings.
Misfortune Antiquarian Highwayman Grave Robber Leper All four members of the party drew a bad lot in life and got unlucky with their circumstance.
The Reflex Antiquarian Houndmaster Highwayman Man-at-Arms A party capable of a high amount of dodge and riposte, relying on reflexes rather than strength.
Civil Forfeiture Antiquarian Houndmaster Houndmaster Leper Civil forfeiture is a legal process in which law enforcement officers take assets from persons suspected of crimes without necessarily charging them (specific processes vary around the world). In this case Leper and Houndmaster are the officers, while Antiquarian is there to appraise the assets.
The Profiteers Antiquarian Jester Highwayman Bounty Hunter
Curiosity Circus Antiquarian Jester Occultist Abomination All characters would not look out of place in a travelling circus with a dark, mysterious theme.
Dead Man's Party Antiquarian Occultist Grave Robber Bounty Hunter Reference to the 1986 Oingo Boingo song Dead Man's Party
Tomb Raiders * Antiquarian Occultist Grave Robber Man-at-Arms
Eldritch Combatants Antiquarian Occultist Hellion Abomination
The Lost and the Damned * Antiquarian Occultist Houndmaster Abomination Possibly a reference to the Warhammer franchise, in which the term refers to followers of Chaos, often mutated, corrupted, or users of dark magic.
The Abyssal Vanguard Arbalest Abomination Houndmaster Man-at-Arms
Protective Howl Arbalest Antiquarian Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Two characters with defensive moves themed after shouting and howling protecting their charges.
Motley Crew Arbalest Antiquarian Abomination Man-at-Arms Motley Crew is a term used for a group of individuals working together who hold origins of high contrast in relation to each other, as well as a band from the 1980s.
Missile Command Arbalest Arbalest Crusader Man-at-Arms A reference to a classic Arcade/Atari game of the same name - the Crusader and Man-at-Arms are the commanders and shields for the missile launcher Arbalests.
Head Hunters Arbalest Bounty Hunter Houndmaster Man-at-Arms A mark team supported by the Man-at-Arms - a Collector Head.
Artema's Dance Arbalest Crusader Highwayman Grave Robber "Artema" is possibly Artemis, a Greek Goddess known as a hunter with a bow, thus referencing the series of three party-shifting fighters, and a character shooting a bow.
Beauties and the Beast Arbalest Grave Robber Hellion Abomination 3 "beauties" (women) and the "beast" (Abomination).
Rebel Yell Arbalest Grave Robber Highwayman Hellion Possible reference to 1983 Billy Idol song Rebel Yell, the Grave Robber and Highwayman being the "rebels" and the Hellion being the "yell" with her "Barbaric YAWP!"
Deadly Mercenaries Arbalest Grave Robber Jester Highwayman Damage dealers that have higher-than-average crit chance.
Theory of Relativity Arbalest Grave Robber Jester Man-at-Arms
Dark Deeds Arbalest Houndmaster Abomination Bounty Hunter
On Your Mark Arbalest Houndmaster Highwayman Bounty Hunter The entire team has skills that deal more damage to marked enemies.
Soldier On Arbalest Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Crusader All of the heroes in this squad are former-military/law enforcement.
Let there be blood Arbalest Jester Houndmaster Hellion "Let There Be Blood" is a studio album with re-recorded songs of Exodus's 1985 Bonded by Blood, featuring their lineup at the time.
Armored Core Arbalest Man-at-Arms Crusader Leper All of these travelers have an above average health pool. Also possibly a reference to the FromSoftware video game series, Armored Core.
Hit Squad Arbalest Occultist Houndmaster Highwayman A hit squad is a team of hired assassins.
Jericho Arbalest Occultist Leper Man-at-Arms Named after the city that, in the Bible, was supposedly besieged until the sounding of trumpets brought its walls down.
Quarantine Specialist Arbalest Plague Doctor Houndmaster Man-at-Arms
K-9 Unit Arbalest Vestal Houndmaster Crusader K-9 is a common designation for police dogs, and K-9 units are police units that include them.
Battlefield Squad Arbalest Vestal Man-at-Arms Houndmaster Refers to the popular game franchise 'Battlefield'. The game has 4 classes; Sniper (Arbalest), Support (Vestal), Enforcer (Man at Arms), and Assault (Houndmaster).
Wall of Steel Arbalest Vestal Man-at-Arms Man-at-Arms All members wear metal armor and have above average health.
Movers and Shakers Grave Robber Crusader Highwayman Jester All of these party members have skills that allow them to move around.
The Dance of Death Grave Robber Jester Highwayman Abomination All of these characters are very good in surrounding positions, have the biggest amounts of movement, and can rotate using offensive abilities that allow them to move forward, "dancing" while facing death.
Backlash Grave Robber Vestal Highwayman Man-at-Arms
Highway to Hellion Highwayman Highwayman Hellion Hellion Reference to the song "Highway to Hell", featuring the Highwayman and Hellion.
Master of the Hounds Houndmaster Abomination Abomination Abomination A man and his four hounds.
Manhunt Houndmaster Arbalest Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter The selected characters are hunters and can mark the enemy.
Meat Grinder Houndmaster Bounty Hunter Abomination Hellion Characters that exemplify high damage and a certain level of brutality.
The Messy Four Houndmaster Grave Robber Crusader Jester
The Untouchables Houndmaster Grave Robber Houndmaster Man-at-Arms All heroes in this team can greatly buff their dodge, making themselves untouchable. Also a possible reference to the 1987 film. All would also formerly be considered above the law to some extent, with the Man at Arms being a general, the Houndmaster a policeman, and the Grave Robber a noblewoman.
Bloody Murder Houndmaster Jester Highwayman Hellion All party members can inflict Bleed and high damage.
Squad on Patrol Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Both characters worked for law enforcement or military organizations.
Mark and Bark Houndmaster Occultist Man-at-Arms Bounty Hunter This entire party utilizes the mark mechanic. Also, there's a dog.
The Travelling Fools Jester Antiquarian Highwayman Abomination This party corresponds to a troupe of fools. The Jester tells jokes, the antiquarian tells fortunes, the highwayman shows off his marksmanship (or acts as guard) and the abomination is a freakshow.
We Die Like Heroes Jester Bounty Hunter Highwayman Man-at-Arms No heals, only heroes.
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Jester Grave Robber Abomination Crusader Reference to the novel by Victor Hugo.
The Bloody Mummers Jester Grave Robber Highwayman Leper The Bloody Mummers are a sellsword company in the Song Of Ice And Fire books known for their brutish and outlandish appearance.
The Jilted Jester Occultist Abomination Leper To 'jilt' is to suddenly abandon, which is fitting for these characters.
Bodyguards Man-at-Arms Antiquarian Grave Robber Man-at-Arms The Men-At-Arms serve as bodyguards to the wealthy Antiquarian and the wealth-rooted Grave Robber
Left For Dead Man-at-Arms Arbalest Leper Bounty Hunter A reference to the video game series Left 4 Dead, with the Man at Arms as Bill, the Arbalest as Zoey, the Leper as Louis, and the Bounty Hunter as Francis.
Rats In The Walls Man-at-Arms Grave Robber Highwayman Man-at-Arms Reference to H.P Lovecraft's story "Rats In The Walls".
Command and Conquer Man-at-Arms Occultist Houndmaster Highwayman A reference to a video game series Command & Conquer. The Man-at-Arms shouts orders and gives supports, while everyone else can deliver and/or capitalize on Marks.
Belle and the Beasts Man-at-Arms Vestal Leper Crusader A woman, surrounded by 3 burly men.
Lost and Damned * Occultist Antiquarian Abomination Leper
Black Gold Occultist Antiquarian Bounty Hunter Abomination Gold obtained through unsavory/illegal means. Makes reference to the questionable nature of the heroes in the party.
Lullaby Occultist Antiquarian Hellion Jester Themed after putting the enemies to bed - Jester plays a song, Hellion sings, Antiquarian applies sleeping vapors and Occultist dims the lights.
Bite the Bullet Occultist Arbalest Bounty Hunter Highwayman
Black Monday Murder Occultist Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Grave Robber
Gallows Walk Occultist Grave Robber Crusader Bounty Hunter
Bard and Guard Occultist Highwayman Man-at-Arms Jester The party is headed by a bard (the Jester) and a guard (the Man at Arms).
The Last Resort Occultist Houndmaster Bounty Hunter Abomination Possible reference to the band Papa Roach, with each character representing one of the four members of the band. One of their most famous songs is "Last Resort".
Highway to Hell Occultist Houndmaster Highwayman Abomination A reference to the classic AC/DC song of the same name.
The Hounds of Hell Occultist Houndmaster Houndmaster Hellion Reference to mythological hellhounds. Houndmaster has a hound, Hellion has "hell" in the name and Occultist uses dark/hellish powers.
Cruel Fates Occultist Houndmaster Jester Abomination Reference to the backstories of the characters, all of whom have been doomed or forsaken some way (though this applies to most of the game's roster).
The Wolf Parade Occultist Jester Abomination Abomination
Freak Show Occultist Jester Abomination Grave Robber
Singer For The Stained Occultist Jester Abomination Leper Jester is a musician, the other three are "stained" (Occultist having been forever tainted by the void, Abomination having been turned into a monster, and Leper being infected with Leprosy).
Cirque du Slay Occultist Jester Houndmaster Abomination A pun on Cirque de Soleil, an entertainment company.
Darkest Humour Occultist Jester Jester Abomination
League of the Damned Occultist Plague Doctor Grave Robber Abomination
Killing Joke Occultist Vestal Jester Hellion Possibly a reference to the Batman comic one-shot, The Killing Joke. Could also be a reference to the English Rock Band of the same name.
Chain the Beast Plague Doctor Bounty Hunter Abomination Man-at-Arms Abomination is a beast and wears chains, while the other three have a skill that can Stun. The Bounty Hunter and Man at Arms also both arrest criminals; the former of which also uses a ball and chain as a weapon.
The Blighters Plague Doctor Grave Robber Antiquarian Abomination Every character has a blight attack.
Damned and Forgotten Plague Doctor Grave Robber Highwayman Crusader
Meddling Kids Plague Doctor Grave Robber Houndmaster Crusader This name is a reference to Scooby Doo. At the end of each episode, when the villain is revealed, they proclaim, "and I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!" From right to left, the heroes represent Fred, Shaggy and Scooby (the Houndmaster's default name actually used to be Shag&Scoob), Daphne, and Velma.
Riot Control Plague Doctor Highwayman Vestal Man-at-Arms The front two heroes use blunt weaponry, the Plague Doctor spreads tear gas, and the Highwayman has a gun.
Containment Plague Doctor Jester Abomination Man-at-Arms Possible reference to SCP or SCP Containment Breach, with the characters referring to SCP-049, SCP-035, SCP-096, and a guard from left to right.
Masked Avengers Plague Doctor Jester Bounty Hunter Leper All characters are masked.
Eldritch Plague Plague Doctor Occultist Abomination Abomination These characters all have eldritch connections, blight attacks, or both.
Rack and Ruin * Plague Doctor Occultist Abomination Hellion
Observational Study Plague Doctor Occultist Antiquarian Abomination Three scholars and the Abomination as their object of observation.
Slow Advance Plague Doctor Occultist Crusader Hellion All characters have below average base speed.
Cloak and Dagger Plague Doctor Occultist Highwayman Antiquarian All of the characters are lightly armored and utilize daggers.
Protect The Weak Vestal Antiquarian Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Two low-health characters, the Vestal and Antiquarian, partnered with two tank characters with guard abilities, the Houndmaster and Man-at-Arms.
The Caged Beast Vestal Arbalest Abomination Man-at-Arms
The Relentless Crusade Vestal Arbalest Crusader Leper The four characters are all professions that would be present in a crusade.
Greed is Need Vestal Grave Robber Antiquarian Bounty Hunter Every character in this party is greedy and motivated by material wealth with the exception of the Vestal.
Gold in the Grave Vestal Grave Robber Highwayman Antiquarian
Raiders of the Oft Dark Vestal Highwayman Antiquarian Jester This party is well suited to looting in darkness. The name is a pun on the Indiana Jones film Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Contingency Plan Vestal Houndmaster Crusader Hellion All of these characters have ways to heal themselves, making them all able to independently recover from death's door.
Fool's Congregation Vestal Jester Crusader Leper A congregation is a gathering of people, often for the purpose of worship. All characters in this roster are religious except the Jester, serving the role of the Fool.
The Wall Vestal Man-at-Arms Crusader Leper The front three characters all have the ability to raise their own PROT. The Vestal is easily protected by the Man-at-Arms and can patch up the party's tanks.
Ramming Speed Vestal Man-at-Arms Highwayman Jester Ramming is a naval tactic where a ship drives itself violently into another ship while going fast. The first two heroes have forward-moving abilities to shuffle themselves about, and the Man-at-Arms's Rampart advances him for a stunning knockback.
Sages of Ancient Ways Vestal Occultist Antiquarian Hellion
Better Safe Than Sorry Vestal Occultist Man-at-Arms Crusader This Combo could be considered very safe, because it has 2 Tanks and 2 Healers.
Bloody Stunday Vestal Plague Doctor Abomination Hellion All heroes in this team have stuns. Hellion and Plague Doctor can inflict Bleeds.
Scholars of War Vestal Plague Doctor Occultist Antiquarian All of these characters are, to some extent, scholars.
Clown Car Vestal Jester Jester Jester This combo was made popular by YouTuber Sinvicta, who also gave its name.
Tonight's Entertainment Jester Jester Shieldbreaker Shieldbreaker Both characters are performers (Jester is a musician, Shieldbreaker is a dancer) and thus could be seen entertaining.
Poison Jam Plague Doctor Grave Robber Shieldbreaker Abomination All heroes in this team have blight skills.
Solid Snakes Shieldbreaker Shieldbreaker Shieldbreaker Shieldbreaker A reference to Solid Snake from Metal Gear series, also known as Iroquois Pliskin.
Sisters of Battle Plague Doctor Vestal Shieldbreaker Hellion A reference to Warhammer 40000's Adepta Sororitas, colloquially called The Sisters of Battle
Eastern Promises Antiquarian Occultist Shieldbreaker Leper Three travelers from faraway lands coming to trade with a king.
The Phalanx Arbalest Vestal Shieldbreaker Man-at-Arms A phalanx is a body of troops moving in close formation.
The Undesirables Occultist Shieldbreaker Highwayman Abomination
Desert Wanderers Occultist Occultist Antiquarian Shieldbreaker All characters come from a desert region.
Merchant Caravan Antiquarian Antiquarian Shieldbreaker Shieldbreaker The Antiquarian is good with money (Merchant), while the Shieldbreaker moves around a lot (Caravan).
Alpha Strike Arbalest Houndmaster