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Pause Menu is an accessible screen of settings by hotkeys or candle icons in the down right corner of the screen.

There are two pause menu's in the game:

Main menu pause and In-game pause

Resume to game[ | ]

An option taking place in both Main Menu and in the middle of gameplay. Makes the player exit pause menu.

Options[ | ]

Takes place in both Main Menu and in the middle of gameplay.

After the player makes changes he can decide to SAVE them or DISCARD.

Control Options :

A menu of a very few non-hotkey settings of how player interacts.

Controller Enabled:

Enable controllers in addition to the keyboard.
~ In-game description
Note, that turning this option on does not turn off your keyboard.

Hold Required in Dungeon:

While in dungeons,holding left trigger is required before you swap hero positions, change hero selection, or view character sheets. Turn this on if you frequently start swapping a hero's position when you didn't intent to.
~ In-game description

Interact with Left Stick Up:

Left stick on the controller can be used to play the game.


Enables Vibrations, mainly shaking screen.


Here the player can set the graphics settings, such as screen sizes, visions or battle perspective.


Enables fullscreen. This option needs restart of the game to enable it.


Following scales determines size of player's screen when the player has turned off fullscreen:
1280x720 1366x768 1600x900 1920x1080 2560x1440 3840x2160
This option needs restart of the game to change or enable it.Cannot be edited when fullscreen option is on.


From values 1 to 10 slightly makes the screen more radiant or darkened.

Combat Pivot Camera:

3D perspective effect when switching between hero and monster turns.
~ In-game description
This option makes background rotate from left to right during combat.

Blur effect:

Disable this option to improve performance
~ In-game description
The screen (severly background) gets unclear during combat, after a skill is used.Disabling it decreases lags.


An option screen of sounds coming from the game.


Show text subtitles for the narrator's voice-over.
~ In-game description
This option allows the player to turn on subtitles even when the game is muted and set them at the bottom on on top of screen.


Completely disables every sound in the game, blocks and hides all audio options except of itself and Subtitles.

Master Volume:

The main volume of every sound in the game.
Example of working:
Narration Volume on 80% and Master Volume on 50% 80%:2=40% because 50%=1/2 of 100%. We divide by nominative.
The Narration Volume is set to 40%.

SFX Volume:

Main volume of sound tagged as sound effects.

Music Volume:

Background Music volume.

Narration Volume:

Narrator's voice volume.Editing it makes the narrator hearable in the background to check how his voice works.

Cinematic Volume:

Main volume of every sound and music encountered during cinemathetic cutscenes.
Does not composes with other Audio settings, except of muting the game at all.

Gameplay :

Does not occur in Main Menu.Determines challenge settings on current save file.