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They can't fight but perhaps they can calm.
~ -The Academic

Pets are a new mechanic in Darkest Dungeon 2. They are attached to the Stagecoach and have their own slot, giving various buffs to heroes, Stagecoach equipment and combat.

All Pets unlocked in The Intrepid Coast will appear in the first inn's store for free. Like Trophies and Flames, once it is equipped it cannot be removed.

List of Pets[ | ]

Image Pet Description
Pet wolf
Orphan Wolf Cub
+5% Dd2 token stress RES per Luxury Gear Equipped
+10% Positive Relationship Chance
Pet snake
Pygmy Pliskin
+10% Healing Received per Medical Gear Equipped
Random Hero after each location: Heal 10%
Pet owl
Unnatural Owlet
+5% Debuff dd2 RES Piercing per Tinker's Gear Equipped
Increased chance of producing items from Stagecoach Items
Pet rabbit
Reanimated Rabbit
+1 Icon speed per Food Gear Equipped
+1 Icon HP dd2 per 4 Food in Inventory
Pet slime
Mucilaginous Slime
+5% Debuff dd2 RES per Road Gear Equipped
Increased Chance of Looting Items from Road Debris
Pet shrieker
Shrieker Chick
+2% CRIT per Scouting Gear Equipped
+2 quantity of looted BAUBLES
Pet carrion eater
Larval Carrion Eater
Gain On Killing Blow: Corpse: Heal 30%, Dd2 token block, Dd2 token crit
Pet croc
Hatchling Crocodilian
When Moving: +3% DMG (1 Battle), -1 Icon speed(20%) (1 Battle)
Pet tick
Crimson Tick
Gain On Killing Blow Chance to produce The Blood (8%)
Pet shambler
Shambler's Spawn
Unlocks the potential of Cultist Trinkets
-100% Location & Route Scouting
+200% Oblivion Ingress Scouting

Strategy[ | ]

  • There are a number of ways to mitigate the scouting penalty from the Shambler's Spawn.
    • The Unabridged Edition trophy from the Librarian cancels out the scouting penalty.
    • Certain region goals (e.g. "Avoid the Hospital", or "Clear a Creature Den") will always reveal the node to be visited or avoided.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Many pets in the game are references to the first original game:
    • The Slime and Carrion Eater are monsters from the Weald and the Warrens.
    • The Shrieker is a special boss.
    • The Tick and the Crocodilian are both from The Crimson Court DLC, the latter being a mini boss.
    • The Pliskin is a monster from the Shieldbreaker DLC.
    • The Orphan Wolf Cub may be a reference to Brigand Vvulf , who appears in Wolves at the Door.