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Pillager Crackshot
Pillager Crackshot DD2
Base Stats
Icon HP dd2 MAX HP 13 Icon speed dd2 SPD 4
Bleed dd2 Bleed 20% Stun dd2 Stun 20%
Blight dd2 Blight 10% Move dd2 Move 10%
Burn dd2 Burn 10% Debuff dd2 Debuff 20%
Size Turns per round
1 1

The Pillager Crackshot is a Pillager enemy in Darkest Dungeon II.

Description[ | ]

The Pillager Crackshot is an experienced skirmisher, determined to enrich himself through the liberal expenditure of ammunition.

Combat[ | ]

The Crackshot attacks from a distance, using his arsenal of weapons to deal damage and apply pressure on the heroes. His favored position to be in is rank 4, where he gets access to his stronger abilities.

Skill Name Target Ranks DMG CRIT Self Target
Frantic Retreat Blue circle 34 Yellow circle 1 1-2 5% Move dd2Back 2 -
Blister Shot Blue circle 123 Yellow circle 23 2-5 15% - -
Shell Shock Blue circle lasso 1+2 Yellow circle 4 2-3 10% - • 1 Dd2 token stress (75%)
•Add Dd2 token daze(25%)
Front Mortar Blue circle 4 Yellow circle 4 6-8 5% - • Add Dd2 token stun
Move dd2Back 1

Strategy[ | ]

While being the physically weakest of the Pillagers, the Pillager Crackshot is probably the most dangerous of the lot outside of mini bosses, being able to outplace your frontline while applying Dd2 token stun Stun and inflicting Dd2 token stress Stress on the backline alongside Dd2 token daze Daze. As such, he represents one of the primary target during fights. However his immediate threat is almost nullified when moved to the very frontline, making him an easy target for the hard-hitting heroes on the front.

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