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Pillager Hatchetman
Pillager Hatchetman DD2
Base Stats
Icon HP dd2 MAX HP 15 Icon speed dd2 SPD 2
Bleed dd2 Bleed 30% Stun dd2 Stun 20%
Blight dd2 Blight 10% Move dd2 Move 20%
Burn dd2 Burn 20% Debuff dd2 Debuff 10%
Size Turns per round
1 1

The Pillager Hatchetman is a Pillager enemy in Darkest Dungeon II.

Description[ | ]

A hardened criminal. These merciless marauders ambush travelers on the road, seeking to enrich themselves off of the chaos that surrounds them. They lack the awareness to realize that the gold they covet may not have value for much longer.

Combat[ | ]

The Hatchetman fights using melee attacks, setting up himself or other allied Hatchetmen using his dagger, exposing the heroes to powerful follow-up attack from their signature weapon.

Skill Name Target Ranks DMG CRIT Self Target
Low Blow Blue circle 34 Yellow circle 123 2-4 10% - • 2 Bleed dd2 Bleed
Dd2 token combo (50%)
Finishing Blow Blue circle 34 Yellow circle 12 6-7 10% - Requires target with Dd2 token combo
• 1 Dd2 token stress
• Clears Dd2 token combo
Wild Swing Blue circle 34 Yellow circle 4 2-3 5% • Forward 2 Move dd2 -

Strategy[ | ]

The Pillager Hatchetman is the most common enemy you'll meet when facing Pillagers, and as such he represents a medium threat to your frontline. His Finishing Blow move can be quite dangerous, so being able to remove Dd2 token combo Combo may reduce his damage output. Just like most of the Pillagers, moving him out of place will severly hinder his attacks and cause the same trouble for his team.

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