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It is low indeed, to profit in destruction.
~ The Academic

Pillagers are a type of enemy in Darkest Dungeon II. While they may be encountered in every main Region outside of The Sluice, they do not appear at nodes and instead appear only in road battles. The road obstacles indicating an upcoming Pillager battle take the shape of a wooden barricade marked with flags painted with the Relics Relics symbol.


An upcoming Pillager battle.

List of Pillager Enemies[ | ]

Pillager enemies consist primarily of humans along with their guard dogs and war machines.

Pillager Hatchetman DD2

A Pillager Hatchetman.

Related Quirks[ | ]

Negative quirks dd2Negative Quirks Positive quirks dd2Positive Quirks
Pillager Fearing

Bandits evoke a certain childhood trauma

Combat Start

Pillager: 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)

Pillager Hater Pillager +15% DMG

Gain On Hit:

Dd2 token stress -1 (25%)

Pillager: -20% DMG Taken

Pillager Slayer Pillager: +5% CRIT

Pillager: Ignores +100% Deathsdoor dd2 RES