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Disambig This article is about the hero in Darkest Dungeon II. For other appearances, see Plague Doctor (disambiguation).

Plague Doctor
Pd wiki
Base Stats
Icon HP dd2 MAX HP 28 Icon speed dd2 SPD 4
Bleed dd2 Bleed 30% Stun dd2 Stun 10%
Blight dd2 Blight 40% Move dd2 Move 20%
Burn dd2 Burn 30% Debuff dd2 Debuff 20%
Disease dd2 Disease 40% Deathsdoor dd2 Death Blow 60%
1 forwards, 1 backwards

Plague Doctor
Pd wiki
Base Stats
Icon HP dd2 MAX HP 28 Icon speed dd2 SPD 4
Bleed dd2 Bleed 30% Stun dd2 Stun 10%
Blight dd2 Blight 50% Move dd2 Move 20%
Burn dd2 Burn 40% Debuff dd2 Debuff 20%
Disease dd2 Disease 50% Deathsdoor dd2 Death Blow 75%
1 forwards, 1 backwards

Indiscriminate science stains the surgeon's hands.
~ The Academic

The Plague Doctor is a hero in Darkest Dungeon II.

Class Description[ | ]


Skills[ | ]

The Plague Doctor starts the game equipped with Dd2 ability noxiousblast Noxious Blast, Dd2 ability blindinggas Blinding Gas, Dd2 ability incision Incision, Dd2 ability battlefieldmedicine Battlefield Medicine, and Dd2 ability ounceofprevention Ounce of Prevention. All other skills must be unlocked through the Shrine of Reflection, after which they are permanently unlocked and available for subsequent playthroughs.

Noxious Blast
Dd2 ability noxiousblast Type Rank Target
Dd2 ranged icon Ranged Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleEmpty circle dd2 Blue circleBlue circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2
Damage Crit Target
2-3 5%
30% Blight dd2 RES Piercing when Target Dd2 token combo
Blight dd2 4
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
3-4 5%
30% Blight dd2 RES Piercing when Target Dd2 token combo
Blight dd2 6
Dd2 skill noxious blast



Blinding Gas
Dd2 ability blindinggas Type Rank Target Cooldown
Dd2 ranged icon Ranged Yellow circleYellow circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2 Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Blue circle lassolBlue circle lassor 1
Crit Target
Add Dd2 token blind
Add Dd2 token combo (25%)
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
Add Dd2 token blind, Dd2 token daze
Add Dd2 token combo (33%)
Dd2 skill blinding gas



Dd2 ability incision Type Rank Target
Dd2 melee icon Melee Empty circle dd2Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circle Blue circleBlue circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2
Damage Crit Target
3-6 10%
30% Bleed dd2 RES Piercing when Target Dd2 token combo
Bleed dd2 3
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
4-7 15%
30% Bleed dd2 RES Piercing when Target Dd2 token combo
Bleed dd2 4
Dd2 skill incision



Battlefield Medicine
Dd2 ability battlefieldmedicine Type Rank Target Uses
Dd2 token regen Heal Yellow circleYellow circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2 Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle 3
Heal Target Self
HP Icon HP dd2 < 50%: Heal 20%
Remove Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
HP Icon HP dd2 < 50%: Heal 25%
Remove Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2
Remove Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2
Dd2 skill battlefield medicine



Ounce of Prevention
Dd2 ability ounceofprevention Type Rank Target Cooldown
Dd2 token buff Buff Yellow circleYellow circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2 Yellow circle lasso lYellow circle lasso lrYellow circle lasso lrYellow circle lasso r 3 (Dd2 mastery icon2)
+15% Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2 RES
+15% Disease dd2 RES
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
+25% Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2 RES
+30% Disease dd2 RES
Dd2 skill ounce of prevention



Plague Grenade
Dd2 ability plaguegrenade Type Rank Target
Dd2 ranged icon Ranged Yellow circleYellow circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2 Empty circle dd2Empty circle dd2Blue circle lassolBlue circle lassor
Damage Crit Target
1-2 5%
Blight dd2 3
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
2-3 5%
Blight dd2 4
Dd2 skill plague grenade



Emboldening Vapours
Dd2 ability emboldeningvapours Type Rank Target Cooldown
Dd2 token buff Buff Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle 1 (Dd2 mastery icon0)
Add Dd2 token strength 2
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
Add Dd2 token strength 2, Dd2 token speed
Dd2 skill emboldening vapours



Disorienting Blast
Dd2 ability disorientingblast Type Rank Target
Dd2 ranged icon Ranged Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleEmpty circle dd2 Empty circle dd2Blue circleBlue circleBlue circle
Crit Target
Add Dd2 token daze
Add Dd2 token weak (25%)
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
Add Dd2 token daze
Add Dd2 token weak (25%)
Add Dd2 token stun when Target has Dd2 token combo
Dd2 skill disorienting blast



Indiscriminate Science
Dd2 ability indiscriminatescience Type Rank Target Cooldown
Dd2 token regen Heal Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleEmpty circle dd2 Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle 1
Heal Target
Requires Target HP Icon HP dd2 < 50%
Heal 10%
+10% Healed per Positive Token
Remove All Positive Tokens
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
Requires Target HP Icon HP dd2 < 50%
Heal 10%
+10% Healed per Positive Token
+5% Healed per Negative Token
Remove All Positive Tokens
Remove All Negative Tokens
Dd2 skill indiscriminate science



Cause of Death
Dd2 ability causeofdeath Type Rank Target Cooldown
Dd2 melee icon Melee Empty circle dd2Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circle Blue circleBlue circleBlue circleEmpty circle dd2 2
Damage Target
Deals 75% of remaining Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2 on Target as DMG
Removes Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
Add Dd2 token combo
Deals 100% of remaining Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2 on Target as DMG
Removes Bleed dd2Blight dd2Burn dd2
Ignores all damage multipliers from quirks, tokens, items, critical hits, and so on.


Magnesium Rain
Dd2 ability magnesiumrain Type Rank Target Cooldown
Dd2 ranged icon Ranged Yellow circleYellow circleEmpty circle dd2Empty circle dd2 Blue circle lassolBlue circle lasso lrBlue circle lasso lrBlue circle lassor 2
Burn dd2 2
Clear Corpse
Dd2 mastery icon Upgraded
Burn dd2 3
Clear Corpse
Corpses are cleared even if the Plague Doctor misses.
Dd2 skill magnesium rain



Act-Out Attack
Dd2 ability pd actout Type Rank Target
Dd2 melee icon Melee Yellow circleYellow circleYellow circleYellow circle Blue circleBlue circleBlue circleBlue circle
Damage Crit Target
3-6 5%
Blight dd2 2
May occur when this and another hero have a Respectful relationship.

Unique Trinkets[ | ]

🔸Each Hero has their own 3 unique Trinkets, exclusive only to them.

Image Trinket Description
Annotated Textbook
Annotated Textbook
65 Baubles
Melee Skills: +10% CRIT
If Medicinal Herbs is Equipped: +50% Healing Given
Turn Start: If First in Turn Order: Dd2 token vulnerable
Early Experiment
Early Experiment
65 Baubles
If Noxious Item is Equipped: +2 Blight dd2 Dealt
Apply on Hit Disorienting Blast Skill: Blight dd2 2 (50%)
Incision Skill: -100% Bleed dd2 Dealt
Storage Room Key
Storage Room Key
65 Baubles
Target: Ounce of Prevention Skill: Dd2 token block
Target: Emboldening Vapours Skill: Dd2 token regen 2
Battlefield Medicine Skill: -50% Healing Given

Signature Inn Item[ | ]

Signature items is a group of inn items unlockable in The Altar of Hope. They serve as the final reward for upgrading your heroes.

Experimental remedy
Experimental Remedy
"Just a little something I've been working on."

Plague Doctor
Chance of:
Heal 100% (50%)
Remove Disease dd2 (25%)
Remove Negative Quirk (25%)

Fret not - these always fizz!

You may feel a slight tingling...!
No, it hasn't gone off. That's the sulfur.

Hero Paths[ | ]

🔸 All Heroes Start The Game with No Hero Path. Each Hero has access to 3 unique Paths available only to them once they Invest into The Living City.

  • (Note: Hero Paths are planned to be changed to skill changes instead of stat changes in future updates.)
Unique Plague Doctor Paths
Dd2 path surgeon Surgeon

"Suture or sever? Both have their uses..."
Dd2 path alchemist Alchemist

"A fascinating reaction..."
Dd2 path physician Physician

"Let me prescribe a more ...holistic regimen."
+25% Max Icon HP dd2
Melee Skills: +50% DMG
Healing Skills: +33% Healing Given
-33% Blight dd2 Chance
-20% Max Icon HP dd2
+33% Blight dd2 Chance
Blight-causing skills: +10% CRIT
+50% Stun dd2 RES
+20% Blight dd2 RES
+20% Bleed dd2 RES
+20% Burn dd2 RES
+33% Debuff dd2 RES
Blight Skills: -2 Blight dd2 Dealt
Bleed Skills: -2 Bleed dd2 Dealt
Disorienting Blast Skills: +20% Stun dd2 Chance
Ounce of Prevention Skills: +15% Dd2 token stress RES
Emboldening Vapours Skills: Dd2 token strength
Disorienting Blast Skills: Dd2 token vulnerable

Hero Overview[ | ]

Characteristics Strengths Weaknesses Roles
  • Can Attack Any Rank
  • High DOTs, Access to All DOT Types
  • Strong Heals and DOT Removal
  • Remove Negative Tokens
  • Resistance Dd2 token buffBuffs
  • Can Clear Corpse
  • Low Icon HP dd2 HP
  • Lack of Defense
  • Remove Positive Tokens
  • Ineffective on Front Ranks
  • Most damage rely on DOTs
  • Healer Icon HP dd2 HP, Bleed dd2, Blight dd2, Burn dd2
  • Support Dd2 token buffBuffs, Positive Tokens,
  • Damage Dealer Blight dd2, Burn dd2, Bleed dd2
Tokens Apply Remove Ignore
  • Self and Allies: Dd2 token strength 2, Dd2 token speed
  • Enemy: Dd2 token blind, Dd2 token weak, Dd2 token daze, Dd2 token stun, Dd2 token combo
  • Self and Allies: All Positive and Negative Tokens
Resistances Strong (40% or higher) Average (30%) Weak (20% or lower)
  • Blight dd2 Blight, Burn dd2 Burn , Disease dd2 Disease
  • Bleed dd2 Bleed
  • Dd2 token stun Stun, Move dd2 Move, Debuff dd2 Debuff
Dd2 token buff Buffs Self Group
  • Dd2 ability ounceofprevention +15% - 25% Bleed dd2 , Blight dd2, Burn dd2, Disease dd2 RES
  • Dd2 ability ounceofprevention +15% - 25% Bleed dd2 , Blight dd2, Burn dd2, Disease dd2 RES
Debuff dd2 Debuffs Enemy
Recommended Ranks Yellow dotYellow dotGrey dotGrey dot (access to all support, healing skills, and offensive skills; Dd2 ability incision Incision and Dd2 ability causeofdeath Cause of Death usable on Rank 3)
Discouraged Ranks Grey dotGrey dotYellow dotYellow dot (prone to damage; no access to various offensive, support, and healing skills: Dd2 ability plaguegrenade Plague Grenade, Dd2 ability ounceofprevention Ounce of Prevention, Dd2 ability battlefieldmedicine Battlefield Medicine, etc.)

Strategy[ | ]

Portrait progression plaguedoctor

🔸The Plague Doctor is a reliable healer and supportive-damage dealer, with utility, diversity, and usefulness with her skills. The Plague Doctor is capable of dealing a surprisingly massive amount of Blight dd2Blight damage, with some respectable Direct and Bleed dd2Bleed damage. Due to her lack of defensive skills and low-HPIcon HP dd2. The Plague Doctor is best utilized in the back Ranks, where she has access to most of her skills, and avoids harm from the dangerous front Ranks.


  • Dd2 ability noxiousblast Noxious Blast is capable to inflict high Blight Blight dd2 damage to a single front-Rank enemies. The DOT damage ignores Block tokens which makes this skill perfect for dealing with the front-ranks where Dd2 token block Block tends to be.
  • Dd2 ability plaguegrenade Plague Grenade inflicts respectable Blight Blight dd2 damage to the Back-Ranks (3 and 4 positions), enemies in this positions tend to have Low Max Icon HP dd2 so this will quickly mow-down enemies with relative ease.
  • Dd2 ability incision Incision a very reliable attack with average physical damage and high Bleed dd2 bleed, for when Blight Blight dd2 damage is ineffective; Like in the Foetor, where enemies have high Blight dd2RES)
  • Dd2 ability causeofdeath Cause of Death turns most (or all) of the DOT accumulated on a target into instant physical damage. Paired with other DOT heroes ( Examples:Portraits-runawayRunaway, Portraits-occultistOccultist ) Cause of Death is capable to be the most lethal Plague Doctor skill. It ignores Dd2 token strength 2 and Dd2 token critbut also Ignores Dd2 token block from enemies which gives this skill a huge damage potential.
  • Dd2 ability blindinggas Blinding Gas can inflict multiple Dd2 token blind Blind and Dd2 token combo to the back ranks, mitigating the amount of damage your party receives.
  • Dd2 ability ounceofprevention Ounce of Prevention helps the Plague Doctor and her allies withstand All type of DOTS Bleed dd2, Blight dd2, Burn dd2 while also buffing Disease dd2 RES, perfect for heavy dot and disease dot encounters like The Creature Den and The Foetor. It is a good idea to equip this skill when you are going to face those enemies.
  • Dd2 ability battlefieldmedicine Battlefield Medicine can be used to heal allies that are on low Icon HP dd2HP, Deathsdoor dd2Death's Door or are suffering from DOTS Bleed dd2, Blight dd2, Burn dd2 effects. When upgraded it will heal the DOTs from Plague Doctor as well. However, this skill will not be reliable for drawn-out battles, especially boss battles, due to its limited use (3 for each battle).
  • Dd2 ability indiscriminatescience Indiscriminate Science does not have a limit on use and offers a much greater healing potential at the expense of losing Positive and Negative Tokens. To get a solid heal, the skill should be used on Heroes that hold or can apply a large number of Positive Tokens on themselves.( Example:Portraits-highwaymanHighwayman , Portraits-graverobberGraverobber )
  • Dd2 ability disorientingblast Disorienting Blast can displace a back-Rank target, bring it to a more vulnerable position or Shuffle a front - Rank target where is less effective. The skill also applies Dd2 token daze Daze so that other Heroes can gain the upper hand. If the enemy already has Dd2 token daze Daze or Dd2 token comboCombo the skill will Dd2 token stun instead.
  • Dd2 ability emboldeningvapours Emboldening Vapours applies Dd2 token strength 2 Strength and Dd2 token speed Speed on allies, consider pair it with heroes that benefits the most Example:Portraits-highwaymanHighwayman,Portraits-leperLeper)
  • Dd2 ability magnesiumrain Magnesium Rain can quickly remove Dd2 token dodge Dodge from enemies and clear Corpses allowing her team to deal with out-of-reach threats. Due to its mechanic of clearing all Corpses at same time, is particularly helpful against Plague Eaters in Foetor region or Creature Den monsters, as these enemies can consume their allies' corpses to gain huge advantages for themselves, such as healing and access to dangerous skills.

Shrine of Reflection[ | ]

DD2PlagueDoctorPortraitCropped- Feather edge

🔸The Plague Doctor gains access to 6 skills over 5 Chapters through accessing memories in the Shrine of Reflection.

Barks[ | ]

Landing a CRIT[ | ]

  • Look how they wither and die!
  • One more cadaver for the cart.
  • Become as dust!
  • Excise the tumor!
  • I'll keep this bit for later!
  • Bones break and flesh tears!
  • Such an intriguing shade, their blood...
  • They are flesh like any other beast!

Stalling[ | ]

  • We push ourselves toward exhaustion - why?
  • Has fatigue come to claim us so soon...?

Bleed[ | ]

  • Quickly - that struck a vein!
  • I require a compress!

Blight[ | ]

  • Surely we can find a counteragent!
  • A mithridate! For my agonies!

Burn[ | ]

  • I require time to prepare a liniment!

Horror[ | ]

  • N-no...! This must be some hallucination!
  • Wh-what comes after death is worse...

Stress[ | ]

  • There are other, braver healers...
  • *whispers* Taint their water! They'll never know!

Entering Death's Door[ | ]

  • All flesh fails, in the fullness of time.

Ally On Death's Door[ | ]

  • Persevere! I am coming!
  • Don't die! I have a method to test!

Surviving Hit on Death's Door[ | ]

  • Adrenaline is a marvel...
  • I have conquered death once before!

Ally Surviving Hit on Death's Door[ | ]

  • If you survive this, I can mend you!

Hit by CRIT[ | ]

  • I am unsure if I could withstand another!

Ally Hit by CRIT[ | ]

  • You are not beyond healing!

Pushed by Enemy[ | ]

  • Preternatural strength!

Resolute[ | ]

  • You would presume to break I who bested death?!

Meltdown[ | ]

  • What good is dominion over death?! Worse awaits me!

Fog Appears (Shroud)(Generic)[ | ]

  • This foul mist grows thicker!
  • The air stagnates...
  • Damn this fog!
  • Insufferable fog!
  • I hear them moving in the fog...
  • This fret assaults my eyes!
  • Stay close, lest they pick us off!
  • Be wary, they stalk us from the fog!
  • Malign currents on the wind...
  • This is no common storm...
  • We grow vulnerable to ambush...!
  • This fog veils some treachery, no doubt.
  • I've lost sight of them!
  • What trickery, this mist?
  • Illusion and deceit, this weather!

Fog Fades (Shroud)(Generic)[ | ]

  • Strike now, the fog abates!
  • The air clears...
  • At long last, a breeze!
  • The air stirs!
  • Their trickery falters!
  • Our foes once more in sight!
  • A break in the weather!
  • Their cover lifts!
  • Mind our flanks! The fog lifts!
  • I see the fiends! Press hard!
  • The wind shifts in our favour!
  • Begone, unearthly mist!
  • Now, while our blades strike true!
  • Lo, the enemy! Press them!
  • Regroup, the fog is lifting!

Repairing Coach[ | ]

  • TBA

Don't Leave Me[ | ]

  • TBA

Stress Heal Ally[ | ]

  • Steady those hands. We shall win this.
  • Steady there. You've got this!

Buffing Ally[ | ]

  • Here, try this...

Heal Ally[ | ]

  • Hard to tend your own wounds. Let me.

Combo Attack[ | ]

  • Drive them back!

Retaliation[ | ]

  • We'll make them regret that!

Guarding an Ally[ | ]

  • Catch your breath. I'm here.

Skill Praise[ | ]

  • Precisely like that!

Attack Praise[ | ]

  • Yes! Relentless!


Stress Heal Partner - Hopeful[ | ]

  • All is not lost.
  • Together we can push through this.

Buff Partner - Hopeful[ | ]

  • I trust you'll use it wisely.

Skill Praise Partner - Hopeful[ | ]

  • See? Few more of those...

Attack Praise Partner - Hopeful[ | ]

  • They'll soon wish they'd fled!


Heal Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • Not you. Not now. Not yet.

Guarding Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • I'd suffer worse for you.

Stress Heal Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • One night together while the world burns - what do you say?

Skill Praise Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • I hope there's more where that came from...

Attack Praise Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • Damn - look at you. Incredible.


Combo Attack - Respectful[ | ]

  • That is how it's done!

Retaliation - Respectful[ | ]

  • Not on my watch!

Stress Heal Partner - Respectful[ | ]

  • If anyone can lead us through this, it's you.

Skill Praise Partner - Respectful[ | ]

  • Never a doubt in my mind.

Attack Praise Partner - Respectful[ | ]

  • I knew I could rely upon you!

Stress Healing Ally[ | ]

  • Trust in our methods! In one another!
  • I know your limits! You are not there yet!

Buffing Ally[ | ]

  • Have a whiff of these vapours...

Healing Ally[ | ]

  • This should work...

Combo Attack[ | ]

  • Their formations are nothing before our cleverness!

Retaliation[ | ]

  • Seems only proper!

Protection[ | ]

  • Perhaps a diversion is in order...

Skill Praise[ | ]

  • Exactly what I myself would have done!

Attack Praise[ | ]

  • Exquisite, how you find their weak points!


Stress Healing Partner - Hopeful[ | ]

  • No wounds exist which can't be mended!
  • We'll need you when we begin to rebuild.

Buffing Partner - Hopeful[ | ]

  • Our coadjuvancy - their downfall!

Skill Praise Partner - Hopeful[ | ]

  • Gods, we might actually win this.

Attack Praise Partner - Hopeful[ | ]

  • No fiend is a match for you!


Healing Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • At my side, you shall forever defy death!

Guarding Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • Your safety is paramount!

Stress Healing Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • Allow me to care for you - please.

Skill Praise Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • Your cleverness rivals even my own!

Attack Praise Partner - Amorous[ | ]

  • How cleverly you scheme!


Combo Attack - Respectful[ | ]

  • Let us end these aberrations!

Retaliation - Respectful[ | ]

  • You're too useful to lose to these vermin!

Stress Healing Partner - Respectful[ | ]

  • You give so much - don't think it unnoticed!

Skill Praise Partner - Respectful[ | ]

  • I regret ever doubting you...

Attack Praise Partner - Respectful[ | ]

  • Give THEM nightmares about US!

Stress Damaging Ally[ | ]

  • Unthinking, ill-disciplined...!

Skill Insult[ | ]

  • Wasted effort, that.

Attack Insult[ | ]

  • What were you thinking?!


Stress Damaging Partner - Suspicious[ | ]

  • You're watching me closer than the enemy...

Skill Insult Partner - Suspicious[ | ]

  • You cling to the shadows - why?

Attack Insult Partner - Suspicious[ | ]

  • You're stalling your blows!


Stress Damaging Partner - Envious[ | ]

  • You have no idea how lucky you have it.

Skill Insult Partner - Envious[ | ]

  • When I've needed you, nothing!

Attack Insult Partner - Envious[ | ]

  • Just wait 'til your luck runs out.


Stress Damaging Partner - Resentful[ | ]

  • And we're supposed to trust your genius?

Skill Insult Partner - Resentful[ | ]

  • Our odds look grim...

Attack Insult Partner - Resentful[ | ]

  • Spare me the excuses.
  • Up to your usual tricks.
  • Another rare misstep, I'm sure.


Attacking Partner - Hateful[ | ]

  • You're gambling with our fates!
  • Suffer.

Stress Damaging Partner - Hateful[ | ]

  • Go on, walk us right into their jaws, then.

Skill Insult Partner - Hateful[ | ]

  • May you fall before I do.
  • Wastrel!
  • I'd almost think you drunk!

Attack Insult Partner - Hateful[ | ]

  • Blast it, you're not helping!
  • Shape up or step aside!
  • Do you wish us dead?!

Stress Damaging Ally - Generic[ | ]

  • Failing grade for you, imbecile!

Skill Insult - Generic[ | ]

  • Are my talents not enough?!

Attack Insult - Generic[ | ]

  • Stop and think next time!


Stress Damaging Partner - Suspicious[ | ]

  • You concoct a betrayal, I know it.

Skill Insult Partner - Suspicious[ | ]

  • Explain yourself!

Attack Insult Partner - Suspicious[ | ]

  • Willful ignorance, perhaps?


Stress Damaging Partner - Envious[ | ]

  • I worked myself to the bone for what I have!

Skill Insult Partner - Envious[ | ]

  • Think me undeserving, do you?!

Attack Insult Partner - Envious[ | ]

  • You have my thanks but not my respect.


Stress Damaging Partner - Resentful[ | ]

  • Be quiet, learned experts are talking.

Skill Insult Partner - Resentful[ | ]

  • I met fools like you in my studies...

Attack Insult Partner - Resentful[ | ]

  • Shoo! You have no business here!


Attacking Partner - Hateful[ | ]

  • I've better things to do than supervise you!

Stress Damaging Partner - Hateful[ | ]

  • You'd be more use to me as a cadaver.

Skill Insult Partner - Hateful[ | ]

  • Dilute us with your presence no longer!

Attack Insult Partner - Hateful[ | ]

  • I blight you! I damn you! Leave us!

Buffing an Ally[ | ]

  • This might be of some help!
  • Let me lend a hand.

Guarding an Ally[ | ]

  • Behind me!
  • I'll draw them over!
  • They won't get past me!
  • It isn't your time, not yet.
  • Hold fast!
  • Fear them not while I yet stand!
  • Tend to your wounds. I'll hold them off!

Adding Token[ | ]

  • Perhaps you've got an angle I do not.
  • For you, friend!
  • Make use of this!

Follow Up Attack[ | ]

  • We're beating them back!
  • As one!

Follow Up on Enemy with Combo[ | ]

  • They underestimate us!
  • We shall be their undoing!

Follow Up on Crit Enemy[ | ]

  • Few more like that and they're done for!
  • Hah!

Follow Up on Debuffed Enemy[ | ]

  • They'll be scared of US soon!
  • Cut them down to size!

Healing an Ally[ | ]

  • Back in the fray with you!
  • You'll survive this!
  • Surrender not!
  • Not if I have a say in it!
  • You're still in this fight, friend!
  • That one looks deep.

Retaliation[ | ]

  • You aren't so bad.
  • Much appreciated, friend.
  • They'll be sorry!
  • Before it can call any allies!

Moving Positions - Positive[ | ]

  • This way to victory!
  • Pardon, friend.

Removing DoT[ | ]

  • For your agonies.
  • That looks sore.
  • Wither not!
  • Return to us!
  • Clamber back from the precipice!
  • No! I will not allow this!
  • The pain persists, but you'll live!

Stress Healing[ | ]

  • There will be time for grief later.
  • You cannot afford to dwell on this!
  • Breathe in. Focus.
  • Steel your mind. The battle is not yet over.
  • All is not lost.
  • We need you!

Jealous of Buff[ | ]

  • Forgotten in my hour of need.
  • Clearly I've no part in your plan.

Jealous of Guarded Ally[ | ]

  • I see that I must get by without your help.
  • You see me suffer and do nothing...!
  • I sit on the brink - and for what?
  • If this be the end, you'll regret it.

Jealous of Token[ | ]

  • Am I of no use...?
  • All this talk of teamwork...
  • Forgot about me?
  • Overlooked once again.

Jealous of Healing[ | ]

  • And what of my needs?
  • Are my wounds not enough?
  • Do you not see the bloodstains?!
  • How dare you!
  • Have I failed you somehow?
  • Alone at the end...

Moving Positions - Negative[ | ]

  • You trample in the line of fire!
  • Pardon me?

Jealous of DoT Removal[ | ]

  • That ought to have been mine!
  • My trusted ally, indeed...
  • As I waste away...!
  • Showing your true colours, there.
  • While I breathe my last...?
  • Here I suffer, unaided...

Buffing an Ally[ | ]

  • Sniff this - to balance the humours!

Guarding an Ally[ | ]

  • Stand back! I'm testing a method...!
  • Bodies can be mended!
  • Wounded, yes, but breathing!

Adding Token[ | ]

  • Allow me to fortify your constitution!

Follow Up Attack[ | ]

  • A synchronized dissection!

Follow Up on Enemy with Combo[ | ]

  • We weary them!

Follow Up on Crit Enemy[ | ]

  • Masterful!

Follow Up on Debuffed Enemy[ | ]

  • They are enfeebled! Now!

Healing an Ally[ | ]

  • Cease your wriggling and let me work!
  • I conquered death once - I can do so again!
  • None better for your wounds than I!

Retaliation[ | ]

  • Skill and coordination!
  • You'd do that for me...?

Moving Positions - Positive[ | ]

  • I have an idea!

Removing DoTs[ | ]

  • I'm sure I have an ampoule for that...
  • Move not an inch! I'm working!
  • We caught this in time. Here!

Stress Healing[ | ]

  • Verdure and vigour!
  • We will cure this world.

Jealous of Buff[ | ]

  • By my calculations, you misjudged that.

Jealous of Guarded Ally[ | ]

  • Inefficient!
  • If I bleed out, who will staunch your wounds?

Jealous of Token[ | ]

  • Reckless!

Jealous of Healing[ | ]

  • You leave your own medic to suffer!
  • Your eyes must be afflicted!
  • A poor distribution of aid!

Moving Positions - Negative[ | ]

  • What is the meaning of this?!

Jealous of DoT Removal[ | ]

  • Cease these nonsense speculations!
  • You FOOL!
  • You'll be sorry when I'm gone!

Armor Repair Kit[ | ]

  • Hmm. This design - perhaps I could improve its efficacy.

Blasphemous Idol[ | ]

  • I've my doubts. But even doubt should be tested!

Book of Bawdy Tales[ | ]

  • I require this for an... experiment.

BOOK: My time in the Desert[ | ]

  • I have much to learn about the drier climes!

Book of Creative Insults[ | ]

  • I know 'I' cannot think when so enraged...!

Poetry[ | ]

  • I am unsure I grasp the intended meaning.

Boxing Gloves[ | ]

  • Each round, I survive marginally longer...!

Calming Incense[ | ]

  • Strange, the effect vapours can have on anatomy.

Candles and Chocolate[ | ]

  • Your pulse is racing. This warrants investigation.

Clarifying Poultice[ | ]

  • Helps stabilize the humours!

Clotting Poultice[ | ]

  • To arrest unnecessary exsanguination!

Dartboard[ | ]

  • Juvenile pastimes do lighten the mood so!

Ceremonial Drum[ | ]

  • Practicing mobility to stand firm, how curious.

Slime Mold[ | ]

  • Efficacious but troubling nonetheless.
  • (If full) - I've no need for another sample

Stale Bread[ | ]

  • Somewhat desiccated but no signs of fungal growth.
  • (If full) - Yeast and wheat - marvelous chemistry.

Apple and Cheese[ | ]

  • That crisp crunch! It's been a long time...
  • (If full) - A fine treat, but I am sated.

Steak and Spuds[ | ]

  • Rich! Fatty! Stimulates the metabolism!
  • (If full) - My last meal was fuel enough.

Flapjacks[ | ]

  • Baking is akin to alchemy. You're a promising student.
  • (If full) - I couldn't, not one more bite!

Holy Beads[ | ]

  • I understand not how they work, yet they do.

Impermeable Poultice[ | ]

  • Not as potent as my formula, but it should draw out impurities.

Leeches[ | ]

  • I recognize this species! Adequate at best.

Meditative Totem[ | ]

  • Occupies the hands while the mind contemplates.

Mop and Bucket[ | ]

  • A clean laboratory produces consistent results.

Nightshade Concoction[ | ]

  • Perhaps its properties can be isolated...

Orbitoclast[ | ]

  • The past is irrelevant. Excise what you must.

Pipeweed[ | ]

  • *cough* Ghaack...! *wheeze*

Playing Cards[ | ]

  • One... Three... Seven... which means the odds are--what!

Restorative Herbs[ | ]

  • Unproven, yet worthy of deeper study.

Roast Pig[ | ]

  • This has rendered me speechless!
  • (If full) - I feel strangely content - best not push it.

Songbook of Amorous Ballads[ | ]

  • Heated reagants... undocumented results... so far.

Songbook of Touching Dirges[ | ]

  • A body is merely inert tissue. But if mourning helps...

Songbook of Rousing Tunes[ | ]

  • One to rile the humours!

Soothing Poultice[ | ]

  • You'll be grateful for this recipe later!

Speed Bag[ | ]

  • No powders, no dust, I swear on my oath.

Invigorating Stew[ | ]

  • It has been boiled at length - 'probably' safe.
  • (If full) - My appetite wanes of late. Pass.

Stimulating Poultice[ | ]

  • An accelerant for the blood!

Stitching Kit[ | ]

  • Hmph! My own hand is steadier.

The Wine[ | ]

  • Hmph. Well. Fine. Burns less than the other stuff.

Tinned Delicacies[ | ]

  • These preservatives, these salts - a marvel!
  • (If full) - The powders! They suppress my appetite!

Knotted Tug Rope[ | ]

  • I will ensure that the weight is distributed evenly!

Wax Inoculant[ | ]

  • At long last, modern techniques!

Whetstone[ | ]

  • My instruments require precise edges.

Whiskey Barrel[ | ]

  • There's more to life than treatises and texts!

Whiskey Bottle[ | ]

  • You could clean wounds with this!

Whiskey Flask[ | ]

  • Isn't this a disinfectant?

Whittling Tools[ | ]

  • Now, to craft something useful...!

Wild Tea[ | ]

  • I used this to enhance my memory while studying.

Morbid Joke[ | ]

  • Ehm. Was that the punchline?

Improvised Strategy[ | ]

  • Riveting! I follow your logic.

Experimental Remedy[ | ]

  • Fret not - these always fizz!
  • No, it hasn't gone off. That's the sulfur.
  • You may feel a slight tingling...!

Oddly-Tuned Lute[ | ]

  • Facinating! My boots tap of its own accord!

Precious Collection[ | ]

  • These seem inert. What do they... do?

Guided Meditation[ | ]

  • I remain skeptical. However...

Holy Hymnal[ | ]

  • My, the nun has a robust set of lungs.

Pain Box[ | ]

  • Its mechanisms are hidden, yet its effect undeniable.

Shrine 1[ | ]

  • The jeers, the whispers... they pushed me deep into my studies.

Shrine 2[ | ]

  • I was the smartest, but wisdom was not on the syllabus.

Shrine 3[ | ]

  • Ostracized, I had to prove myself, no matter the cost.

Shrine 4[ | ]

  • I could not say if it was madness, revenge, or naked ambition.

Shrine 5[ | ]

  • Those screams will never leave me.

Shrine 6[ | ]

  • My scaple is sharp. My purpose, even moreso.

Leaving the Crossroads[ | ]

  • You will all come to rely on me. I'm sure of it.
  • I wonder... which of you shall be the first casualty?

Crossing Valley Bridge[ | ]

  • The great experiment begins...
  • Time to put my learnings to practice.

Region Gate[ | ]

  • We are committed! Stay the course!
  • We must study this world's unmaking...

Oasis[ | ]

  • Cleanliness balances the humours!
  • Did... did you hear that? Fill our skins and go!
  • Some for our gullets, some for ablutions.
  • I've far more important matters to attend. (Avoid)

Exiting Oasis[ | ]

  • Refreshed, revitalized, ready.
  • Have my robes always smelt of Javel water?

Creature Den[ | ]

  • Fascinating mutations! Take me closer!
  • Fear not! I have tinctures for such bites.

Exiting Creature Den[ | ]

  • See here, I was able to sample some ichors...

Chirurgeon's Table[ | ]

  • Leeches? Of a subspecies I don't recognize?! (Fight)
  • And resign ourselves to fighting in the dark?! (Avoid, lose Flame)

Resistance Encounter[ | ]

  • New vials to test on unwilling subjects! (Fight)
  • We face them... or we freeze! (Fight)
  • My pathogens will assure us an advantage! (Fight, DoT debuff enemies)
  • How fragile they appear before our solidarity! (Fight, Vulnerable enemies)
  • I haven't had time to prepare my kit! (Avoid, lose Flame)
  • My concoctions are useless against these fiends!

Oblivion's Ingress[ | ]

  • We came here willingly - let us begin. (Fight)

Exiting Oblivion's Ingress/Rampart[ | ]

  • Intriguing specimens, but better off dead!
  • Precision! Poise! A successful operation!

Assistance Encounter[ | ]

  • I took an oath, however oft it slips my mind.
  • We must see if the corruption is spreading! Let me inspect them.
  • Hmph. Beats another supper of slime mold.
  • Tinctures? Powders? Shall we swap?
  • Their stores might hold rarities we lack. (Flame, Inn Items)
  • Yes. Let them work the coach. I shall supervise!
  • These wretched wheels! Pity's sake, fix them!
  • What grows out here? Can you tell us? (Flame, Scouting)
  • Hrm! I hear one coughing. This way, whelp!
  • Humans tend to exude positive airs in brighter climes.
  • Great fires require very little fuel to start.
  • Their wagon is in disrepair - we've the know-how! (Repairs, lose Flame)
  • Always a humerus in need of splinting...
  • Currency will be rendered useless if we fail!
  • What good are baubles if we bleed out?
  • I only require enough silver for my alchemies.
  • Many of my most beloved cadavers were donations.
  • Fewer relics, more room for specimens.
  • No laws govern us but the law of force!
  • We have need of your wealth! No questions!
  • My studies do not spare me the luxury of time. (Avoid)
  • All I have learned was so that I might give aid.
  • This knife could reach your kidneys. Hand it over.
  • I must melt these down! It's important work!'

Exiting Assistance Encounter[ | ]

  • They survive despite abhorrent conditions - fascinating.
  • Human resilience is truly a marvel.

Exiting Hospital[ | ]

  • I suppose one sometimes needs a second opinion.
  • I mean, really, it's nothing I couldn't have done!

Exiting Hoarder[ | ]

  • I suppose some of his wares held interest...
  • Did you hear him mumbling? Truly mad, that one.

Exiting Watchtower[ | ]

  • The land aches, livid with pestilence!
  • Are we all that remains?

Academic's Study[ | ]

  • These markings - diagrams, surely! But what for...? (Shambler's Altar, Fight)
  • Are these the rumoured psychoacoustics? Impossible... (Scary Song, pos Quirk)
  • Does anyone else smell seaweed...? (Memories of a Dream, pos Quirk & stress/stress heal)
  • I require very little to enjoy the effects. (Vintage Collection, Combat Items)
  • Curious! What a fantastical representation of the body! (Statue, Combat Items)

Exiting Academic's Study[ | ]

  • The ravings of a mind poisoned by the occult!
  • Superstition has no place in science.

Tangle Lair Success[ | ]

  • What a strange new process of decay that was!

Tangle Lair Retreat[ | ]

  • They defy science. They should not BE!

Foetor Lair Success[ | ]

  • I wonder what mother could birth such a curiosity.

Foetor Lair Retreat[ | ]

  • How long can a stomach go empty? I'll investigate.

Sprawl Lair Success[ | ]

  • I wonder at the formula for their accelerants...

Sprawl Lair Retreat[ | ]

  • Man's great scholarly works in ashes! Fools! FOOLS!

Shroud Lair Success[ | ]

  • Did you spy its ocular membranes? Curious...

Shroud Lair Retreat[ | ]

  • Overpowering, mouldering corruption!

Exiting Academic's Cache[ | ]

  • Fortuitous! Some of my powders were dwindling...
  • Well stocked and ready for triage!

Safe[ | ]

  • At last, a moment to think.
  • Meddle not! I am working!
  • Aha, I can keep watch this stretch!
  • Such mutations in the plant life!

Rough Patch[ | ]

  • My vials - my samples!
  • Be more careful, damn you!
  • Are we lost?!
  • We roam pointlessly into potholes!

Hazard[ | ]

  • Tell me it's not corrosive!
  • Not again!
  • Are we even attempting to avoid these?!
  • Blast it!

Combat[ | ]

  • An ambush!
  • *gasp*
  • Make them regret this!
  • We are no merchants, imbeciles!

Oblivion Tear[ | ]

  • I-it doesn't make sense... nothing makes sense!
  • Th-that wailing! Stop it, professor!
  • Avert your eyes from the windows!
  • Mocking laughter, even now...!

Librarian[ | ]

  • Don't let him destroy the stack!
  • All that knowledge...lost!
  • He consumes the foundations of civilized existence itself!
  • Survivors will need these volumes to rebuild!
  • Wave that fire elsewhere, fiend!
  • We have to distract him!
  • Draw him this way!
  • Tarry not! The flames are spreading!
  • Years of work, all up in flames!
  • There's knowledge in here that can't be replaced!
  • These works are invaluable!
  • This place is a tinderbox!
  • I can scarcely see a thing through the smoke!

Harvest Child[ | ]

  • That smell is making me famished!
  • What smells so delicious?!
  • I must taste of it!
  • Out of the way, I am starving!
  • Move, cretin! I must taste it!
  • Flavour unmatched by any I've known!
  • Otherworldly delights...
  • Mmmmmm....
  • I would kill for another taste...
  • Just one more bite, I beg of you...

Dreaming General[ | ]

  • ...impossible orders... have we been abandoned?
  • ...death marching into the leering treeline...
  • ...curses uttered from sylvan shadows...
  • ...to sleep peacefully on pillows of moss and bone...
  • ...they'lll wash me off the road with buckets...
  • ...a brook that babbles the names of the dead...
  • ...torches sputtering in the rain...
  • ...all is mud... no tracks back to camp...
  • ...my eyes grow heavy... my boots leaden...
  • ...so vast the heavens, so choked with cloud...
  • ...keep close, they surround us in the mist...
  • ...the bracken resculpts itself around us...

Focused Fault[ | ]

  • I-it’s looking right into me!
  • N-no, not me!
  • Blast! It's spotted me!
  • It's got me in its sights!
  • There's no hiding now!
  • Damn! It has certainly seen me!
  • More eye... nnng... more... ideas.
  • I cannot bear it!
  • I feel it gazing beneath my skin...
  • It sees all I've tried to hide!
  • Such awful sights...!
  • I have seen what agonies await!
  • It compels me to look! LOOK!
  • It's true, then! I wasn't ready!
  • Horrid, unblinking...!
  • It stares through me! It knows!
  • There is no future for wretches like us...
  • How foolish you all were, trusting in me...
  • It destroys that which has drawn its eye!
  • It fixates on that which it can see!
  • It destroys that which has drawn its eye!
  • No! Not again! Please!
  • H-help! It has noticed me anew!
  • It turns its glare upon me!
  • I feel the weight of its judgment...
  • Its stare fills the heavens!
  • I have escaped its notice!
  • I am spared its terrible gaze!
  • It has seen me not!
  • I bear not the weight of its stare!
  • Will it stare down someone else now...?
  • It returns, but its gaze is elsewhere!
  • Hold fast and hope you aren't seen!
  • This isn't working!
  • The horrible things merely blink back open!
  • They won't stay dead...!

Librarian[ | ]

  • Gods, no! Our knowledge of aqueduct engineering!

Harvest Child[ | ]

  • My metabolism quickens! I need it! (Move due to debuff)
  • Sustenance!
  • I require nourishment! (Ally ate meat)

Focused Fault[ | ]

  • Unblinking! All-seeing!
  • Vex me not with your scrutiny!
  • How could the others possibly trust my methods?!

Body Of Work - Face Your Failure[ | ]

  • We move beyond the realm of theory.
  • What mystery awaits me...?
  • I should never have meddled...
  • I was a fool, and now I pay the price.
  • Pathetic hallucinations cannot confuse me!
  • They need me - these people, this blighted land!

Bad Digestion[ | ]

  • *BURP*
  • *dry heaving*
  • This wretched coach unsettles my stomach all the more...
  • Pardon the smell, uncorked the bung as it were!

Boisterous[ | ]

  • I haven't the foggiest on how to get you grumps to have fun!
  • Now who's for a hand of cards?
  • I've met nuns less solemn than you lot!
  • Why not revel until our merry deaths, eh?

Bon Vivant[ | ]

  • Remember: live, love, laugh!

Braggart[ | ]

  • The real challenge isn't the killing, it's deciding which trophies to keep!
  • Yer all afraid to arm wrestle me!
  • Let me take point next time!
  • Fear not! No ambush gets past my ears...

Calm[ | ]

  • Breathe in. See? We're still alive.
  • If you feel uncertain, follow my lead.
  • Where there is hardship, so too strength.
  • Sleep if ye can - meet our toil well-rested.
  • Of course I fear them. But I fear inaction more.

Chatterbox[ | ]

  • I know you didn't ask but I simply wished to give you all some insight into...
  • You grew up where? Huh.
  • You know, horses always unsettled my nerves, but now...
  • I missed this. The chatter, the companionship of the road...
  • Dreadful tale, how I got these scars on my knuckles...
  • Beg ye pardon, I wasn't finished with my story--!
  • Now, where was I? Right, there I was...
  • Hush, now! Let me finish my tale...
  • And you? Nerves eating at your gut? Mine are...

Compassionate[ | ]

  • This is a difficult time for us all and moods will swing like hammocks in a squall.
  • All wounds will heal with time. Even yours.
  • I shall sit with you as long as you need.
  • Fear doesn't sap the strength from your blade.
  • Shh, rest for now. I've got you.
  • The road ahead is fraught, but you do not walk it alone.
  • Lie back - let me tend those wounds, hm?

Cowardice[ | ]

  • I-I can't face them! The masks! No...!
  • M-my hands falter! You can't trust me in battle!
  • Some nights, I dream of fleeing...
  • What do you see in me?! I'm unfit for this!

Curmudgeon[ | ]

  • What was I thinking signing for this dungheap of an 'adventure'?
  • The only thing worse than the company is the food.
  • Always with the nattering on, you lot...
  • Ye gods, has a soul among you never heard of peace and quiet?

Death Seeker[ | ]

  • True purpose can only be found in death.

Doomsayer[ | ]

  • Perhaps we deserve the pitiful death that awaits us...
  • *frenzied weeping*
  • Mark my words, we are already done for!
  • Hollow souls on a hollow struggle...
  • I have such nightmares... Our fate is sealed, I'm afraid.
  • Shhh. The wailing outside, can ye hear it?
  • Hope? I lost that long ago.
  • When the end comes, it won't be clean. Or quick.

Generous[ | ]

  • Please, have my bread.

Neat Freak[ | ]

  • Legs up please! All this dust has to go!
  • Ants, ants everywhere!
  • Mind all that bleeding, it's getting on my bunk!
  • Why are there food barrels in here?!

Needler[ | ]

  • Heed my word. You'll find yourself bleeding less.
  • Told ye so.
  • This is what befalls us when no one listens to me!
  • You clod! Next time I'll do it myself.

Nervous[ | ]

  • My heart pounds before we even sight the enemy...
  • How can you all face them so bravely...?
  • When they come, will I be ready...?
  • Am I up to this task...?
  • My hands won't stop shaking...

Peacemaker[ | ]

  • It's a long journey, and it's important that we all listen to each other.

Raconteur[ | ]

  • Why was I ever chosen for this terrifying quest?!
  • It's a long drive, I'll entertain us with a tale!
  • Come, come, this reminds me of a story...
  • ... and that, my fellows, is why stolen wine tastes all the sweeter.
  • ... when she said 'Begone!' and in came the guards! So I drew my weapon and...

Selfish[ | ]

  • Out of the way! I've got to stretch my legs...
  • You can have the canteen when I'm finished.
  • No, I require both of these blankets.
  • You can cover watch without me, I am sure.
  • Leave me be, I've pulled twice your weight today.

Shadow Born[ | ]

  • To what purpose must we tend this torch...?
  • Why do we coddle this torch so?
  • You know not what the shadows can offer us...
  • I was reborn in shadows and can lead you all to the Truth they conceal!

Steady[ | ]

  • Fret not. Every journey is simply one step following another.
  • Trust in our plan and do not deviate.
  • Weep not for our losses - there will be time to grieve later.
  • Take solace in the quiet while you can.
  • We have survived thus far, have we not?

Stress Knitter[ | ]

  • I find the click of knitting needles so relaxing.
  • Blast! Dropped a stitch!
  • This cursed coach, I can't steady my needles...
  • I missed an increase?! All the way back there?!
  • How far to the Inn? I need more yarn...

Sunny Disposition[ | ]

  • It is impossible to know what the future holds - have hope.
  • We are not yet dead.
  • So long as I draw breath, I won't give up on you.
  • I have to believe this journey has purpose.
  • Cheer up, buttercup.
  • I've had worse scraps. We shall prevail.

Terrified[ | ]

  • I'm really, really worried about what's ahead.

Tune Hummer[ | ]

  • *slow, mournful humming*
  • *lighthearted humming*
  • *morbid, off-key humming*
  • How did that song go again... Da dee daaaa doo...?

Sluice Scrounger[ | ]

  • These Caves hold much for those brave enough to venture.
  • Look, must be a cache from some old party...
  • The Swine often stash supplies in these Caves.
  • Pigs can't tell loot from trash. Look here.

Sluice Tactician[ | ]

  • Stick close, I'm no stranger to places like these.
  • You can always smell them coming.
  • Be wary of traps. The Swine are cunning.
  • Scout far ahead of the coach, beyond the torch.
  • Don't move until your eyes adjust to the dark.

Sprawl Explorer[ | ]

  • I know my way around this part of the Sprawl...
  • Many, many places to hide around here...
  • Mind the rubble, some of it smoulders still.
  • Still enough of a skyline to guide us. This way!

Sprawl Scrounger[ | ]

  • Hah! City folk will throw anything away!
  • One man's trash is another man's supper...
  • Huh, l found what was caught in the wheel.
  • What's a misplaced bauble amid the riots, eh?

Sprawl Tactician[ | ]

  • Scary looking, yes, but these Fanatics are riddled with faults.
  • There's cover to be found on these city streets. Watch here.
  • The Fanatics hunt together. Let's pick one off.
  • Keep the coach clear of the flames and we'll persevere.

Foetor Scrounger[ | ]

  • These treacherous fields fester with corpses and loot.
  • See, someone's buried a cache in these fields!
  • Look here, something glitters by the roadside!
  • These midden heaps hold all manner of useful refuse.

Fear of Cadaver[ | ]

  • One look into those soulless eyes and my blood freezes in my veins!
  • I can't face them - my own mortality laid bare!
  • Those vacant eyes, their shriveled faces - no! No!
  • If I never see another shambling corpse it'll still be too soon...

Fear of Fanatics[ | ]

  • What horrific ideal inspired these freaks to rivet blades to their arms and mold their flesh to iron!
  • I can still hear them chanting...
  • Mind the torch, please. I can't face them again...
  • Stoke the fires! The cult is gaining on us!

Fear of Fisherfolk[ | ]

  • How they quiver! How they creep on land in violation of Nature itself!
  • Their hideous, rotting breath. Their dripping scales...
  • When I close my eyes, I hear them hissing...
  • I glimpsed beneath the waves and saw true horror...!
  • You will know they draw near by that stench of old stagnant sea!
  • Their unnatural words, their lidless, rolling eyes...
  • My stomach roils! I'm seasick!
  • I prefer my boots on dry, unmoving land, thank you!

Fear of Gentry[ | ]

  • The smell, the flies, these beings express corruption itself!
  • Do... do you hear a baby crying...?
  • In my dreams, I see a banquet table, all its food rotting...

Fear of Swine[ | ]

  • Will the squealing never cease?!
  • Sharp tusks, hands too much like ours... no! NO!
  • I'd sooner fight you than the swine!
  • I beg of you, don't resign us to the sewers...

Field Surgeon[ | ]

  • Should take but a moment to stitch that up!
  • Bite down on this, these sutures will sting!
  • I'm afraid this might leave yet another scar.
  • Steady, now - we must clean these wounds.
  • This salve stings, yes, but an infection would sting worse!
  • Burns, cuts, bites... and me with only bedsheets for bandages!

Foetor Explorer[ | ]

  • The old guidestones mark our path forward.
  • These barren fields grant our foes less cover.
  • This damned road is as furrowed as the fields!
  • Let us not stray too close to the estates...

Foetor Tactician[ | ]

  • There are a few tricks for dealing with the Gentry...
  • Be mindful passing that old farmhouse...
  • Their guard dogs won't smell us over this rot!
  • Our coach has good sight lines. We'll see 'em coming.

Tangle Explorer[ | ]

  • See the moss? We're headed in the right direction.
  • Mind all this muck around our wheels!
  • I don't like the look of those vines. Careful...
  • I used to run these paths as a child.

Tangle Scrounger[ | ]

  • The fiends here care nothing for goods or treasure.
  • Look what I've found among the debris!
  • A glint of something shiny in the vines - see?
  • The remnants of some expedition gone. Ours now.

Tangle Tactician[ | ]

  • The Lost Battalion actually lost for these reasons...
  • You can spot their caltrops if you've a sharp eye...
  • Go around the puddles. Hen's teeth!
  • Might be an ambush beyond that copse. See?

Hatred of Cadaver[ | ]

  • Walking corpses? No trouble at all.
  • Ghouls, corpses, fiends - all will fall by my hand!
  • I shall cut them down with pleasure.
  • Shriveled things, half-dead already. Easy prey.

Hatred of Fanatics[ | ]

  • I'm certain these iron-adorned idiots have destroyed our civilization!
  • Nothing good from zealotry. Put 'em all down, I say.
  • Warped, maniacal fools to the last!
  • Heed not the screeds of those fanatics...

Hatred of Fisherfolk[ | ]

  • If only ye knew the horrors inflicted by these blasphemous Fisherfolk!
  • The gilled ones must die.
  • The Fisherfolk are profane to the last.
  • There's no hope for the Shroud nor a soul in it.

Hatred of Gentry[ | ]

  • If left unchecked those bloated demons will corrupt Nature itself!
  • See - the noble estates of this land house only monsters.
  • Slovenly and feckless without their servants, they are!
  • Befouled nobs! I spit in the face of each!

Hatred of Swine[ | ]

  • Their foul mutations won't save them from me.
  • Those pigs are as witless as they are ugly.
  • Abominations against natural life, they are...
  • I'd gut another lot of swine for free.

Lost in Space[ | ]

  • It's full of stars...
  • The sky! It draws closer, it's reaching down...!
  • P-please, cover that mirror...!
  • Our world dissolves like sand in water...
  • Careful! I stepped out and fell right through the road.

Lost in Time[ | ]

  • T-today is yesterday's tomorrow...?
  • We've passed that signpost before. I'm certain.
  • But...but we left you in the ruins, did we not?
  • You don't remember me, but I remember you.
  • I was here when all of this was new.

Lost in Time and Space[ | ]

  • The last time we were here, you all died.
  • The coach rattles, yet we move not.
  • Each of you are rotting before me, over and over and over...
  • How many ends must we suffer?
  • This road always ends at the same place...
  • I've seen what awaits us at the summit...
  • Tell me, are you really who you claim to be? Am I?
  • All of this has happened before. You wouldn't like the ending.
  • The land itself slouches toward death.

Rummager[ | ]

  • Never hurts to put one's hand between the cushions!
  • One finds such treasures by the roadside!
  • Look, one of the fiends was carrying this...
  • What's that beneath the pilot's bench...?
  • Always something to be found at the bottom of a barrel!
  • Look what I found in the waste bucket!

Shroud Explorer[ | ]

  • The Shroud has a certain rhythm, not unlike the cold waves that crash here.
  • Steady! This driftwood is packed with sharp debris.
  • The tides reveal all sorts of trails in the Shroud...
  • Their numbers thin when the tide ebbs. Hurry!

Shroud Scrounger[ | ]

  • The Shroud is a bountiful place if you know where to look.
  • See here, this washed up on the shore...
  • When the tide recedes, it always leaves something behind.
  • Waterlogged, yes, but this may still be useful.

Shroud Tactician[ | ]

  • I've learned some things dealing with the Fisherfolk...
  • Let us cross at low tide. Safer that way.
  • This causeway will flood in a king tide. Be wary...
  • We could use this fog to our advantage!

Slayer of Cadaver[ | ]

  • These walking corpses are no trouble at all if you do as I say.
  • They're half-dead already, let me show you how it's done...
  • Shambling about in a parody of life - they haven't a chance.
  • They die quite easily a second time, those corpses.

Slayer of Fanatics[ | ]

  • They are horrible, yes, but they die like anything else.
  • They come at us in such frenzy that they leave themselves open.
  • Fear the cultists not - they are but flesh and blood.
  • Let us make these zealots bleed for their cause!

Slayer of Fisherfolk[ | ]

  • Persist! Those scaled monstrosities die like the rest.
  • Quick feet on dry land, that's how you best 'em.
  • Here, let me show you how to fight shy of their claws.
  • Gutting a fish is an simple task. I'll show you...

Slayer of Gentry[ | ]

  • Those bloated highbloods topple when pressed.
  • The swells don't fight like us. We've an edge.
  • Don't be afraid to fight dirty - they will.
  • They are slow and slovenly. Keep light on your toes.

Slayer of Swine[ | ]

  • Love the way they shriek when we put 'em down.
  • Remember, the swine are animals - we'll outsmart them.
  • They fear the same things any other beast does.
  • Light the grill - we're having bacon tonight.
  • Hmph. Never did like pigs.

Weak Hold on Life[ | ]

  • No... point...
  • Every... road... ends...
  • I hear them... singing...
  • The road blurs... darkens...

Sluice Scrounger[ | ]

  • I once foraged for mushrooms in caves like these...

Sprawl Tactician[ | ]

  • The streets near the University should be wide enough!

Field Surgeon[ | ]

  • Hold still! This tincture is priceless!

The Oozes[ | ]

  • These damnable boils!
  • My skin festers!
  • My skin weeps...
  • For each boil I lance, two more appear...

Rabies[ | ]

  • Aaaugh!
  • The light, it sears my eyes!
  • That torch is dreadful bright...
  • If you offer me water one more time...!

Syphilis[ | ]

  • Never seen a cow jump over anything!
  • What are these spots before my eyes?!
  • Agh, my head throbs...!
  • Fetch me a wet rag, mother...!

Smallpox[ | ]

  • This itching is going to drive me mad!
  • *furious scratching*
  • My skin, it cracks and bleeds!
  • Will this itching never cease?!

Coughing Fit[ | ]

  • *desperate wheezing*
  • Khkk... let me catch my breath...
  • *cough cough cough*
  • *dry, hacking cough*

Positive[ | ]

  • I like your style.
  • You carry yourself well.
  • Sit next to me at the Inn, won't you?
  • At least the company is good.
  • I am comforted you're near.
  • At least WE get along!
  • We're lucky to have you.
  • Looking good.
  • You're an important part of our little band.
  • Let's take the first watch together.
  • Tell me about yourself...
  • Perhaps later we can get a drink?
  • At least you don't snore.
  • I've had worse company.
  • I'm glad you chose to ride with us.
  • Things were so boring before you got here.
  • Hah! Tell us another!
  • You give us an edge out there.
  • Real glad we ran into you on the road.
  • Can't imagine this trip without you.
  • Hmm, not bad. Not bad.
  • You can have the bunk next to mine.
  • Chin up.
  • We've survived worse...
  • Relax. You're among friends.
  • You improve our odds out there.
  • Perhaps the tide is turning.
  • I appreciate your candor.
  • You make this journey more bearable.
  • Pass that waterskin? Thank you...
  • I've got your back out there.
  • We'll get through this. Together.

Negative[ | ]

  • Leave me be.
  • Let me alone!
  • I find you grating in the extreme.
  • Stop fidgeting!
  • Must you breathe through your mouth?
  • Stop picking at yourself!
  • Just back off, will you?
  • Grr.
  • You're a fool.
  • Are you mocking me?
  • Get out of my face.
  • Don't push your luck.
  • Get your finger out of your nose.
  • Ugh. Piss off already.
  • Stuck on watch with you? Great.
  • I'd rather sleep by the horses.
  • Go bother someone else.
  • Stop wasting my time.
  • I'm trying to sleep!
  • How about some peace and quiet?
  • This coach is too small and you're too loud.
  • Couldn't care less.
  • Wish we'd never picked you up.
  • Your very presence offends me.
  • Out of my way.
  • This journey is trying enough already.
  • Those rations were mine!
  • Hands to yourself.
  • Something in here reeks.
  • Cease that humming, ye gods...!
  • Can I rely on you out there? Not sure.
  • I doubt your mettle.
  • Imbecile!

Travelling Stress Heal[ | ]

  • Perhaps there is hope for us yet...
  • We are not so dissimilar...
  • I accept you. We all do.
  • Chin up, shoulders back. We can do this.
  • The road is tough but we're going to make it.
  • Let us share tales of merrier times.
  • Come what may, we are united!
  • Hang in there.
  • Can I get you anything?
  • It's a long road, but we've got each other.
  • Want to share? I've got extra...
  • You're even tougher than you look.
  • I'm glad you're here, for what it's worth.
  • You're going to live. I won't hear otherwise.
  • At least we aren't facing this alone.
  • Maybe all hope is not lost...
  • There are times I almost feel hopeful.
  • I had a pleasant dream, for once...
  • Whatever comes, we are united.
  • Perhaps we'll find glory after all...
  • This world is worth saving.
  • We are making a difference out there.
  • Hope is seductive, isn't it?
  • We're making good time.
  • If this is my fate, I'm content.
  • All is not lost.
  • We will best these fiends!

Travelling Stress Damage[ | ]

  • Buffoon!
  • We're not going to make it, are we?
  • Everywhere, the world comes undone...
  • Stuck in a coach with the likes of you - feh.
  • I'm hungry and tired!
  • This cursed coach is a bouncing racket!
  • Let me out of this blasted coach!
  • Here we are, four corpses in a rolling coffin...
  • I can't bear to look out the window...
  • It's like a nightmare out there.
  • Like rats in a trap...
  • What if it's all for nothing...?
  • Can I really trust you to have my back...?
  • Can't sleep. Awful food. Worse company.
  • A waking nightmare...
  • We never seem to make any progress...
  • Just leave me by the roadside.
  • This was all a mistake...!
  • We're driving in circles...
  • Are we lost?
  • This is not the life I dreamt for myself...
  • Everywhere we pass - ruin, destruction...
  • Fools, fools we are...
  • We were damned before we set off.
  • Why us? Why me?
  • I'm not crying...! Look away!
  • I grow so weary of this fight.
  • Would it be so bad to give in...?

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Plague Doctor is one of the eleven Heroes returning from Darkest Dungeon, and one of the first nine Heroes to be available in the sequel.[1]
  • The Plague Doctor, along with thePortraits-occultistOccultist, are the only Heroes able to apply all 3 DOT effects (Bleed dd2Bleed, Blight dd2Blight, and Burn dd2Burn) by themselves.
  • The default name of the Plague Doctor, Paracelsus, was also one of the names of a 16th century Swiss physician who helped birth modern toxicology.

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