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The faces of comedy and tragedy are used to symbolize quirks.

Quirks are peculiar traits possessed by heroes, gained through activities in the Hamlet or during expeditions. Quirks are semi-permanent modifiers that affect the hero in various ways, both positive and negative, either altering their stats or forcing particular behaviours.

Acquiring and managing quirks

An Occultist having both the Gambler and Known Cheat quirks, effectively preventing him from benefiting from stress relief facilities until cured in the Sanitarium.
Heroes recruited from the Stage Coach will possess a random set of quirks - at least one positive and one negative.

Additional quirks, positive and negative, are gained during expeditions by interacting with curios, and after expeditions in the post-expedition screen. Quirks may also occur as a result of partaking in stress relief buildings in the Hamlet via the Tavern and Abbey.

A character can possess a maximum of ten quirks - five positive and five negative. After this, if a hero gains an additional quirk, a random existing quirk will be replaced, denoted by two spiralling arrows next to the new quirk (these arrows may be hovered over to see what quirk got replaced).

Quirks may be modified by using the Sanitarium in the Hamlet, which allows you to expend gold to either remove a quirk (positive or negative), or to permanently "lock in" a positive quirk, which prevents it from being replaced when new quirks are earned. Removal and reinforcement of quirks at the Sanitarium must be done one at a time, per type of quirk - you may not remove more than one negative quirk per week, nor can you reinforce more than one positive quirk per week, though you can do one of both. A total of three positive quirks may be reinforced. Using the Sanitarium for quirks tends to be expensive, and like all other Hamlet facilities is a factor of the hero's level - overall, positive quirk treatment is more expensive than negative quirk treatment.

If a negative quirk is left untreated for long enough over the course of several expeditions, it also has a chance of becoming reinforced and locked in. Like reinforced positive quirks, these quirks will not be replaced when new quirks are earned.

All reinforced quirks may be removed at the Sanitarium, but at a much higher expense.

Several curios found in the dungeons will remove random negative quirks on the Hero interacting with the curio. The most reliable of these require the correct supply item to be used on the curio for the desired effect:

  • Eldritch Altars can be found occasionally in rooms in any of the four major regions, and remove a negative quirk when Holy Water is used on them.
  • Piles of Scrolls are found in hallways in the Warrens, and remove a negative quirk when they are burned with a Torch.
  • Eerie Coral is found in hallways in the Cove, and removes a negative quirk when Medicinal Herbs are used on it.
  • The Confession Booth, found in hallways in the Ruins, has a 25% chance to remove a negative quirk if activated with no items.
  • The Sacrificial Stone, found in rooms in the Warrens, has a 25% chance to remove a negative quirk if activated with no items.


  • It is possible to acquire two opposing quirks (e.g. Skilled Gambler and Bad Gambler), which effectively nullifies the effect of both quirks.
  • It is possible to acquire quirks that prevent Heroes from using any Hamlet de-stressing facilities (e.g. Love Interest and Deviant Tastes)
  • On rare occasions, if a Hero interacts with a curio and receives a quirk they already have, the quirk will be reinforced even if the hero already has three locked quirks. This allows the hero to bypass the normal lock-in limits and have more than 3 permanent positive quirks. For example, the Ruins Tactician quirk may be reinforced upon interacting with the Suit of Armor curio.
  • The Prismatic CoM Icon.png and Twilight Dreamer CoM Icon.png positive quirks from the Color Of Madness DLC are automatically reinforced, and can only be removed in the Sanitarium.
  • The Shard Mercenary CoM Icon.png negative quirk, also from the Color Of Madness DLC cannot be removed or replaced by new quirks, though it can become reinforced.

Chance of acquiring quirks

Whenever an expedition is completed, your surviving Heroes have a chance to gain negative or positive quirks, calculated as a percentage. Each hero's exiting amount of stress affects this percentage, though amounts above 100 are rounded down to 100.

  • Quest objective not completed:
    •  % Chance of positive quirk: 35 - (0.15 * stress)
    •  % Chance of negative quirk: 40 + (0.26 * stress)
  • Quest objective successfully completed:
    •  % Chance of positive quirk: 45
    •  % Chance of negative quirk: 25 + (0.25 * stress)

Successfully completing a quest objective always results in a 45% chance of a positive quirk, regardless of stress.

List of Quirks

Comparable Quirks

Comparable Quirks are a pair of quirks, one negative and one positive, that alter the same state but in opposite ways. For example, Clumsy reduces a hero's DODGE by 5, while Evasive increases the hero's DODGE by the same amount. However, not all comparable quirks have even values. For example. Clotter increases a hero's Bleed Resist by 15%, whereas its counterpart Anemic reduces it only by 10%.

Panel monster indicator.pngPositive Quirks Negative Quirks Panel monster indicator.png
Name Effects Name Effects Type
Beast Hater +15% DMG and -15% Stress vs Beast Fear of Beasts +15% Stress and -10 ACC vs Beast vs Beast
Beast Slayer +10 ACC and +5% CRIT vs Beast Zoophobia +20% Stress vs Beast
Clotter +15% Bleed Resist Anemic -10% Bleed Resist Bleed Resist
Clutch Hitter +5% CRIT if HP below 50% Dud Hitter -5% CRIT if HP below 50% Low Health CRIT
Cove Adventurer -20% Stress in Cove Cove Phobe +20% Stress in Cove Stress in Cove
Deadly +2% CRIT Misses the Spot -2% CRIT CRIT
Eagle Eye +5% CRIT Ranged Skills Flawed Release -5% CRIT Ranged Skills Ranged CRIT
Early Riser +2 SPD if Torch above 75 Nocturnal -2 SPD if Torch above 75 Radiant Light SPD
Eldritch Hater +15% DMG and -15% Stress vs Eldritch Fear of Eldritch +15% Stress and -10 ACC vs Eldritch vs Eldritch
Eldritch Slayer +10 ACC and +5% CRIT vs Eldritch    
Evasive +5 DODGE Clumsy -5 DODGE DODGE
Gifted CoM Icon.png +20% Healing Received Infirm CoM Icon.png -20% Healing Received Healing Received
Gothic CoM Icon.png Wyrd Reconstruction: +25% Healing Received Ascetic CoM Icon.png Wyrd Reconstruction: -20% Healing Received Healing Received
from Occultist
Hard Noggin +15% Stun Resist Shocker -10% Stun Resist Stun Resist
Hippocratic CoM Icon.png +20% Healing Skills Bad Healer CoM Icon.png -20% Healing Skills Healing Done
Irrepressible +5% Virtue Chance Mercurial -5% Virtue Chance Virtue Chance
Last Gasp +1 SPD if HP below 50% Winded -1 SPD if HP below 50% Low Health SPD
Lurker +10% DMG if Torch below 26 Night Blindness -10% DMG if Torch below 26 Dark/Black as Pitch DMG
Luminous CoM Icon.png +2 SPD, +5 DODGE Fading CoM Icon.png -2 SPD, -5 DODGE SPD/DODGE
Mankind Hater +15% DMG and -15% Stress vs Human Fear of Mankind +15% Stress and -10 ACC vs Human vs Human
Man Slayer +10 ACC and +5% CRIT vs Human Automatonophobia +20% Stress vs Human
Musical CoM Icon.png Inspiring Tune: +25% Stress Heal Received Tone Deaf CoM Icon.png Inspiring Tune: -20% Stress Heal Received Stress Heal Received
from Jester
Natural Eye +5 ACC Ranged Skills Lazy Eye -5 ACC Ranged Skills Ranged ACC
Natural Swing +5 ACC The Yips -5 ACC ACC
Night Owl +2 SPD if Torch below 26 Diurnal -2 SPD if Torch below 26 Dark/Black as Pitch SPD
On Guard +4 SPD and +5 DODGE on First Round Off Guard -4 SPD and -5 DODGE on First Round First Turn SPD/DODGE
Photomania -20% Stress if Torch above 75 Phengophobia +20% Stress if Torch above 75 Radiant Light Stress
Precise Striker +5% CRIT Melee Skills Weak Grip -5% CRIT Melee Skills Melee CRIT
Quickdraw +4 SPD on First Round Slowdraw -4 SPD on First Round First Turn SPD
Quick Reflexes +2 SPD Slow Reflexes -1 SPD SPD
Resilient +10% Stress Heal Received Ruminator -10% Stress Heal Received Stress Heal Received
Robust +15% Disease Resist Sickly -10% Disease Resist Disease Resist
Ruins Adventurer -20% Stress in Ruins Ruins Phobe +20% Stress in Ruins Stress in Ruins
Second Wind +10% DMG if HP below 50% Tuckered Out -10% DMG if HP below 50% Low Health DMG
Skilled Gambler +12.9% chance of winning money and +13.3% chance of winning trinkets while Gambling Bad Gambler +11.4% chance of losing money and +13.3% chance of losing trinkets while Gambling Gambling
Slugger +10% DMG Melee Skills Torn Rotator -5% DMG Melee Skills Melee DMG
Spiritual CoM Icon.png Divine Grace, Divine Comfort: +25% Healing Received Scientific CoM Icon.png Divine Grace, Divine Comfort: -20% Healing Received Healing Received
from Vestal
Steady -10% Stress Nervous +10% Stress Stress
Stress Faster -100% Food Consumed if Stress above 50 Stress Eater +100% Food Consumed if Stress above 50 Food Consumed at high Stress
Thick Blooded +10% Blight Resist Thin Blooded -10% Blight Resist Blight Resist
Tough +10% MAX HP Fragile -10% MAX HP MAX HP
Hard Skinned +10% PROT Soft -5% MAX HP
Unholy Hater +15% DMG and -15% Stress vs Unholy Fear of Unholy +15% Stress and -10 ACC vs Unholy vs Unholy
Unholy Slayer +10 ACC and +5% CRIT vs Unholy Satanophobia +20% Stress vs Unholy
Unerring +10% DMG Ranged Skills Scattering -5% DMG Ranged Skills Ranged DMG
Unyielding +10% Death Blow Resist Weak Grip on Life -10% Death Blow Resist Death Blow Resist
Warrens Adventurer -20% Stress in Warrens Warrens Phobe +20% Stress in Warrens Stress in Warrens
Warrior of Light +10% DMG if Torch above 75 Light Sensitive -10% DMG if Torch above 75 Radiant Light DMG
Weald Adventurer -20% Stress in Weald Weald Phobe +20% Stress in Weald Stress in Weald

Independent Positive Quirk

Independent Quirks have no comparable opposite, and thus are unique to themselves. Independent Positive Quirks mainly deal with area specific bonuses, camping and reducing gold costs in town.

Panel monster indicator.png Positive Quirks Panel monster indicator.png
Name Effects
Armor Tinker -20% Armor Upgrade Cost at the Blacksmith
Back Tracker No Stress penalty when walking backwards
Balanced +15% Move Resist
Cove Explorer +10% Scouting Chance in Cove
Cove Scrounger +5% Scouting Chance in Cove
Cove Tactician +15% DMG in Cove
Daredevil CoM Icon.png +15 DODGE if HP below 25%
Fairweather Fighter CoM Icon.png +20% DMG if HP above 99%
Fast Healer +10% Healing Skills while Camping
Fated 10% chance to turn any MISS into a HIT
Healer's Gift +20% Healing Skills while Camping
Hot to Trot CoM Icon.png +25% DMG, +20 ACC, +5% CRIT on First Round
Meditator +20% Stress Heal Received from Meditation
(Does not actually increase Stress Heal Received while Camping)
Natural CoM Icon.png +20% MAX HP, +20% Healing Received,
and +3 SPD while wearing no trinkets
Nymphomania +20% Stress Heal Received from Brothel
Ruins Explorer +10% Scouting Chance in Ruins
Ruins Scrounger +5% Scouting Chance in Ruins
Ruins Tactician +15% DMG in Ruins
Stout +15% Healing Skills while Camping
Twilight Dreamer CoM Icon.png Ignores Stealth (One per roster)
Warrens Explorer +10% Scouting Chance in Warrens
Warrens Scrounger +5% Scouting Chance in Warrens
Warrens Tactician +15% DMG in Warrens
Weald Explorer +10% Scouting Chance in Weald
Weald Scrounger +5% Scouting Chance in Weald
Weald Tactician +15% DMG in Weald
Weapon Tinker -20% Weapon Upgrade Cost at the Blacksmith

Treatment Quirks

These quirks affect which treatments a hero may use to relieve stress in the hamlet.

Treatment Quirks
Cloister Enlightened In Town, will only Meditate for stress relief Unquiet Mind In town, will not meditate in the Cloister for stress relief
Transept God Fearing In Town, will only Pray for stress relief. Witness Will not take part in Prayer activity in town, after certain traumatic events
Penance Hall Flagellant In Town, will only Flagellate for stress relief Faithless Will not Pray or Flagellate for stress relief.
Bar Tippler In town, will only visit the Bar for stress relief Resolution In town, will never Drink
Gambling Hall Gambler In town, will only Gamble for stress relief Known Cheat Is not allowed to visit the Gambling Hall
Brothel Love Interest In town, will only visit the Brothel for stress relief Deviant Tastes Is not allowed to visit the Brothel

Independent Negative Quirks

As with Positive Quirks, Negative Quirks have their own set that are independent with no positive counterpart.

Panel monster indicator.png Negative Quirks Panel monster indicator.png
Name Effects
Antsy CoM Icon.png +20 Stress when left Idle for the week
Ashen CoM Icon.png -10% Bleed Resist
-10% Blight Resist
Calm -15% DMG on First Round
Claustrophobia +20% Stress in Hallways
Germophobe CoM Icon.png -10 ACC vs Blighted
Imposter Syndrome CoM Icon.png "Consumed by thoughts of inadequacy"
4% chance to pass turn
Lygophobia +20% Stress if Torch below 26
Nervous Bleeder CoM Icon.png -10 ACC while Bleeding
Perfectionist CoM Icon.png +5 Stress when attack misses
Risktaker CoM Icon.png +10% DMG
Thanatophobia +20% Stress if HP below 50%

There is another unique independent negative quirk called Shard Mercenary. It cannot be removed or gained, and is instead found on special mercenary heroes in the Stage Coach after the Endless Mode in the Farmstead is unlocked.

Shard Mercenary CoM Icon.png 10% Shard loot taken. Hero will only undertake
Endless Harvest quest in the Farmstead. (Cannot be removed)

Forced Interaction Quirks

A subset of independent negative quirks. These quirks cause heroes to activate Curios without the player's consent. Each Quirk has a type of Curio that it has a chance to interact with. Also because Heroes will never use items with these interactions, they can easily hurt themselves or acquire diseases. Additionally, some quirks will cause the Hero to steal the items they loot, meaning that the player loses those items forever.

Not all Forced Interactions are based on Quirks. For a full list, look here.

Panel monster indicator.png Negative Quirks Panel monster indicator.png
Name Description Curio Type Chance Steal? Bark
Ablutomania Obsessed with cleanliness Fountains 40% - "Out of my way! I must cleanse myself..."
Bloodthirsty Fascinated with injury, wounds, and torture Torture 35% - "Such carnage...yes..."
Compulsive Suffers intense need to do specific actions All 20% - "Nothing must be left untouched/unopened/undisturbed."
Curious Obsessed with the acquisition of knowledge All 20% - "I simply MUST know what is within..."
"Hmmm, what have we here..."
"I wonder how this works..."
Dacnomania Obsessed with killing Torture 40% - "What a fantastic way to inflict death on someone!"
Dark Temptation Prone to investigating the Dark Arts Unholy 40% - "Finally, I get my hands on an authentic eldritch sample!"
Demonomania Believes is possessed by demons Unholy 40% - "The spirits command me to do this!"
Dipsomania Intense craving for alcohol Drink 40% - "By gods light and dark, I hope this liquid has some kick..."
Egomania Obsessed with self-worship Reflective 40% Yes "Look! I cut quite the heroic figure, do I not?"
Guilty Conscience Bears the crushing guilt of deeds real and imagined Worship 35% - "I have sinned so very much...Light guide me."
Hagiomania Obsessed with sainthood Worship 40% - "Yes, Divine Lords! I am here..."
Hieromania Experiences religious visions and delusions Worship 35% - "This is a call. I am prepared to accept it!"
Hylomania Obsessed with material things Treasure 40% - "I came from nothing, but I'll not end with nothing!"
Kleptomaniac Prone to stealing Treasure 35% Yes "<whistles>"
Necromania Fascinated with corpses Body 40% - "Let me see! I must see!"
Paranormania Obsessed with the paranormal Haunted 40% - "Let me investigate. I sense the work of spirits!"
Plutomania Manic for money Treasure 40% - "Is that the sparkle of coin I see?"
Sitiomania Obsessed with food Food 40% - "Let me by... I am famished!"

Corvid's Quirks

As of the Radiant Update, heroes who survive against a new boss known as the Shrieker have a chance of acquiring new quirks unique to the quest. Both the positive and negative quirk are stronger than ordinary quirks.

Panel monster indicator.pngPositive Quirks Negative Quirks Panel monster indicator.png
Corvid's Eye +8 ACC
+8% Scouting Chance
Corvid's Blindness -10 ACC if Torch above 50
Corvid's Grace +6 DODGE
+25% Move Resist
Corvid's Appetite +100% Food Consumed
33% chance of interacting with "Body" curios
Corvid's Resilience +33% Disease Resist Corvid's Curiosity 27.5% chance of interacting with all curios

Prismatic Quirks CoM Icon.png

In The Color of Madness DLC, heroes who survive against the new miniboss known as the Thing from the Stars may acquire new quirks that cannot be obtained elsewhere. These quirks are immensely potent, but are unique; they can only be on one hero in your whole roster. Only one hero will receive a quirk at the end of the mission, and gaining more requires defeating the Thing once again. They are automatically locked, and the Sanitarium will only offer the option to remove them. Removing Prismatic quirks allows them to be obtained again the next time the Thing is defeated. Prismatic Quirks will not count towards the limit of locked quirks on a Hero, so it's possible to have a Hero with three normal locked quirks and two Prismatic ones.

The quirks will be obtained in the order below:

Panel monster indicator.pngPositive Quirks
Prismatic Isolation +25% Debuff Resist
Prismatic Stability +25% Move Resist
Prismatic Solidity +25% Stun Resist
Prismatic Coagulation +25% Bleed Resist
Prismatic Purity +25% Blight Resist
Prismatic Calm -30% Stress
Prismatic Force +15% DMG
Prismatic Speed +3 SPD
Prismatic Precision +4% CRIT
Prismatic Eye +8 ACC
Husk Slayer +10 ACC and +5% CRIT vs Husk
Scythemaster +15% DMG vs Husk


When Skilled Gambler was originally released, it was accidentally programmed as a negative quirk.

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