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Religion is a unique quirk in Darkest Dungeon that affects certain camping skills. This mechanic gives the player something to think about when forming parties for expeditions.

List of Religious and Non-religious Heroes[ | ]

According to the game files in the directory Heroes/<class>/<class>.info.darkest, following classes are "religious":

Following classes are "non-religious":

List of camping skills affected by Religion[ | ]

Skills benefiting from Religion
Chant Pray Sanctuary
Camp skill chant
Camp skill sanctuary
Vestal Vestal Vestal
-20% Stress if religious (4 Battles)

-10% Stress if not religious (4 Battles)

-15 Stress if religious

-5 Stress if not religious

+15% PROT if religious (4 Battles)

+5% PROT if not religious (4 Battles)

-15 Stress if religious

-5 Stress if not religious

All Companions:

If Mortality debuffs: Heal +50% HP

If Mortality debuffs: -25 Stress

Self: If religious: Prevents a nighttime ambush

Skills worsened from Religion
Psych Up Reject the Gods
Psych Up
Reject the Gods
Abomination Hellion
+25% DMG (4 Battles)

All companions:

If not religious: +10 Stress

If religious: +20 Stress

Self: -30 Stress

All Companions:

+7 Stress if not religious

+15 Stress if religious

Strategies[ | ]

In Darkest Dungeon, stress gain should be minimized at all costs and can be the difference between a successful expedition or a much needed retreat. Unless you have good stress healers, try to avoid adding additional stress. There's no harm in using the Vestal's skills if the party is non-religious, unless better stress healing or PROT skills are available.

Note: Religion is NOT affected by quirks such as Faithless, Flagellant and God-Fearing. As a result, a Vestal with the Faithless quirk will still prevent nighttime ambushes when using Sanctuary.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Prior to The Color Of Madness DLC, the Abomination was unable to be placed in a party with a religious hero.
  • "Religious" heroes in Darkest Dungeon worship an entity or god known as the "Light." This religion is similar to abrahamic religions, as it is seen as a holy entity in-universe. The Light is the religion behind the crusades, and is a source of power utilized by the Vestal and the Flagellant.
  • Religion is mostly a scrapped mechanic in-game, as only five camping skills utilize the mechanic. Non-religious heroes can refuse services from the Tavern for the Abbey, and religious heroes can refuse services from the Abbey for the Tavern. More information can be found in the Darkest Dungeon article[1] on The Cutting Room Floor wiki.