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Scouting has a chance of occurring whenever a new room is entered or certain curios are activated, making nearby unexplored areas less risky to traverse. A high scouting chance can also cause parts of the map to be already scouted at the start of an expedition.

Effect[ | ]

When scouting is triggered, nearby rooms and corridors on the dungeon map will be revealed, showing their contents. Depending on the successfulness of the scouting, one or two (in case of critical scouting success) nearby corridors may be scouted. Scouting will always depart from the current position towards unexplored directions. Scouting is also the only way of revealing secret rooms, which can be revealed only during critical scouting success.

By scouting ahead, it is possible to reveal incoming dangers in advance, giving the player a chance to reroute to avoid unnecessary risks or save on torches by skipping empty rooms and corridors. Scouted traps are an easy source of stress heal for heroes with good disarm chance and scouted battles will prevent the party from being surprised.

Scouting chance[ | ]

  • The base scouting chance is always 25% upon entering a room for every party. The effective scouting chance is calculated by adding all scouting modifiers listed below to the base scouting chance of 25%.
    • Some camping skills can increase scouting chance significantly.
    • Quirks of characters in a party can also increase the scouting chance in certain Locations.
    • The use of trinkets (Ancestor's Map and Evidence of Corruption being the trinkets with the highest increase at +25%).
  • Light is also an important factor in determining whether a scouting event will occur, with brighter light giving substantial increases to the scouting chance, at radiant light (>75% Torch) the scouting chance is increased by 15% compared to "Black as Pitch" at 0% for example.
    • To save on torches or if the player wants to maintain a lower light level, it is advisable to raise the light level just before entering a room.
  • If your combined scouting chance is no more than 100%, then the chance of scouting two hallways ahead (critical scout) is always 50% if a scout procs.
  • If your combined scouting chance is more than 100% (practically capped at 200%), then you will always scout and the chance of a critical scout is half of your scouting chance.
    • Achieving a critical when Scouting is the only way to find a Secret Room.

Camping Skills that Affect Scouting Chance[ | ]

Camping skills modify the group's chance of successfully scouting when entering a room. The "Self Only" limitation means the bonus is dependent on that character's survival; if that character dies, that bonus to Scouting is lost.

Night Moves
Camp skill night steps
Grave robber portrait roster 2 Self Only +20% Scouting chance (4 Battles)
Release the Hounds
Camp skill release the hound
Houndmaster portrait roster 4 Self Only +30% Scouting chance (4 Battles)
Scout Ahead
Camp skill scout ahead
Bounty hunter portrait roster 3 Self Only +25% Scouting chance (4 Battles)

Trinkets that Affect Scouting Chance[ | ]

Generic Trinkets
Trinket Image Trinket Name Rarity Origin Dungeon Effect Additional Notes
Inv trinket-caution cloak
Caution Cloak Common Weald
  • +10% Scouting Chance
  • -10 SPD on First Round

Inv trinket-survival guide
Survival Guide Common
  • +10% Scouting Chance
  • +10% Trap Disarm Chance
  • -1 SPD

Inv trinket-seer stone
Seer Stone Uncommon Ruins
  • +15% Scouting Chance
  • -1 SPD

Ancestor Map
Ancestor's Map Ancestral
  • +25% Trap Disarm Chance
  • +25% Scouting Chance
  • +10% Stress
Can only be dropped by a Shambler or Shuffling Horror.

Crow trinket eye
Distended Crowseye Shrieker Weald
  • +10 ACC
  • +33% Disease Resist if Torch below 75
  • +15% Scouting Chance if Torch below 50
  • +15% Stress
Possible quest reward for Shrieker's Prize.

Class Trinkets
Trinket Image Trinket Name Rarity Class Restriction Origin Dungeon Effect Additional Notes
Inv trinket-campers helmet
Camper's Helmet Uncommon Bounty Hunter
  • +20% Stress Skills while Camping
  • +10% Scouting Chance

Inv trinket-raiders talisman
Raider's Talisman Very Rare Grave Robber Warrens
  • +5% CRIT
  • +30% Trap Disarm Chance
  • +2 SPD
  • +15% Scouting Chance
  • -10% MAX HP

Inv trinket scouting whistle
Scouting Whistle Common Houndmaster
  • +20% Scouting Chance if Torch below 51
  • +20% Trap Disarm Chance
With above 75 light, the Scouting bonus is +15%, while below 51 has no bonus (thus the scouting bonus is a net +5% compared to high light).

Inv trinket-cc set hm damning evidence
Evidence of Corruption Crimson Court Houndmaster
  • +25% Scouting Chance
  • -15% Chance Party Surprised
  • +10% Stress