Darkest Dungeon Wiki

Enemy parties in Darkest Dungeon have a limit of 4 slots, just like heroes. If all enemies are "average" size, that means a maximum of 4 enemies in the opposing party, 1 per slot. However, some enemies come in a variety of different sizes that can occupy more than one of the 4 available slots, which reduces the maximum number of opponents by an equal amount (i.e. an enemy party with a size 2 combatant can only have a maximum of 2 other normal-sized combatants (or 1 other size-2 combatant), etc.)

  • An attack that can hit any location occupied by a size 2+ target will affect that target.
  • Camping skills that increase damage against size 2 monsters will also affect size 3 and size 4 monsters.
  • Size determines how many slots an enemy will take up. Size does not determine whether or not an enemy will leave a corpse.
Small/Average: Takes up one enemy slot, the "normal" size
Large: Takes up two enemy slots; can appear with any encounter; usually a "champion" enemy
Gigantic: Takes up three enemy slots; only a few bosses have this size
Unimaginable: Takes up all four enemy slots; only a couple main bosses have this size