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Darkest Dungeon's soundtrack is an integral component of its dark fantasy atmosphere. It was composed by Stuart Chatwood.

Integration[ | ]


Album art for the game's soundtrack.

In addition to being present in the main menu and Hamlet, the soundtrack accompanies the player throughout the dungeons, varying between combat and exploration and being dynamically modified by effect of the light meter, such as by including several creepy ambient sounds when in the darkness, varying depending on the location. The Siren boss will also sing along to the background music.

Availability[ | ]

The official Darkest Dungeon soundtrack is available for purchase on the Steam store as a DLC. Upon purchasing and downloading, the full album inclusive of front cover art will be located under SteamApps\Common\DarkestDungeon\soundtrack inside the user's Steam library.

Track list[ | ]

The album contains 25 tracks:

  1. The Darkest Dungeon (Theme)
  2. The Hamlet
  3. Explore the Ruins
  4. Combat in the Ruins
  5. A Brief Respite
  6. Battle in the Warrens
  7. Return to the Warrens
  8. Mournweald Encounter
  9. Terror and Madness
  10. House of Ruin
  11. The Cove Battle
  12. The Final Combat
  13. The End
  14. Town in Chaos
  15. The Cove Battle Siren (feat. Jennifer Chao)
  16. Bloodletting of the Crimson Court
  17. A Mocking Thirst
  18. Forbidden Tannin
  19. The Blasted Heath
  20. Dark Mitochondra
  21. The Senescene
  22. The Chloroplast of Cosmarium
  23. All Things Must Come
  24. The Butcher's Circus Lobby
  25. The Butcher's Circus Combat

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