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Women and men; soldiers and outlaws; fools and corpses. All will find their way to us now that the road is clear.
~ The Narrator
Stage Coach
The Stage Coach is the location in the Town where you can recruit new Heroes. New heroes are the only thing in The Hamlet that is free.

By upgrading the Stage Coach, you can increase the available heroes for hire each week, increase your roster size to hire more heroes, or increase the level that fresh recruits start at.

NPC Image Building Upgrade Progression
Stage Coach Stage Coach progression

Tips[ | ]

The Stage Coach is your hero lifeblood. You'll need to recruit additional heroes to fill out a party of four. Drag and drop them into your roster. While you're here, spend some of your starting resources on UPGRADING the Stage Coach network. This will increase the number of heroes available here in the future. To upgrade, click the + symbol on the left and then click the upgrade.

  • When your hero roster is full and constantly scrolling up and down starts to become annoying. You can fast scroll through your roster if you open up the individual hero page where you can equip them with items, bring your mouse over to the roster list, select and hold a hero and either drag him up or down the roster list and the scroll speed will increase considerably.

Upgrades[ | ]

The Stage Coach has three parts to upgrade: the Stage Coach Network, the Hero Barracks and Experienced Recruits.

Stage Coach Network[ | ]

Upgrading the Stage Coach increases the available heroes for hire each week. The change will take effect after you return from your next quest. Note that regardless of the upgrade level, there will always be enough recruits to go on an expedition; for example, if you only have a single adventurer in your roster, you'll have 3 recruits available even if this upgrade hasn't been purchased.

Hero Barracks[ | ]

Upgrading the Barracks increases the number of the heroes you may keep at a time. In Darkest and Stygian Mode the highest number you can hire is 28. In Radiant Mode the highest number is 30.

The Shieldbreaker DLC adds 1 more to the roster, now allowing for a maximum of 29, or 31 in Radiant Mode.

Experienced Recruits[ | ]

Upgrading this provides a chance of higher level recruits appearing in the Stage Coach. Recruits at higher levels will have their weapons, armor and skills upgraded to the max. While Heroes at Level 0 can have between 1-2 Negative and Positive Quirk each, for each Resolve Level the hero's minimum and maximum number of Quirks is Increased by 1. For example, a hero at resolve level 2 can have 3-4 Positive Quirks and 3-4 Negative Quirks, and will not have more or less than that.

New heroes will also have additional skills unlocked. Starting at resolve level 1, new recruits will have all their combat skills unlocked and an extra camping skill unlocked.

Costs[ | ]

In Radiant mode, the Hero Barracks gets two additional heroes to the roster. The differences in Radiant mode will be shown in parentheses.

Stage Coach Upgrades
Stage Coach
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Increases number of
available heroes to 3.
Increases number of
available heroes to 4.
Increases number of
available heroes to 5.
Increases number of
available heroes to 6.
Increases number of
available heroes to 7.
Stage coach.numrecruits.icon 3 Icon Deed 4 Icon Crest 8 Icon Deed 10 Icon Crest 16 Icon Deed 15 Icon Crest 20 Icon Deed 20 Icon Crest 25 Icon Deed 26 Icon Crest
Hero Barracks Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Increases roster
size to 12* heroes.
Increases roster
size to 16* heroes.
Increases roster
size to 20* (21) heroes.
Increases roster
size to 24* (25) heroes.
Increases roster
size to 28* (29) heroes.
Stage coach.rostersize.icon 3 Icon Deed 4 Icon Crest 8 Icon Deed 10 Icon Crest 16 Icon Deed 15 Icon Crest 20 Icon Deed 20 Icon Crest 25 Icon Deed 26 Icon Crest
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4*
Gives 18.75% chance of
level 1 recruits.
Gives 12.5% chance of
level 2 recruits.
Gives 6.25% chance of
level 3 recruits.
Gives 3.12% chance of
level 4 recruits.
Stage coach.upgraded recruits.icon 9 Icon Bust 12 Icon Crest 12 Icon Bust 16 Icon Crest 15 Icon Bust 20 Icon Crest 18 Icon Bust 24 Icon Crest
Instructor Mastery 2
Weaponsmithing 2
Armorsmithing 2
Instructor Mastery 3
Weaponsmithing 3
Armorsmithing 3
Instructor Mastery 4
Weaponsmithing 4
Armorsmithing 4
Instructor Mastery 4
Weaponsmithing 4
Armorsmithing 4
  • Experienced Heroes Level 4 is exclusive to Radiant Mode.

* the Shieldbreaker DLC allows for 1 additional roster slot, making the game now range from 13 to 29.

Shard Mercenaries Exclusive to The Color of Madness DLC[ | ]

If you own The Color of Madness DLC, upon completing the second quest of the Farmstead and unlocking Endless Mode, the Stage Coach will have a new section for recruits known as Shard Mercenaries. These recruits are all level 6 and as such, they have all their combat skills and equipment maxed, and they don't use a slot in your barracks. However, they come with a unique and impossible-to-remove negative Quirk called Shard Mercenary, which will prevent them from partaking in any mission other than the Farmstead's Endless Mission and at the end of it, each Mercenary will take 10% of the Comet Shards collected. They are useful for players at early stages in which they don't have enough strong heroes to partake in the quest but lose usefulness when the player has better-leveled heroes, since the 10% fee and the inability to be used outside of the Farmstead makes them fall back in comparison to a non-mercenary hero of the same level.

Achievements[ | ]

Achievements associated with the Stage Coach
Image Name Description
Achievement59 A veritable crowd... Have one of each class on your roster
Achievement50 Restored to its former glory... Fully upgrade the Town

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