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Disambig This article is about the vehicle in Darkest Dungeon II. For the location in Darkest Dungeon, see Stage Coach.
Progression art stagecoach
The Stagecoach is your carriage, your coffin, and your confessional...
~ Tutorial Description

The Stagecoach is the vehicle used by the player's party to journey to The Mountain in Darkest Dungeon II. It can be upgraded and repaired by The Wainwright at any Inn.

It can be upgraded in the Altar of Hope with a numerous amount of exclusive items and various traveling upgrades like extra inventory slots, extra equipement,etc at the start of the run.

The Stagecoach

The Stagecoach wawa
Stagecoach (PLACEHOLDER)

Wheels and Armor[ | ]

At the beginning of each run, the Stagecoach will start with 2 Wheel stagecoach token Wheels and 2 Armor stagecoach token Armor, and these can be upgraded up in the Altar of Hope for +1 max each, and further more with Stagecoach equipment. Having both Armor and Wheels at maximum will give buffs to the heroes in combat and during the journey.

Wheels and Armor

The player can see their armors and wheels during the travel

100% Wheel stagecoach token Wheels:

  • +50% Traveling Heal

100%Armor stagecoach tokenArmor:

  • Combat Start: Party: Dd2 token block

Certain Roads will damage the Stagecoach's Wheel stagecoach token Wheels or Armor stagecoach token Armor, reducing its respective level by one. Wheel stagecoach token and Armor stagecoach token may be repaired at the Wainwright for a base cost of 8 Baubles each. Once all of one type have been destroyed, the party is in danger of being ambushed by Pillagers.

Upgrades[ | ]

The stagecoach can be upgraded at The Intrepid Coast Icon candle small to have an increased inventory, more upgrade slots, more maximum Wheel stagecoach token Wheels and Armor stagecoach token Armor, as well as Pets and multiple skins for the player to choose from.

Stagecoach slots

The player will start with only one slot for Stagecoach Equipment and this can be upgraded to 4. In addition there are three extra slots for the Flame, the Trophies and Pets. All Stagecoach equipment, trophies and Pets can only be equipped in The Wainwright and inside the region they cannot be unequipped until the next Inn. Once equipped Pets and The Infernal torch cannot be removed in any way.

Stagecoach Items



Skins[ | ]

The stagecoach can be painted with different colors, unlocked in the Intrepid Coast.