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Vestal stun

A Vestal being stunned.

A stun is a status effect that causes the target to lose its next turn. It is signalled by a yellow, pulsing halo with a thunderbolt upon the affected unit's head.

Effects and interactions[ | ]

Some abilities of both heroes and enemies are able to stun one or more targets. When the stun is triggered at the start of the affected unit's turn, the unit's turn is skipped and a temporary buff heightening the unit's stun resistance by 50% is applied for the duration of one turn, making it harder to keep a unit stunned continuously. If the unit is successfully stunned multiple turns in a row, the stun resistance buff stacks (100%, 150%, etc.) until the unit finally gets a turn.

Stun will cancel any Guard and Riposte status (except Esquire with "Skewering Repartee"), which makes it a good way to prevent many enemies strategy (mostly Bone Defender, Pelagic Guardian, or Collected Man-at-Arms).

Applying, preventing and removing stuns[ | ]

Both heroes and enemies possess a varying resistance to stuns that gives them a chance to avoid the status effect when hit by an ability that applies it.

Abilities that stun usually have drawbacks such as reduced or null damage, but they are nevertheless very useful at keeping specific enemies at bay or reducing the overall amount of damage suffered by the party during the turn.

The only means of removing an applied stun from an ally is by using the Arbalest's Rallying Flare or Musketeer's Skeet Shot, which clear both stuns and marks on any ally.

List of Stun abilities[ | ]

Hellion's Barbaric YAWP! and Plague Doctor's Blinding Gas are the only stuns that can stun two enemies at once.

Stun Resist[ | ]

All heroes have a base resistance to stuns, which affects how likely they are to be stunned by enemies. Like most other hero resistances, Stun Resist increases by 10% per Resolve Level. Stun resistance for heroes is capped at 160%.

The list of heroes by their base Stun Resist, from highest to lowest:

Stun Resist
Leper Flagellant Shieldbreaker Abomination Arbalest Bounty Hunter
Leper FlagellantThe Crimson Court DLC ShieldbreakerExclusive to The Shieldbreaker DLC Abomination Arbalest Bounty Hunter
60% 50% 50% 40% 40% 40%
Crusader Hellion Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Musketeer Highwayman
Crusader Hellion Houndmaster Man-at-Arms Musketeer Highwayman
40% 40% 40% 40% 40% 30%
Vestal Antiquarian Grave Robber Jester Occultist Plague Doctor
Vestal Antiquarian Grave Robber Jester Occultist Plague Doctor
30% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%

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