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A stun is a negative token that causes the target to lose its next turn. It is signalled by a yellow, pulsing halo with a thunderbolt upon the affected unit's head. However, unlike other negative tokens, it uses the unit's Stun Resistance rather than the unit's Debuff Resistance.

Effects and interactions[ | ]

Some abilities of both heroes and enemies are able to stun one or more targets. When the stun is triggered at the start of the affected unit's turn, the unit's turn is skipped. Unlike Darkest Duneon 1, there is no stacking stun resist buff for passing a turn while stunned.

Unlike Darkest Dungeon 1, Stun does not affect Dd2 token guarded Guard or Dd2 token riposte Riposte tokens.

Applying, preventing and removing stuns[ | ]

Both heroes and enemies possess a varying resistance to stuns that gives them a chance to avoid the token when hit by an ability that applies it.

Abilities that stun usually have drawbacks such as reduced or null damage, require a Combo token, or Mastering the ability, but they are nevertheless very useful at keeping specific enemies at bay or reducing the overall amount of damage suffered by the party during the turn.

Stuns can be removed from Heroes by the use of certain combat items such as Holy Water, or through the use of Plague Doctor's upgraded Dd2 ability indiscriminatescience Indiscriminate Science, which removes all positive and negative tokens on a character, including stun.