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Disambig This article is about the DLC for Darkest Dungeon. For the location, see Butcher's Circus.
Butcher's Circus Promo 1

Announcement art for the Butcher's Circus

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.”
~ Hunter S. Thompson

The Butcher's Circus is the fourth DLC for Darkest Dungeon. It was released for PC on May 28 2020[1]. Among other features, it will add a Player vs Player (PvP) mode to Darkest Dungeon.

The Hamlet may have fallen on hard times, but the creak of wagons and blare of abused trumpets signals a change in fortune for the bold and meek alike: the Circus is in town!

A weathered and bloodstained pavilion tent beckons, the Twins flank the flap, and a rheumy-eyed Barker announces:

"The Butcher demands a show!"

Features[ | ]

The list of features that were announced include:

  • New Hamlet Location: Butcher's Circus
  • Engage in no-holds-barred PvP combat with teams of 4 heroes (without risking your Campaign heroes)
  • Climb the ranks to show off your command of heroes and ability to weather misfortune and violence
  • Unlock banner components and use your creativity to assemble your own duelist heraldry
  • Strategize with new gladiatorial trinkets that can mean all the difference in pitched battles against other heroes
  • A gleefully warped musical theme by Stuart Chatwood, Narrator quips by the esteemed Wayne June, and all new gripping sound FX by Power Up Audio
  • This DLC will be free, as sourced by the creative director of Red Hook Studios[2]

Introducing The Butcher's Circus![ | ]

The following is a summary of an official blog post[3] regarding the DLC

  • The Butcher's Circus will have separate skills, class balances and mechanical changes that are separate from the main campaign
  • There will be no in-game purchases
  • The DLC will be made available on Steam and Windows, with Mac and Linux support after. Other platforms TBD. The reception of the DLC will also determine platform support
  • No modded characters can be used
  • The DLC will require the base game, and the Musketeer and Shieldbreaker can only be used by players with their respective DLC
  • Anti-cheat will be implemented, and the EULA agreement for the game will be updated
  • An internet connection will be required
  • Bots will be available to be played against, but will still require an internet connection
  • Hero corpses will not be implemented into the main campaign
  • The Butcher's Circus DLC did not delay the development of the sequel, as a separate team was hired for development

Heroes in The Butcher's Circus[ | ]

Parties will be limited to one of each hero class. The following heroes will be available in The Circus's party selection screen:

Heroes that will require DLC to unlock them:

Trivia[ | ]

  • On April 1 2020 Red Hook shared a post hinting this DLC, but was instead framed as an April fool's day gag[4]. It was officially announced the next day[5].

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