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Announcement art for the Color of Madness

With five feeble senses we pretend to comprehend the boundlessly complex cosmos…
~ HP Lovecraft

The Color of Madness is the third DLC for Darkest Dungeon. It was released for PC on June 19 2018, and was released for Consoles on October 11 2018.

Some hateful shard of alien origin has streaked through the night sky, crashing into the old Miller’s farm on the outskirts of the Hamlet! Those unfortunate enough to witness the Comet’s arrival have been blinded by what they can only describe as a shifting, ephemeral hue of damnably abrasive intensity. There has been no word from the farm in a fortnight, save for the unearthly groaning that echoes from the ruin of the mill…

Features[ | ]

The list of features that were announced include:

  • Wave-Based Survival in a New Environment: The Farmstead. A new survival mode will be added which includes endless waves of creatures "in an effort to reach the comet's crash site." Some waves will include other creatures from the base game(rarely the Darkest Dungeon). You will also be able to track your highest kill count and compare them with friends.
  • Three new repeatable quests: a novice introduction, a veteran boss-kill, and an endless darkest-level wave-based combat experience.
  • Resupply. In between waves, heroes will have a chance to use new and exotic curios to restore their vigor.
  • An All-New Enemy Faction. The influence of the corrupting comet has turned the miller and his farmhands into slavering monstrosities. Now they are merely lifeless shells intent only on spreading the comet's influence...
  • 3 New Bosses. The Miller has become an overlord of the crystalline corpses that infest the countryside, and must be put down. The Comet's virulent energy still pulses throughout the region, and it must be dealt with. But be wary, as a terrifying new creature, the Thing From the Stars, stalks the farm lands...
  • Twisted New Trinkets. The Nomad Wagon will have a new section available known as the Jeweler. Your gold is no good here; only Comet Shards may purchase the twisted new treasure that await.
  • New Districts With the new resources found within the farmstead, the Hamlet is able to build new districts to help the heroes ward off this new crystalline menace.
  • New Quirks
  • New Tunes. The Color of Madness will have new music, which according to RedHook is "the longest, most involved combat score to date!"

RedHook had stated that more features will be present.

Battle strategies[ | ]

See Farmstead.

Gallery[ | ]

Promotional art for The Color of Madness

References[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The Color of Madness is likely based on "The Colour out of Space" by H. P. Lovecraft, a short story about a meteorite which crashes on a farm and causes strange things to happen.
  • The song "The Blasted Heath" from the DLC and composed by Stuart Chatwood is very likely a direct reference to H. P. Lovecraft's "The Colour out of Space" as well. The story regularly references "the blasted heath," a grey and desolate place where the meteorite had landed.

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