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Npc hospital nurse dd2

"She understands the futility of her work but undertakes it nonetheless."

The Field Hospital Minimap hospital dd2 is a location node in Darkest Dungeon II. It serves as a rest point where the player can heal from the rigors of the road as well as cure their party's afflictions, both physical and mental.

The Hospital provides 3 services; The Clinic, Wellness, and Pharmacy.

Clinic[ | ]

The clinic is where you can spend relics Relics to heal your party for both their diseases and their health. If a hero has a disease, an option to heal the disease is presented on that hero's page, for a nominal fee. Some diseases cost more than others to heal, but generally fall under 8-16 RelicsRelics. As well, you can heal your heroes physical health, with an option to heal partially or fully. This can cost anywhere from 1 relic to near full health bars for a handful.

Wellness[ | ]

The Wellness page is where you can remove and lock in quirks. Negative quirks Negative quirks dd2 can be removed from heroes for 16 Relics Relics, while Positive quirksPositive quirks dd2 can be locked in for 32 relics Relics. Note that you can't remove Positive quirks, only lock them in, so your best bet for removing certain positive quirks is to lock in whoever quirk you want to keep and give the hero more Positive quirks.

Pharmacy[ | ]

The Pharmacy acts as a store just like The Hoarder and Inn stores. It sells a mostly defensive and healing based stock.

They can sell Antivenom, Bandages, Burn Salve, Holy Water, Laudanum, Medicinal Herbs, Restorative Herbs, Milk Soaked Linen, Invigorating Intoxicant, Clotting Powders, Ablative Powders, Neutralizing Powders, Clotting Poultices, Impermeable Poultices, and Soothing Poultices.