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The rancid crop grows unchecked and abhorrent...
~ The Academic

The Foetor is a Location in Darkest Dungeon II.

Once, it was an idyllic landscape of abundant farmland, filled with honest farmers. Now, it festers, a scene from the darkest depths of hell. Towering mountains of horrid flesh have burst from the earth, twisting through the sky. Though horrid in appearance, the meat gives off a tantalizing aroma that is near irresistible.

Plague Eaters[ | ]

The primary enemies encountered in the Foetor are Plague Eaters, also known as Gentry.

Those who give in to temptation and sample the crop find themselves afflicted with an insatiable hunger.

The Harvest Child[ | ]

Harvest Child
The Harvest Child is the main boss in the Foetor, found in the Harvest House.

Feeding Frenzy[ | ]

True to their name, many Plague Eaters have skills related to consuming corpses or their allies. If a corpse is available, some Plague Eaters can consume it, restoring health and gaining a Dd2 token corpulent Corpulent token. Likewise, some Plague Eaters can consume Dd2 token fodder Fodder tokens from Livestock in order to heal themselves or their allies.

Dd2 token corpulentCorpulent[ | ]

  • Enables various powerful attacks.
  • Consumed upon use.
  • Duration: 3 turns
  • Limit: 3

Dd2 token foodFodder[ | ]

  • Consumable by other Plague Eaters for healing.
  • Duration: Until end of combat
  • Limit: 3

Strategy[ | ]

  • Plague Eaters are highly resistant to Blight dd2 Blight.
  • Corpse-clearing skills and items are useful for preventing Plague Eaters from gaining Dd2 token corpulent Corpulent tokens.
  • Combat turnorder enemy pe butcher Butcher can disrupt the party and apply Bleed dd2. Their low base damage makes these enemies not very dangerous. Give buffs to Livestock/Black Phillip.
  • Combat turnorder enemy pe dinnercart Dinner Cart deals huge Blight dd2Blight damage while inflicting Negative Tokens. But its low debuff resistance makes it easy to control if you have Dd2 token blindBlind , Dd2 token weak Weak.
  • Combat turnorder enemy pe maid Maid deals considerable damage to the back ranks but is less efective in the fronk ranks. Give buffs to Livestock/Black Phillip.
  • Combat turnorder enemy pe livestock Livestock receive buffs, depending on what other Plague Eaters are present on the battlefield. They Move dd2 disrupt, deals huge damage, Dd2 token riposteRiposte and can inflict Disease dd2. It is advisable to kill these enemies first.
  • Combat turnorder enemy pe lord Lord can heavily disrupt the front ranks with a powerful Back Move dd23 attack.. It is recommended to Dd2 token blindBlind , Dd2 token weak Weak these enemies to keep them under control.
  • Combat turnorder enemy pe lady Lady can heavily disrupts all ranks with constant Dd2 token stress stress and cleave attacks that Shuffle Move dd2. It is advisable to kill these enemies first if possible.

Related Quirks[ | ]

Negative quirks dd2Negative Quirks Positive quirks dd2Positive Quirks
Gentry Fearing

Paralyzed by capacious maws and festering wounds.

Combat Start

Gentry : 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)

Gentry Hater Gentry : +15% DMG

Gain On Hit:

Dd2 token stress -1 (25%)

Gentry : -20% DMG Taken

Gentry Slayer Gentry : +5% CRIT

Gentry : Ignores +100% Deathsdoor dd2 RES

Narrator Quotes[ | ]

  • When selecting The Foetor as the next region at an Inn:
    • "The farms and fields of our kingdom, overrun with putrescence and rot."
    • "The tainted crop continues to spread its tendrils of rot and pestilence."

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