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Npc hoarder
His attention is unfocused. As if he is in two places at once.
~ The Academic

The Hoarder is a location node in Darkest Dungeon II that functions as a shop. The Hoarder carries a variety of different items for sale, including Combat Items, Inn Items, Stagecoach Items, and Trinkets.

The Hoarder may sell trinkets that are exclusive to the current region. Additionally, there are a number of trinkets that can only be acquired from the Hoarder.

Currently there is no way to sell items in the game. However, there are several items that affect item prices in all stores, including at The Hoarder.

Trivia[ | ]

  • It is heavily implied that the Hoarder is the same character as the Caretaker—they share the same appearance, and there are a number of resources from the first game present in the Hoarder's character art.