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Hail the vessel of your deliverance.
~ -The academic
Art altarbanner shroud general The Intrepid Coast

The Intrepid Coast is one of the locations in The Altar of Hope. Offers a mixture of functional and aesthetic upgrades, such as bonuses when reaching certain locations, beginning runs with greater resources in-pocket, increased inventory space, and more.

These boons are permanent once unlocked. Candles of Hope are used to buy these upgrades.

Icon progression general The Intrepid Coast

Progression art stagecoachJourney[ | ]

Unlocks various upgrades to the Stagecoach. The total number of Candles of Hope needed to complete it is 144. The list of upgrades will be listed below:

  • Capability: +1 Stagecoach equipement slot. (3 Times)
  • Packing: +2 Inventory slots. (3 Times)
  • Scavenging: Increased loot from running over road debris. (3 Times)
  • Charity: Increased chance that Candles of Hope appear at maps locations. (3 Times)

Progression art nodes ResourcefulnessResourcefulness[ | ]

Unlocks various upgrades to the Nodes in the road. The total number of Candles of Hope needed to complete it is 131 . The list of upgrades will be listed below:

  • Wealth: Arriving at Valley Hoarder: +24 Relics, +20 Baubles. (2 Times)
  • Bartering: Arriving at Hoarder: +12 Relics.
  • Sanctuary: Arriving at Hospital: +10% HP, -1 Stress
  • Curiosity: Arriving at Academic's Study: Free random Combat Item.
  • Efficiency: Arriving at Academic's Cache: Free random item.
  • Refreshment: Arriving at Oasis: Free Mineral-Rich Spring Water.
  • Invigoration: Arriving at Watchtower: All heroes: +1 SPD until next Inn
  • Respite: Arriving at Inn: Free random Inn Item.

Progression art prestige RenownRenown[ | ]

Unlocks Skins for the Stagecoach The skins are only cosmetic and do not affect the gameplay. The total number of Candles of Hope needed to complete it is 92 . The list of Skins will be listed below:

  • Prestige: unlocks Filthy, Stressed, Striped, Checkered Bloodied, Deadly, Flaming, Overgrown, Submerged and Ironclad Stagecoach skin.

Progression art pets CompanionshipCompanionship[ | ]

Unlocks Pets. Pets are a unique modification for the Stagecoach that gives different effects. The total number of Candles of Hope needed to complete it is 155.

  • Unlocks Pets slot and Orphan Wolf Club. Pet wolf
  • Unlocks Pygmy PliskinPet snake , Unnatural OwletPet owl, Reanimated Rabbit Pet rabbit, Mucilaginous SlimePet slime, Shrieker Chick Pet shrieker, Larval Carrion EaterPet carrion eater, Hatchling CocodrilianPet croc, Crimson TickPet tick and Shambler's Spawn Pet shambler

Progression art eternal flame Infernal flameThe Infernal Flame[ | ]

The Infernal Flames are items unlocked in The Intrepid Coast. Once unlocked, all of them appear in Valley Inn's shop. They serve as an optional alternative to classical hard mode, adding major challenges to the heroes in exchange for comparatively insignificant boons. For more information go to The Flame.