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At last the great Ziggurat - temple of failure and regret!
~ The Academic

The Mountain is the final destination at the end of every journey in Darkest Dungeon II. It is the source of the madness that is destroying the world.

The mountain is a place full of evil, nihilism and non-existence, your failures made flesh, the loathing of the world and your judgment. After fleeting from your mistakes, you hid in the deepest place of your mind while the apocalypse consumed humanity. It is time to face your failures, confront your fears and reclaim this world from your weakness... or die trying.

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The inevitable end of your journey, awaits you.

With a trophy on your Stagecoach (including both of The Lost Crusade trophies), you will proceed to The Mountain's gates.

After facing the Cultists that guard the mountain you will face your Confession, if the party is victorious you will win the run and continue to the next Confession. Each chapter has a different Confession with different Final Bosses and the mountain growing gradually more corrupt until it becomes the absolute Temple of Evil.

There's no reason not to face your Failures.

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A mockery of man-kind itself, guarding the evil that lies within the mountain .
The main faction of enemies in the mountain are The Cultists

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Bosses[ | ]

Act 1 (Denial)[ | ]


Pity the Great Denier... chained by his own command!




Act 2 (Resentment)[ | ]


Seething Sigh
The Seething Sigh, stertorous avatar of ill-concealed rage!



Act 3 (Obsession)[ | ]



Obsession's unshrinking gaze, focused to a fault!



Act 4 (Ambition)[ | ]


Reach p1

Ambition reach forever exceeds it's terrible grasp!



Act 5 (Cowardice)[ | ]


Hateful God

Gaze now upon your great achievement - the sumtotal of your failings. Your Body of Work.


Narrator Quotes[ | ]

  • When arriving at the final boss location:
    • "Behold - the source of the stain, gateway to incomprehensible emptiness!"
    • "The nightmare gate is revealed! Beyond, only infernal nihility and nonexistence!"
    • "The caliginous cathedral - malign temple of the Iron Crown!"

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Destination The Mountain