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Propriety floats listless on the tide, brined in noxious degradation.
~ The Academic

The Shroud is a region in Darkest Dungeon II.

Consisting of a vast system of piers, jetties, and stilted shacks, this waterfront area has been covered by a supernatural fog. The stench of salt, rotting wood, and decomposing fish hangs in the air.

When ancient monoliths began to sprout of the sea, dredged up by some unexplained force, the denizens of the coastal village saw a simple choice: to give oneself to the waves in worship, or to perish beneath the rising tides. The waters readily accepted their offering, and thus the Fisherfolk were reborn in the image of their new sea god.

Fog[ | ]

The Fog is a mechanic affecting combat encounters in the Shroud. On each round after the first, there is a 25% chance that the party will be beset by Fog, with the following effects:

  • Add Dd2 token blind Blind (40%)
  • Add Dd2 token vulnerable Vulnerable (40%)
  • +1 Dd2 token stress (33%)
  • Round End: -1 Dd2 token stress (25%)

Fisherfolk[ | ]

The main enemies encountered in the Shroud are the Fisherfolk.

Reborn from the ocean, they will protect the cult and the deity that gave them a new life.

The Leviathan[ | ]

The Leviathan is the main boss in the Shroud, found at The Sacred Pier.

Token barnacleBarnacles[ | ]

An offensive token used by certain Fisherfolk. Applied to a rank, inflicting Bleed dd2 Bleed on Heroes moving into and out of the rank.

  • When moving: Inflicts Bleed dd2 1
  • Duration: 3 rounds
  • Limit: 1

Strategy[ | ]

  • Many Fisherfolk apply Bleed dd2 Bleed damage, and are likewise fairly resistant to Bleed dd2 Bleed.
  • A large number of Fisherfolk have abilities that Move dd2 move or shuffle the party. Not only does this disrupt the party's formation, but it also indirectly inflicts Bleed dd2 Bleed via Token barnacle Barnacles.

Related Quirks[ | ]

Negative quirks dd2Negative Quirks Positive quirks dd2Positive Quirks
Fisherfolk Fearing

Pelagic beings strike terror in their heart..

Combat Start

Fisherfolk : 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)

Fisherfolk Hater Fisherfolk : +15% DMG

Gain On Hit:

Dd2 token stress -1 (25%)

Fisherfolk : -20% DMG Taken

Fisherfolk Slayer Fisherfolk : +5% CRIT

Fisherfolk : Ignores +100% Deathsdoor dd2 RES

Narrator Quotes[ | ]

  • When selecting the Shroud as the next region at an Inn:
    • "The shrouded coast - isolated, and drowning in amphibious degeneracy."

Trivia[ | ]

  • Like the monsters in the Cove in the first game, the Fisherfolk are the only humanoid creatures with visible eyes.

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