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Behold the great cities of man - ruined and aflame.
~ The Academic

The Sprawl is a Region in Darkest Dungeon II.

Once a vast city built from stone, the area now known as the Sprawl was a great bastion of treasured knowledge and literature. But when the cult arrived, the inhabitants turned to the blasphemous worship of fire, offering everything—books, buildings, even their own bodies—to the flames.

Fanatics[ | ]

The primary enemies encountered in the Sprawl are Fanatics.

One wonders if the reavers, consumed by blind fanaticism, can even see the flames around them.

The Librarian[ | ]

The Librarian is the main boss of the Sprawl, found in the Great Library.

Ignite![ | ]

In addition to their regular form, many Fanatics have a second 'ignited' form with a different set of moves and behaviors, along with buffs (and rarely, debuffs) to various stats.

Enemies may be ignited by an Immolatist or Her Ladyship; they may also ignite themselves from the second round onward by using the skill Ignite!.

Strategy[ | ]

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, Fanatics are highly resistant to Burn dd2 Burn and deal a lot of Burn dd2 Burn damage.
  • Fanatics have relatively low health compared to other factions. Instead, they tend to apply tokens like Dd2 token blind blind and Dd2 token dodge dodge to disrupt heroes' attacks.
  • Combat turnorder enemy immolatist b Immolatists and Her Ladyship deal high Burn dd2 Burn damage, stress damage, can Ignite other Fanatics, and can consume corpses to heal other Fanatics. She is therefore your highest priority.
  • Combat turnorder enemy whipper Whippers, when Ignited, can use Infernal Taskmaster, a devastating party-wide AoE that does HP damage, stress damage and Burn. Killing this enemy in round 1 is important so he doesn't ignite.
  • Combat turnorder enemy sacrificialDon't let Sacrificials reach Rank 1!
  • Combat turnorder enemy fanatic pit fighter Pit Fighters will start with relatively weak attacks, but upon casting Accelerant will gain speed and damage at the beginning of every round.
  • Combat turnorder enemy shaman Shamans make their allies harder to hit by Dd2 token blind blinding heroes or granting Dd2 token dodge dodge to their allies.
  • Combat turnorder enemy flayer Flayers can generate constant Dd2 token riposteRiposte and Dd2 token dodgeDodge tokens, making them very dangerous, but have relatively low base Icon HP dd2 HP.

Related Quirks[ | ]

Negative quirks dd2Negative Quirks Positive quirks dd2Positive Quirks
Fanatic Fearing

Terrified of Sprawl reavers.

Combat Start

Fanatic: 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)

Fanatic Hater Fanatic: +15% DMG

Gain On Hit:

Dd2 token stress -1 (25%)

Fanatic: -20% DMG Taken

Fanatic Slayer Fanatic: +5% CRIT

Fanatic: Ignores +100% Deathsdoor dd2 RES

Narrator Quotes[ | ]

  • When selecting The Sprawl as the next region at the Inn:
    • "Our great cities burn. All our beauty and knowledge, ash on the wind."
    • "Another nameless city, another inferno of mutilation and madness."

Trivia[ | ]

  • All Fanatics seem to be blind, either due to their hoods or blindfolds, or simply because their eye sockets have been obscured by melted flesh. It is possible that their devotion to fire has blessed them with some form of unholy sight.
  • The Fanatics are the first enemies created in the game, and the first visible in the second trailer.

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