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War rewards only resignation.
~ The Academic

The Tangle is a region in Darkest Dungeon II.

The Tangle is a primeval forest filled with ruined trenches, barricades, and military encampments. The soldiers of the Lost Battalion, once sent here to hold the line against the cult, found themselves gradually transfixed by thick vines and creeping roots around them. By the time the cult arrived, the fortifications, already long overgrown, were completely unmanned.

Cadavers[ | ]

The primary enemies encountered in the Tangle are Cadavers.

Still dressed for war, these lost souls shamble through the endless maze of trees and vines.

The Dreaming General[ | ]

Lair General
The Dreaming General is the main boss in the Tangle, found in the General's Keep.

Undying Formation[ | ]

The Drummers of the Lost Battalion still coordinate their undead comrades' actions by giving Dd2 token order Order tokens and providing powerful team-wide buffs.

Dd2 token orderOrder[ | ]

  • Enables various powerful area-of-effect attacks.
  • Consumed upon use.
  • Duration: 1 turn
  • Limit: 1

Strategy[ | ]

  • Cadavers enemies tend to have high Icon HP dd2 health and rely on Dd2 token block for defense.
  • Bleed dd2 Bleed is the only type of damage over time inflicted by Cadavers. Likewise they are resistant to Bleed dd2 Bleed, somewhat resistant to Blight dd2 Blight, and weak to Burn dd2 Burn.
  • Combat turnorder enemy lost battalion drummer Drummers boost their allies by granting them Dd2 token order Order tokens as well as making them practically immune to Move dd2 move. Killing the Drummer is a high priority.
  • Combat turnorder enemy lost battalion bishop With enough Token benediction Benediction Bishops can resurrect dead allies, making them high-priority targets.
  • Combat turnorder enemy lost battalion foot soldier Foot Soldiers can generate Dd2 token blockplus Block alonside Drummers and deal a considerable amount of damage. Dots are the most effective way to kill them.
  • Combat turnorder enemy lost battalion arbalist Arbalests are strong damage dealers, but become much less effective in the front ranks.
  • Combat turnorder enemy lost battalion knight Unlike other enemies in this game, Knights become stronger when reaching Death's Door.

Related Quirks[ | ]

Negative quirks dd2Negative Quirks Positive quirks dd2Positive Quirks
Cadaver Fearing

Pair me not with the husk of the departed or I shall crumble myself.

Combat Start Cadaver : 1 Dd2 token stress (50%)

Cadaver Hater Cadaver : +15% DMG

Gain On Hit:

Dd2 token stress -1 (25%)

Cadaver : -20% DMG Taken

Cadaver Slayer Cadaver : +5% CRIT

Cadaver : Ignores +100% Deathsdoor dd2 RES

Narrator Quotes[ | ]

  • When selecting the Tangle as the next region at an Inn:
    • "Trenches and tents - the front lines of a war that was never fought."
    • "Mud and rain. Resignation and death. This land is truely barren."

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