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Memory is the hearth that warms the mind.
~ The Academic
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The Timeless Wood is a location in the Altar of Hope where the player may invest Icon candle small Candles of Hope to apply Memories to heroes.

Memories[ | ]

Icon progression memories The Timeles Wood

Memories are small stat buffs that, once applied, allow a hero to persist across multiple runs.

Heroes with memories will always reappear at The Crossroads at the beginning of each run, retaining all their previous attributes including their names, cosmetics, skill loadouts, paths, quirks, and diseases.

A hero gains access to one Memory slot for each Confession Boss they defeat, up to five total. After each run, successful or failed, six new memories are generated; these may be added to any currently empty slot. Note that heroes with empty slots but no memories (that is, after completing their first run) do not persist and will be subsequently rerolled at The Crossroads.

Memories are lost upon death, or upon abandoning a run while not at an Inn. The player may also choose to manually reroll a hero at The Crossroads, removing their previous memories and attributes.

List of Memories[ | ]

Image Memory Description
Memory 01
A Rare Treat
+10% Max Icon HP dd2
Memory 02
Harmless Mischief
+1 Icon speed
Memory 03
A Lesson Learned
+3% CRIT
Memory 04
A Promise Kept
+10% DMG
Memory 05
A Favorite Toy
+1 Bleed dd2 Dealt
+1 Blight dd2 Dealt
+1 Burn dd2 Dealt
Memory 06
A Walk in the Woods
+15% Move dd2 RES
Memory 07
Mother's Comfort
+15% Bleed dd2 RES
Memory 08
A Warm Fire
+15% Blight dd2 RES
Memory 09
A Spring Rain
+15% Burn dd2 RES
Memory 10
A Long Recovery
+15% Disease dd2 RES
Memory 11
A Second Chance
+5% Deathsdoor dd2 RES
Memory 12
A Tough Choice
+15% Stun dd2 RES
Memory 13
The First Kiss
+10% Debuff dd2 RES
Memory 14
A Hot Bath
+10% Dd2 token stress RES
Memory 15
A Summer's Day
+15% Traveling Heal
Memory 16
A Token of Friendship
+10% Positive Banter
Memory 17
A Long Day's Work
Combat Start: -1 Dd2 token stress (40%)
Memory 18
Fresh Bread
On Inn Item Use:
If Food Item: +5% Max Icon HP dd2
Memory 19
A Lucky Break
Combat Start: Dd2 token dodge (20%)
Memory 20
Father's Praise
Combat Start: Dd2 token strength 2 (20%)

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Token of Friendship memory is possibly a reference to the Crystal Pendant trinket from the first game.