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The Wainwright Description[ | ]

The Wainwright is one of the vendors found in Darkest Dungeon II. The Wainwright can only be accessed at Inns. The Wainwright the only place the player can attach stagecoach upgrades. This is also where trophies obtained from Lair Bosses can be attached to the stagecoach. Once the player leaves the Inn all Stagecoach Items are locked onto the Stagecoach.

Note: The Infernal Torch cannot be removed from the Stagecoach once it is attached, even at the Wainwright.

Upgrading the Stagecoach[ | ]

The stagecoach can have up to 4 upgrades attached to it. New players will only have one slot unlocked. Additional slots can be unlocked for Candles of Hope at The Intrepid Coast.