Town 0

Recruit, train, and equip heroes, and attend to their psychological needs and baggage.

When you first arrive, the ramshackle hamlet has little more than a run-down tavern and a leaky church. As you lead your heroes on successful expeditions, you will earn gold, and recover ancient family heirlooms which can be invested to restore the village to its former glory. Doing so will not only yield gameplay benefits, but will allow you to recruit new classes of heroes, upgrade your roster's skills, and improve their equipment.

Town is also where you can interact with your heroes on a more personal level, reducing their stress and removing some of the negative quirks they may have developed as a result of their (mis)adventures. Whether it's by means of rest and prayer, or alcohol and debauchery, depends not only on your preferences, but on their personalities!



Main article: Abbey

The player can send heroes to the abbey to relieve their stress through prayer.


Main article: Blacksmith

At the blacksmith players can upgrade their heroes' weapons and armor.


Main article: Graveyard

All fallen heroes are displayed here.


Main article: Guild

The guild allows players to upgrade their heroes' combat skills.

Nomad WagonEdit

Main article: Nomad's Wagon

Rare and powerful items can be purchased from the nomad to increase the power of a hero.


Main article: Sanitarium

Allows the player to remove negative quirks and diseases for some gold.


Main article: Stagecoach

All potential recruits come to town via the stagecoach. Upgrades can increase the amount of new recruits are available and/or increase the size of the hero roster.


Main article: Survivalist

Hero camping skills can be upgraded here.


Main article: Tavern

Sending heroes here will relieve their stress at the cost of gold.